Review: Breyers Ice Cream!!!


When I got an email asking me to review two of Breyers new flavors, I had to check first to make sure we didn’t have them already in our fridge. Breyers is a staple in our house. Chris is a huge fan, and when he wants a little treat, I always bring him home a new flavor to try. We had not yet sampled the new Breyers Blasts! Chocolate REESE’S or the Breyers Blasts! OREO Birthday Blast!, so I couldn’t wait to add two new flavors to our line-up. (For a complete list of Breyers Blasts! flavors, be sure to visit their website.)

IMG_3514 IMG_3513

For our family, having a blast is pretty much a priority. Whatever we’re doing, we try to have fun. But maybe my favorite time and place for us to hang out and enjoy each other is in our kitchen while I’m cooking dinner, on weekends especially. With no work to rush home from, we have a blast casually hanging out, snacking on cucumbers while I cook, just laughing and having fun. This weekend when I busted out the Breyers Blasts! and told Bean we simply HAD to test it out before dinner, I don’t think I’d ever seen his face light up so much!


I told Bean he had to help me with my review by telling me which flavor he liked the most. First up was the Chocolate REESE’S, which is awesome because REESE’S Cups are pretty much my perfect, favorite candy ever. I love to put them in the freezer and eat them cold. So, actually, Breyers is just saving me a step. And, goodness! Look at those swirls of deliciousness! And the chunks of REESE’S! HOLY MOLY! I basically spent 20 minutes digging out all the REESE’S chunks and STILL didn’t get them all. It actually has ribbons of peanut butter swirled through it too. RIBBONS, people. Ribbons. I die.


I had a moment while Bean pulled on my leg begging me for a bite, but don’t worry. I ignored him and it didn’t interrupt my peanut butter ribbons moment. Finally, I shared with him. His words? “That tastes like candy!” which was immediately followed by, “Let’s have some more!”


But I told him we had to be responsible and put it down. And try the OREO Birthday Blast! instead. This is what it tastes like: A vanilla cake with chunks of OREO cookies, cream, and sprinkles. NO JOKE. I told Bean this was the birthday cake flavor, and I think all he heard was “birthday cake” because for the rest of the night he kept asking for more “cold berfday cake.”


It was delicious! Even Gracie got a bite (or five…).


I have had summer on the brain for WEEKS now, and having weekends standing around the kitchen eating ice cream only makes me more and more excited. I see many Breyers ice cream cones in our future. Many. And in the not-too-distant future. Actually, as I write this, Chris is making two Breyers Blasts! cones in the kitchen. So, the future is upon us, people. I must go. Breyers Blasts! calls. But before I shove my face into a cone, let me ask: “How would you and your family enjoy Breyers Blasts!?” My family enjoys it out by our pool on summer days. But what about you? Leave a comment below telling me and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

Rules: No purchase necessary. No duplicate comments.

You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

a) Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post

b) Tweet about this promotion with hashtag #sweeps and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post

c) Blog about this promotion and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post

d) For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate free †form of entry.

This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older.

Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail.

You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 6/28 to 7/26.

Be sure to visit the†Breyers Blasts! brand page on, where you can read other bloggersí reviews and find more chances to win!

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185 Thoughts to “Review: Breyers Ice Cream!!!”

  1. Laurie

    Sitting on the deck on a warm summer night would be amazing!!

  2. cathy

    In the sweltering Oklahoma heat.

  3. heather

    We would have a party on the back deck with the baby pool and water table. We love ice ceam(as my son calls the special treat!)

  4. Summer

    Yum love Breyers! Our family would love this!

  5. Sonya

    I’ve just been enjoying ice cream as dessert after lunch & dinner this summer!

  6. I enjoy my ice cream in the living room with my husband after our sweet baby goes to bed. A few moments just for us.

  7. We are fixing our bowls of ice-cream as I am typing this comment. I could eat ice-cream from breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!

  8. Sarah

    We eat way too much ice cream in my house. But we love it!

  9. We like having icecream when friends come to visit!

  10. I love Reeses, but that oreo flavor sounds delicious! We would enjoy the Breyers Blast ice cream while sneaking it from one another, thinking I’m the only one eating it. Except every time I go back to the container, there’s more missing 😉

  11. Alyssa

    We would enjoy on a hot summer night on our screened patio. Love me some Breyers!

