Hello Again!

I went missing for a few days because life happens.  You know?  But I’m back in the saddle again!  Sadly, I didn’t take many pictures over the past week, so all you get are pictures from a hike I took last weekend with my Cub Scout den.  And the pictures don’t match my post.  It is what it is, friends.



First of all, Gracie had a little friend over this weekend and adorableness ensued. But every time I tried to snap a picture, Gracie gave me the stink eye and so I have not one single picture of the two of them wearing plastic high heels, adorned in costume jewelry, babies in tiny doll jogging strollers, and holding pretend phones. They pranced around my house like that for hours, taking their babies to the movies, the grocery store, and (because Gracie is my daughter…) Target.

(P.S. Bean took this picture of Gracie. Which makes me get all teary and emotional and sappy and have all kinds of feeeeeeeeeeeelings.)


Secondly, I took these pictures while hiking with my Cub Scout den. I would tell you all about it, but I feel like I’ve been blogging a lot lately about Cub Scouts and since variety is the spice of bloglife, I’m trying not to be repetitive in my blog posts. So, this is me NOT blogging about Cub Scouts. But if I WAS going to blog about Cub Scouts, I would tell you that we were only supposed to take a one mile hike, but due to an unforeseen issue with a map (namely, that I can’t read them), we ended up on almost a three mile hike on this particular morning. And the trails were muddy. And since Gracie was with us and hates to be dirty, she cried for about two straight miles. And, also, there were several signs posted that there had been alligator sightings recently along the trails, which meant anytime I heard any kind of noise in any kind of bush, I would yell out, “ZIGZAG! RUN IN A ZIGZAG!” I’m sharing this… or rather, NOT sharing this… just in case you had any romanticized notions that being a Cub Scout leader was glamorous.



Thirdly, I want to show you the text conversation that my family had this afternoon when my mom asked me, Chris, my sister, and her husband when she could take the kids on an African safari. I think the texts speak for themselves.


Fourthly, Gracie lost her first tooth last week (I feel like I’ve already shared this, but I looked back through my posts and didn’t see anything about it. So, if you already know this, just skip to Fifthly…). She lost her tooth while we were eating pizza and having a movie night. And then she insisted on PLAYING with her tooth as we sat there. I must have said at least ten times, “Gracie, you better put that tooth down before you lose it!” Then, just as we were walking up the stairs to bed, she tripped and her tiny, white tooth went flying through the air, never to be seen again. We looked for that sucker for an hour, but never found where it fell. She cried for several H-O-U-R-S, worried the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t come. But the Tooth Fairy’s a good egg and she left her money anyway. Good thing the Coke machine she tried to get a Diet Coke out of earlier in the day wouldn’t take her dollar…


Fifthly, I’m going to bed. It’s late and my students are taking their state standardized writing exam tomorrow, so I have to get up early and panic.

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  1. Jenna

    Oh man. So many laughs (loud ones) tonight. Thanks for that! And good luck tomorrow!

  2. Kelly

    Hilarious. Love the family conversation regarding Africa!

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