I Have Survived!

This past weekend I went to Florida to visit my family for Easter.  I still haven’t made it back home yet, so this post will be short and sweet because I have to get dressed soon and go to the airport, but let me just tell you what a crazy weekend I have had!  It is going to take me an entire week’s work of postings to tell you all about it.  For now, let me give you a little taste by throwing some highlights at you:

1.  Our plane was diverted on Friday and we sat on a runway for five hours.  They will be releasing a movie shortly called “Pregnant Women on a Plane.”  It was not pretty.

2.  My Mom and Mom-in-Law threw me a big baby shower on Saturday night.  I have pictures.  There were presents.  And meatballs.  It was amazing.

3.  My sister got engaged right in front of our entire family!  Its an awesome story!!  I have pictures, and even though there were no meatballs, it was still amazing!

4.  I had an emotional meltdown during the Easter church service.  A meltdown involving mascara streaking down my face.  It was pretty.  I have no pictures of this and there were, sadly, no meatballs.  But it was pretty embarrassing.

5.  Chris and I participated in the “kids only” Easter Egg Hunt at his Granddad’s house because there was money in some of the eggs and, let’s face it, we’re pretty desperate right now.  I was a little horrified at first to be, you know, married and WITH CHILD and yet still fighting middle school boys for plastic eggs.  But I got ever it really quickly.  I have pictures and there WERE meatballs.  Glorious, I tell you.

So, that sums up my weekend in bullet points.  But don’t you worry.  Each of these stories will be told in more detail starting with a post first thing tomorrow morning.

For now, I must away for my nose runneth like a mountain spring and my hair frizzeth like a pomeranian… Adieu!

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4 Thoughts to “I Have Survived!”

  1. I can’t even imagine the kind of update we’re going to get—but I’m excited that it will include meatballs! : )

  2. Have a safe trip back to CT and I hope you avoid all of the nasty weather that is coming Florida’s way!

  3. Annie

    So excited for JMD and Ginny! Katie, I’m loving your blog. Keeps me so entertained at work. Such a cute idea. Can’t wait to see pictures of the bean…You’re a trooper. -Annie Adams

  4. Yoooo…..can I some meatballs Sweetie 🙂

    Thanks for the update and Happy Easter to you and all the family members 🙂

    Your Sister engaged!!! Does it mean that we get to attend her wedding like we did back in Year 2005? I’m so happy for all of you 😀

    Love to all and your Grandma Louise too 😀

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