Amazing Grace


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This past weekend we had Gracie baptized. Finally. When I called our minister to see if they could squeeze us in for the Sunday service, I told him that we’d like to get her baptized before she goes off to college and I think we just barely made it. I had been waiting on the baptism because I wanted Chris’s mom, Jackie, to be there and her teaching schedule is different than mine, so we could never get our days off to line up. Finally, she told us she was coming to town last weekend and so I was determined that THIS would be the weekend.

True to my last minute self, I called the church on Tuesday to see if I could get Gracie baptized that Sunday, which meant Chris and I had to haul ourselves across town to our church Wednesday night to meet with our minister for a chat (which ended up being such a lovely, lovely conversation about marriage and parenting and family and faith…). With that done, the only thing left was getting a baptism gown for her. I didn’t end up buying that until Friday afternoon and I didn’t get Gracie’s white shoes until 10:00 on Saturday night.

It’s how I roll, people.

In any case, by Sunday morning, Gracie was dressed, shoed, bowed, and wearing her best accessory…that big, beautiful smile.



See that gold cross necklace she’s wearing? My parents got that for her from the Vatican in September. Isn’t it beautiful? What a perfect keepsake from her baptism!


Gracie was in a great mood that morning. She and Bean came to “Big Boy Church” with us and they both sat so still and quiet. Well, except for when Gracie was babbling “Dada! Dada!” during The Lord’s Prayer…  Baptisms are one of my favorite things, whether it’s my own babies getting baptized or someone else’s. To me, baptisms are a symbol of God’s unconditional love. They get me all teary.



For the actual baptism, Gracie did great! She cooed while I held her and the minister blessed the water and she kept reaching out and holding Bean’s arm while the congregation pledged to bring Gracie up in fellowship with God. She wasn’t sure about the part where I handed her over to our minister, though. She never actually cried, but I did have to do some serious silent cooing and smiling to keep her happy.


By the time we got to the hymn at the end of the ceremony, Gracie had warmed up to our minister and the two of them strolled the main aisle saying hello to people while we all sang, “Child of Blessing,” to Gracie.


After the baptism, we took a few family pictures outside the church. It’s not often that we’re all together and clean at the same time.




After pictures, we all headed back to my house where I had a big lunch for everyone. It was a really great day. For everyone except Bean.


Clearly, situations which put Gracie in the center of attention in a beautiful white dress are frowned upon in Bean’s World.


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22 Thoughts to “Amazing Grace”

  1. Maryellen

    Blessings for Gracie! I LOVE your dress! You have such a beautiful family – inside & out!

  2. Jennifer H.

    Such a wonderful post. Gave me tears of happiness too!!

  3. Again and again – what a beautiful family! Blessings to Gracie on such a special occasion – and so happy to hear that you have such a great church family to raise her in. I always tear up at baptisms, too.

  4. Many blessings to Gracie and your family. What a beautiful little girl. Also, I love how Bean was smiling in your first family photo and he gets more and more distracted as they go on! So funny.

  5. Dyanna

    Such a beautiful post!! Yay Gracie!! I don’t know what Bean is doing in that last photo but I love how it seems like he’s pointing to himself and saying “but what about me?!?!?!”

  6. Gracie looks so pretty in her white dresses, and Bean is so handsome. Poor little guy he looks so forlorn. He just needed some lovin’. 😉 (P.S. I know that Bean is in no way neglected, but man that face is so serious.)

  7. Your baby and your family are so beautiful! Congratulations on her baptism, what a wonderful experience! Thanks for being a great example of a great Christian wife/mommy/family!

  8. Congrats Gracie! And when is a man ever happy if the attention is not on them? I’ve yet to see it happen.

  9. Many blessing for Ms Gracie. Your church does baptisms a little different than ours so it’s neat to see how different churches do things.

  10. How beautiful! I’m so happy for you all. Welcome to the church family, Gracie! 🙂

  11. Alyssa

    So nice! I was wondering if you were going to write a post about her baptism 🙂 Great photos too!

  12. Rachel

    That last part made me laugh so hard! When I was baptized my mom set out a white blanket and took tons of photos, and my older sister got jealous so she insisted my mom also take pictures of her doll on the blanket! Looking back on the photos is hysterical 🙂

  13. I love your dress! Oh, and Gracie is pretty cute, too. Congratulations on the baptism.

  14. Gracie is such a beautiful girl – congratulations on her baptism!

  15. Keshet

    You all look beautiful–I especially love your dress!

  16. Tressa

    If I have said it once, I’ve said it a million times. You and Chris make beautiful babies together!! You need to have a dozen of em! 🙂 beautiful families! You are blessed Katie

  17. I think that “Dada” is the absolutely perfect thing to yell during the Lord’s Prayer. 🙂

  18. Awww. What a joyous day! Just reading this and seeing the pictures made me boo hoo!

  19. Catherine

    AWWWWW Gracie is beautiful!!!!! Bean also looked very handsome 🙂 I just got married in September and we are planning to wait a few more years to have children but every time I see cute pictures of your little ones my ovaries start to screech for babies hahaha

  20. Congrats Gracie. And Bean-man? Being an older sibling…I feel ya man.

  21. Martha

    Oh my god, you have her in a dress from my store! I have to tell you how lucky you are to have found it, I’m in a northeast location and we’ve been sold out of that one for months! Gracie is always gorgeous, but she looks so sweet in that Stras dress! Its the pearls, I think. Every little lady needs a good set of pearls for a special day, lol.

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