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I don’t know what the deal is, but Gracie Girl has been looking so much older lately.  My three chins and I don’t know how we feel about that.



I think it’s because her sixth birthday is coming up at the end of March. SIX! I can’t even take it. As much as I am trying to avoid the entire event happening, Gracie has 101 ideas about how to celebrate her birthday this year. All of them involve enormous parties at our house where I am the primary mode of entertainment. I’m flattered that she finds me that amusing, but there ain’t no way. I thought for a nanosecond about having a baby doll themed party here at our house. I had visions of little girls with their matching dolls, doing each other’s hair and making necklaces out of flower petals. But then I woke up and realized it would probably end up being a giant mess of loud, screaming girls running around my house for two hours. That sobered me up a bit.

“I need a venue!” I exclaimed.

We finally decided to have it at the gym where Gracie does gymnastics. It’s not anymore than we would have spent on a home party when you factor in things like activities and decorations, and Gracie is excited for a chance to show off what she knows to her friends. Plus, they’ll get to play on all the gym equipment, like the trampolines.

Anyway, back to her growing like a WEED… This past weekend while Chris and I were at Daytona with Bean, my mom came to stay with Gracie. The two of them are just peas in a pod, so Gracie was more than excited to be home with Nana instead of at a loud racetrack. I came home Saturday afternoon for a few hours so that I could make it to our first official Daisy troop meeting.



Oh, my goodness. The cuteness!


My mom is the best troop leader, too. She made this great little chore board that we use at the beginning of our meetings to say the pledge, recite the Girl Scout Promise, and divide up the tasks for that day’s meeting.


This week, they are learning about the Daisy petals they will be earning and they started to work on their first petal. They made little bead bracelets in the colors of the petals, to remind them of the values of being a Daisy. Then, they made and arts and crafts project with their little hand cutouts.


The big activity, though, was planting daisy seeds for a nursing home garden. Each girl got to plant their own flower to take care of at their houses, but they also all helped plant a lot of daisy seeds in a large pallet. My mom is going to take care of these until they are big enough for the girls to plant in a nursing home in the spring. The girls were so excited to dig in the dirt and take care of their little daisies. They were the cutest!




Gracie is just growing up faster than it seems like Bean did. I feel like I blinked and she was a big girl. IT’S HAPPENING TOO FAST!!!!!!! But then, there are tiny moments that remind me that she is still my funny little baby girl. Like tonight at dinner when I asked her how long her math test was today and she responded, “Ummmmm… About as long as this table.”

Oh, Gracie Girl. As my Grandma says, you just won’t do. <3

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  1. Tamara

    We had my sons birthday at his martial arts studio a couple of times. That was the best money I’ve ever spent…I actually was shocked when it was over, because for once I wasn’t overly exhausted!

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