Saturday was a weird day.  We had to get up early to go to Bean’s baseball game, and we had a lot of errands to run to get ready for the Cub Scouts Crossing Over ceremony on Sunday night.  But Gracie had strep throat, so she was moving a little slow, and Chris and I were both in bad moods.  There was no real reason for either of our moods.  We were just kind of snippy and short.

Those are the days when you KNOW you’ll get a lot done… S’not.

Chris and I were on each other’s nerves ALL. DAY. LONG.  All day.  There was not one thing one of us did that the other didn’t get irritated about.  Here’s a good example:  He was irritated that I didn’t want him to help with Cub Scout preparations.  And I was irritated that he wanted to help.

In what universe does that ever happen?  Aren’t wives always complaining that husbands aren’t helping enough?  And aren’t husbands always complaining that wives are demanding too much?  And yet, here we were arguing over the complete OPPOSITE.

See?  Just cranky pants all day.  Both of us.

We were in Home Depot looking for who-knows-what, when I looked down and saw this Snickers bar.  I didn’t even show it to Chris.  I just held it up for this picture and called his name.  And this is the look I got.

“What’s it say?” Chris grumbled after the picture.

I turned it around to show him and kind of snickered.  (Oh, look!  I punned!)

“Is there one that says ‘bitchy?'” he asked.


Ahhhh… marriage.

If you don’t laugh, you’ll kill each other.

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3 Thoughts to “Curmudgeon”

  1. Tabs

    Oh my word! I am SO SO SO glad my husband aren’t the only ones that have days like this once in awhile. No rhyme or reason, but definitely cranky.

  2. Danielle

    Truth, yes! I’m so glad my husband and I are not the only ones allowed to have shitty days and bad attitudes. I mean we don’t make it a habit, but sometimes it just happens! And thank goodness for snickers and a well timed laugh! I always love that you keep it real in your posts, marriage & motherhood & life are hard!

  3. Hi, I just wanted to share with you guys. My wife and I just hit 7 years on July 3rd. Love your work. I think we as married followers of Christ, can change the World simply by showing the World the love of Christ in our marriages.

    This song is dedicated to my wife Hannah Lovett

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