How Was School Today?

After I pick the kids up from aftercare, we head home and I try to coerce them into conversations about their days while I cook dinner.  I love spending this time with them.  I learn so much about them as individuals.  Take today, for example.

I asked Bean what he learned in school today.  He plopped himself down on the countertop and immediately started telling me all about this new reading log he now has to keep, and we spent some time going through books he has finished lately.  We talked about his favorites, and he told me about the newest book he started reading yesterday (it’s the second in the “Indian in the Cupboard” series and he loves it!).  Then, we worked on some of his homework and he ran off to play outside.

God bless that sweet, hardworking boy.


Then, Gracie wandered into the kitchen. I asked her what she learned in school today and she did the following:

God bless that weirdo.

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3 Thoughts to “How Was School Today?”

  1. Lee Ann

    Important stuff! LOL!

  2. Michelle

    She is your child after all, hehe.

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