Buddy the Dog

My mom came over this weekend to spend the night. The next morning, we were sitting around having breakfast and she started telling some stories from my childhood that happened without me (and probably my sister) knowing. Chris and I were dying laughing. Especially the stories about our family dog, Buddy.

Once, a little girl from our neighborhood knocked on our door one afternoon. When my mom came to the door, the little neighbor girl said sweetly, “Mrs. Tillman, I just saw Buddy up at the grocery store.”


“No, sweetie,” my mom said, politely. “Buddy is playing out in the backyard.”

“Okay!” said the neighbor girl, and she went skipping back across the street.

But my mom got a little nervous, so she ran out to the backyard to check. Sure enough, no Buddy.


“Crap!” thought my mom. Running to the front door, she flung it open and yelled across the street to the little girl who was now playing in her front yard. “Heather, honey! Where did you see Buddy?”

“AISLE THREE!” she called back.

My mom said she jumped in the car and ran up there and, sure enough, the manager and employees were chasing our dog around the inside of the grocery store.



Oh, man.

Good story, mom.


Please enjoy these pictures of our current dogs, which, apart from being pictures of dogs, have absolutely nothing to do with this story.  #halfassedblogging

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2 Thoughts to “Buddy the Dog”

  1. Lee Ann

    Oh, but this could be prophetic. Just wait … one day, it may be one of Bean’s friends knocking on YOUR door: “Uh, Mrs. Brown, I just saw Daisy at Publix on aisle three!”

  2. ShaeLynn

    I have this dog right now. He’s a livestock guard but when we got rid of our goats, he transferred his protective services to my son. This was great until my son started preschool. Now, any time we leave the farm, he wanders on down the 2 miles to town to track down my son. He’s been spotted all over the place, including in the school cafeteria. Luckily, he’s literally the calmest, sweetest dog in the world, but now he gets to go everywhere crated in the back of the truck so I don’t get calls twice a day that he’s roaming. Costco? Bring the dog! Doctors appointment? Bring the dog! Haircut? Bring the dogď

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