My name is Katie.  I like art festivals and seafood.  I try to be in church every Sunday morning, but sometimes the call of the local breakfast diner is too strong.  I enjoy a good book, a good glass of wine, and pretty sundresses.  I don’t like boring people.  I order salads out in public and eat boxes of Girl Scout cookies at home.  Sometimes I ignore phone calls from my family.  Sometimes I also ignore my kids crying and I wait for my husband to go get them.  I give money every month to St. Jude’s and to my church.  And to Target.  I love throwing dinner parties.   I am a passionate follower of Christ.  But I follow the Dahli Lama on Twitter.  I am banned from Blockbuster because I still have two of their movies from 1997.  I subscribe to Netflicks instead.

I feel like you should know these things about me if we’re going to be imaginary friends.

You should also know that when I was 15 years old, I met the man I was going to marry.  And then my prom date hit him with his car.  But that’s another story for a different day.

I met Chris in a class in high school.  I took a class solely to meet him.  Six years of dating, eight years of marriage, four college degrees, three cars, two dogs, two mortgages, two beautiful babies, and thousands of miles later, I still want to spend more time with him.

I first began Marriage Confessions when Chris was busy in graduate school.  He was gone or studying all the time, and I needed a hobby.  So, I started this little blog to stretch my creative legs.  I began writing about life as a newlywed, sharing silly stories about laundry and traveling. But the more I shared about the more challenging parts of our marriage, the more my readership grew.  And I understood why.  No one talks about marriage.  I mean, really talk.  Other than complaining to your best friend about something stupid, no one really tells you what a marriage is supposed to look like – what’s normal and what’s not.

I tell the truth about my marriage and about our family, for better or worse.  It doesn’t mean we get it right all the time (in fact, we USUALLY get it wrong), but there is no growth in perfection.  Growth in marriage and family comes from learning from your mistakes.  And if you measure us by that standard, then my family is growing every single day!

My marriage and my family are built on the solid rock of faith, and it is by this light that we see the world.  We are good people – but very real people who have real problems and face real challenges.  Our paychecks are never enough, we have lost loved ones, we have dealt with the depth of depression.  Life doesn’t always come up daisies for us, but I am constantly learning how to bloom where I am planted.  How to set my roots in wherever I am and grow my own darn daisies!  That is what this blog chronicles.

So, join our family as we laugh, fight, and stay married.  It might be bumpy, but it’s going to be a great ride!


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  1. Hit Katie, Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this page and it really shows what a great writer you are!

  2. Peggy

    Love the new look!

  3. Just found your site from another blogger referral. Really cool stuff, Katie. Love the pictures, too. Great touch.

  4. Farrar

    LOVE the new Welcome page! I think that is the best piece of advice that I have heard in a while! We all can take a leason and learn how to set our roots wherever we are and grow our own darn daisies!

  5. I love the changes to your blog (which I thought was pretty awesome already.)
    Now, I just have to know the story about Chris and your prom dates car!

  6. Brenda

    I love your blog! You are truly a teacher to all of us. I am trying to find the post about Disneyland rooms for moms and babies to rest when they need to. I don’t remember when you wrote about it, but would love to share it with my daughter for her upcoming trip. Is there a search bar I missed or something? Keep doing what your doing. The blessings are ours

  7. PK

    I enjoy your refreshingly honest blog. I follow other Mom/Wife/Marriage blogs and they often just remind me of everything that I do wrong. That gets tiresome after a while, not inspirational. You, on the other hand, make me feel normal and inspire me. It seems that everyone, from fellow PTA mothers to Facebook pals, only talk about the wonderful success they are experiencing. Sometimes I wonder if their medications keep them from having a bad day…

  8. Hi, I just stumbled upon your blog – and I love it. You wrote in one post “Happiness is a verb” – THAT is the most incredible way to describe Happiness – the one topic I love to write about. Thanks for sharing so openly – it’s refreshing!!!

  9. I think I read all your posts already, and even now, I check on your blog everyday. This inspired me to finally just let my inhibitions go and start my own blog as well (I’ve been contemplating on creating one for a few years now haha) I also met the man of my life when I was in high school, and we’ve been together ever since. You are an inspiration, especially when it comes to blooming where you’re planted. Also, you have the cutest kiddos. Thank you for sharing snippets of your life with us! May God continue to bless you!

    Kyle (I’m a girl)

  10. Jevi Amechi - Eze

    You rock Katie. I’m definitely going to benefit from your stories. Beautiful family you’ve got.

  11. Tannazq

    I really enjoy your blog. I came across your blog while trying to find an inspirational marriage/family blog. I love that you stated that you are good people but face real world problems like every normal person does. I like that your blog isn’t about being the happiest family ever and that you express yourself as a real family and the things you face everyday. I have a video I think you and your husband would love watching! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xm-T3HCa618
    If you and your husband decide to take on the same challenge as our video, I would love any feedback from your experience!

  12. Ruby

    where did you find that little race car bean bag chair?

    1. Katie

      At Home Goods! Super cheap and we still have it! It has lasted forever!

  13. Erin

    Hi Katie. I couldn’t help but notice that not long ago you changed your Instagram name from marriageconfess and you haven’t posted here in almost 2 months. Are you just taking a break? Miss your posts. 🙂

  14. Stephanie Lara

    You are so inspiring! Its been a long time following and I look forward to your posts everytime!

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