One of These is Not Like the Other

So, Chris and I are working on this new classroom management system that we are designing with a web team that we have been lucky enough to put together.  Last night, I was logged into our backend program, looking at some of the initial designs from one of our web designers.  There is a place for us to chat and leave feedback and comments to each other on the program, so I went over there to make a few notes on some of the work she has done.

And that’s when I noticed that we all have these little avatars that the program automatically assigned to us.  But something about them was… off…  Let me show you what I mean.

This is the avatar for our web designer…


This is the avatar for our business partner…


This is the avatar for Chris…


And this is mine…



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7 Thoughts to “One of These is Not Like the Other”

  1. Rachel

    HAHAHA! I’m going to come back and read and laugh at this several more times tonight. Seriously dead. A+. I’m so glad you came back to blogging after your break- I really enjoy your posts, even when they aren’t this funny 😀

    1. Katie

      What can I say? Sometimes things just present themselves, BEGGING to be blogged! Hahahaha!!!!

  2. Jennifer Hamilton

    That is hilarious!!!

  3. Lee Ann

    I don’t know Chris, but if I were you, I’d be checking into whether “someone” could assign an avatar to your identity, lol!

  4. Claire S

    Brilliant! Made me do a laugh/snort!! x

  5. That is so cool! I’m an instructional designer and I would love to beta test it!

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