End of Year Teacher Gift Idea

For once in my life, I am ROCKING the end of the school year.  I’m teaching a unit right now that I taught at this same time last year, so planning each day has been a piece of cake.  My lessons are basically prepackaged and ready to go, which is heaven to any teacher.  I’ve already started to take down my classroom little by little, removing a poster here, a decoration there.   I even went ahead and had some things laminated for next school year so that I don’t have to worry about it during our week of preplanning right before school begins and there are 100 teachers all dropping off lamination requests!  I am getting myself all ready for summer so that I can avoid the end of the year teacher crunch (which is the price we pay for having summers off!).

I’ve even thought ahead to Bean’s teacher’s teacher gift for the end of the school year.  In the past, I’ve done summer themed baskets.  But Bean’s teacher is relatively new to teaching, so all year I’ve tried to focus on giving her gifts for her classroom.  Those first few years are tough because you are making hardly any money, but you have to supply most of our own supplies, so your classroom can be pretty sparse.  Some of my favorite gifts over the years have been decorations and tchotchkes for my classroom.

I had an intern this year student teaching with me for the second semester, and for her last day gift, I gave her a personalized name plate for her new classroom (she graduates this summer and begins teaching in the fall).  I got the idea from my mom, who gave me this same name plate when I started teaching.  And I just love it!


I’ve ordered the same one for both my intern and Bean’s teacher, and I just love them! I order them from this Etsy shop called DearDoodlezDesigns, and have been so impressed with their response time. Even with personalization, it only takes about 10 days before they arrive. Super quick! And you can pick from any of the colors, styles, and fonts, but I have gone with teal chevron, black writing in the “mason” font, and a pink owl for both. I haven’t received the one for Bean’s teacher yet, but my intern’s came out so stinking cute!


These are $17.00 each, and come out to $22.00 with shipping, which is a steal for such a cute personalized gift! To beef up my end of the year gift for Bean’s teacher, I perused the Target $1 section this weekend and found so many cute things! They are rocking those $3 bins right now! I picked up these two hats for the kids, too, for only $3 each!


Here’s what I’m including in Bean’s teacher’s gift box:

Popsicle erasers ($1)
Fruit erasers ($1)
Adorable pencils (2 packs, $2)
Page flags ($1)
Grapefruit Melon Gum ($1)
Rainbow gift box ($1)
Acrylic name plate ($22)






I still have to add the name plate when it comes next week, but so far I think it’s really cute. Plus, the delivery boy increases the cute factor by, like, a billion percent.  Stud muffin.



This is not a sponsored post.  The Etsy shop owner doesn’t even know I exist.  Just a cute product that I thought I’d share. – MC

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4 Thoughts to “End of Year Teacher Gift Idea”

  1. J. Rachael Hardin

    Love this idea!

  2. Adorable!! And I agree that Bean makes it even cuter!! 🙂

  3. Sarah

    Aww, thanks for the love! Thank you for featuring my shop! Cute blog! 🙂

  4. Natalie

    My kid now is teenager and they decided to buy together one big gift for teacher – star from universe. At the beggining I thought it’s ridiculous, but I saw teacher’s reaction for Kingdom of Universe certificates, name of star etc – couldn’t be better!
    Pity that I didn’t think about your idea when I had smaller kids, now it’s too late for such cute stuff. 😉

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