A Perfect Father’s Day Fore Us All!

On Father’s Day, the kids and I took Chris golfing.  It was the first time we have played as a family of four on an actual course, and not just at the driving range.


I was a little skeptical at first.  I mean, golf is everything my kids are not – polite, quiet, contemplative, old.  And yet, they rocked it and had a blast in the process!



I learned so much about them on the golf course, actually.  For example, I learned that baseball has completely ruined Bean’s golf swing.  That dude hacks at a golf ball like he’s trying to hit a curve ball in the bottom of the ninth with bases loaded.  If he ever actually contacted with the ball, he would probably have some serious yardage!

I learned about Gracie that she is loud ALL. THE. TIME.  I don’t know why I’ve never noticed it before, but on a golf course it is pretty obvious.  I’d just finish telling her that she needed to be quiet and she would whisper to me, “Okay, Mom,” and then she’d immediately turn and yell at the top of her lungs to Bean who was sitting in the other golf cart, “DO YOU HAVE MY GATORADE OVER THERE????”  She has absolutely no concept of volume control.


It rained on us a little bit, but we just hunkered down in our carts and waited for it to stop (love those quick Florida summer showers), and had a great time waiting in the process.  Of course, finding a nasty, muddy turtle helped keep them entertained while we waited, too.  On another note: Why do kids want to touch gross things so badly?!?!



Chris was beyond patient with the kids.  I mean, just above and beyond what a good golfer normally is when they have to wait for their family.  But he never got frustrated, never got snippy, and never said a discouraging word.  He was all, “I’m so glad you guys are here!” and “What a great shot!” and “Wow!  You’re getting better every hole!”



He told me at one point that he had looked up tips to taking your kids out for the first time online.  I just about swooned over right there in the middle of the fairway.

“You did????” I said.

“Yeah,” he replied.  “I just wanted to make sure they had a great time!”

He is just the best daddy in the whole world.  And the kids DID have a great time.  They loved learning little things and being treated like big kids.  They really loved being with Chris because golfing is usually “daddy’s” thing.  We were sharing two golf carts and no one wanted to ride with me.  They kept taking turns switching so they could ride with Chris.  But I didn’t mind one bit.  It was the sweetest thing, and right there on Father’s Day, too!


I love being a parent because my kids are the best and most fun people ever, but I don’t think I would love parenting as much if Chris and I weren’t doing it together.  Family is my everything, but Chris is the center of my everything.  Our kids, our family, and my whole world revolve around that boy.  And we are all better people for it.

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  1. Jamie

    Posts like this make me so excited about having my own family soon. Chris seems like such an amazing father and I just know *fingers crossed* my husband will be, too. You sure are blessed Katie Brown!

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