Where is Summer?!?!

Spring has arrived in central Florida.  Our windows have been open almost every afternoon and the breeze is just cool enough to keep the humidity away.  Which means that I have been straightening my hair lately.  I feel like a grown up when I straighten my hair.  Except that it is freakishly long when it is straight, which makes me look a little bit like Michelle Duggar.  I try to balance that look out with tight shirts and short shorts.

Just kidding.


Although, I did accidentally buy the wrong length shorts the other day from J. Crew ($15 a pair at the outlets – GET OUT OF HERE!) and came home with the 3-inch inseams by mistake.  I put them on yesterday with this really cute shirt, just to see how it looked.  It was questionable, so I made the ultimate mistake and went to ask my husband.




“How do these look?” I asked him.  “Are they too short?”

He gave me a thorough once-over and proclaimed, “Everything just looks like it’s too small.”

“Everything?” I said.  “What everything?”

“Your shirt and shorts, right?  That’s what I’m looking at?”

Nothing like a warm-fuzzy conversation with your husband to make you feel good about yourself.

*eye roll*


Anyway, it has been such nice weather around here lately that it seems so very unfair that it is still too cold to go swimming.  Gracie and I are thoroughly upset that the pool water hasn’t warmed up yet, so we just sit around waiting for warm weather and buying her every bathing suit we run across in the meantime.


You know who HAS already gone for a little swim?  Big Molly.  By mistake.

Chris came outside one night last week to find Molly in the pool, hanging on for dear life, trying to climb out one of the sides.  We aren’t sure how she got in there (I’m pretty confident Daisy had something to do with it because she was suspiciously quiet during the ordeal…) and we don’t know how long she was in there for, but her front paws were all bloody from trying to claw her way out.  It was awful!  So, if I hoped that THIS would finally be Big Molly’s summer of swimming, I’m afraid I will be disappointed.  She continues to have a crazy fear of the water – and if she didn’t have one before, she definitely does now.


Spring Break is in two weeks and I am counting the days until we can get to the beach.  I’m one of those people who needs sunshine to be happy.  Sunshine and sand.

Sunshine and sand and a good book.

And a puppy.

Sunshine and sand and a good book and a puppy.

That’s all it takes to make me happy.

And maybe a margarita.  Yes, definitely a margarita.

Sunshine and sand and a good book and a puppy and a margarita.

Look how simple I am!

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  1. Katie L.

    Poor Big Molly! A friend’s elderly doggy fell into their pool because she couldn’t see well. Unfortunately, no one was around when it happened and the poor dog drowned. 🙁 Have you had Molly’s eyesight checked lately? She might have trouble seeing, especially in the dark.

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