When Boggle Boards Go Wrong

One of the bulletin boards in my classroom is an extra credit “Boggle Board” assignment.  Every Monday, I put up new letters and students have until Friday to submit their Boggle Board worksheet for extra credit.

(FYI: This picture is of the first week of school, not this week…)


Normally, I check and double check that sucker for bad words.  For example, I NEVER put an “F” and a “U” in the same Boggle Board.  (Teaching Middler Schoolers Tip #3,921: Know your audience.)

This week, I messed up ROYALLY and there were two GLARING words staring at everyone:  Porn and Horny


In big letters on my bulletin board.



Did I mention I teach 8th grade?  Which means it took approximately 3.2 seconds for someone to yell out in class, “MRS. BROWN, YOUR BOARD SAYS PORN!!!” and another .6 seconds for a second student to add, “AND HORNY!”  And then another 2.1 seconds before it was all over their social media accounts.


Before I knew it, random kids were stopping by my classroom to see my Boggle Board.  Some of them were kids I don’t even teach.  *eye roll*

I thought about taking it down, but at that point, why?  Everyone knew already.  And I hate putting up Boggle Boards.  So, I just went with it.

“Well, crap,” I said to my class.  And then I moved on and life did, too.  Amazing how that happens.

I have waited all week to see if anyone was brave enough to actually submit a Boggle Board worksheet to me with those two words on it.  The extra credit assignment requires them to make the words and then provide the dictionary definition for the words they list.  They can list up to 15 words and definitions and I give them one point of extra credit for every five words.


So, this afternoon I was grading a stack of papers and lo’ and behold, someone was finally brave.  And incredibly funny.  I almost wet my pants when I saw their definition:

Porn – When two people bump up against each other to terrible music.  

Man, I love middle school kids.

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