  12. We eat ice cream EVERY night at our house in the summer!!

  13. Susan

    We love to have ice cream at the end of the day! Peanut butter and chocolate is our favorite!!

  14. Jamie

    just hanging out with the family as a late night snack….

  15. Megan Smith

    Breyers is the best! We LOVE ice cream at our house anytime, anyplace!

  16. Laura F.

    As a reward for going to the gym 🙂

  17. Rachel @ The Ongoing Planner

    Love ice cream! The Oreo Birthday Cake looks especially delicious. We would probably enjoy our ice cream on the deck out back! Also, Bean is looking so big and old in those pictures!

  18. Emily

    We would enjoy it outside on our patio this summer!

  19. Erin

    I’d wait till my kiddos were in bed and have an ice cream date with my husband 🙂

  20. I’d maybe consider letting my husband share it with me. Maybe. (What? I’m 36 weeks pregnant; all ice cream in the house is automatically mine. Isn’t that the rule)

  21. Tiffany

    We love Breyers and we love the Oreo Blast. We actually have some in our freezer right now. My husband and I like to have it as a treat after the kids go to bed. Just the two of us.

  22. Jessica

    I enjoy my Breyers curled up on the couch with my sweetie while watching a movie late at night.

  23. Jill

    Well anytime we are sweltering in the summer heat!

  24. YUM! I want to go buy some NOW 🙂 I would enjoy Breyer’s Blast by eating it outside on the deck in the summer time!!

  25. Jeanette

    We love ice cream! We eat it to cool down after playing outside in the sweltering heat or after going on a family bike ride.

  26. Sandy

    right out of the carton! =o)

  27. Christy

    If there’s any form of chocolate in it I’m a happy girl!

  28. OK Sarah

    ice cream for dinner!

  29. Oh to get paid to review ice cream…..a dream come true 🙂

    I would probably substitute my dinners this week with Breyer’s since it’s going to be above 100 all week.

  30. My hubby and I usually enjoy ice cream after our little boys go to bed. That way, we don’t have to share! 😉

  31. we eat ice cream during our evening walks in new york city!

  32. Krissy

    My husband likes ice cream for breakfast! He would go nuts over the Reese’s. I prefer mine as a snack any other time of day. Those flavors both sound delightful!

  33. Sitting under a tree when the sun has gone down.

  34. Christine

    At our neighborhood park, watching trains go by.

  35. Lori M.

    I’d enjoy Breyer’s in a cone after dinner sitting on the back deck watching the sunset.

  36. Cathy C.

    I have never tried Breyers Blasts, but my family loves ice cream!

  37. Kristin

    We stocked up on ice cream when we moved into our new home…and enjoyed Breyers as a post-moving snack!

  38. Deanna K

    Sitting on my front steps watching the sun go down.

  39. Sarah H.

    I would enjoy it on my balcony with my husband on a warm summer night after the baby (or toddler….gulp) is asleep 🙂

  40. jess

    we would enjoy it on our patio in the summer heat! 🙂

  41. Hanna D.

    My hubby and I love ice cream, year round!!! We love ice cream in a bowl with chocolate syrup or in milk shake fashion!

  42. Breyers is aways in our freezer too! I’m partial to the cookies and cream. It tastes delicious on our patio… or in the living room with the air conditioner on! Haha!

  43. Renee B

    Standing in the kitchen eating out of the carton after the kids are asleep. Is there any other way?

  44. Laurie

    OMG I love the birthday cake oreo cookies so I know this would be like heaven in a bowl..or cone.

  45. RachelC

    My husband and I are newlyweds and enjoy making a date night out of all the little things. Enjoying ice cream Sundays on our deck is one of my favorites!

  46. Mami2jcn

    I would enjoy it for dessert after a barbecue.

  47. Mami2jcn


  48. farrar

    in stretchy pants on my couch with a spoon and the container. i don’t need no stinkin bowls!

  49. farrar

    I tweeted, not sure how to share the url but here goes

    check out the Breyers Blast sweepstakes and contest @marriageconfess – how do you get your Breyers on!! :0)#sweeps— Farrar Foley (@farrarfoley) June 29, 2012

  50. Mariya

    We love ice cream on our deck.

  51. Lindsay Campbell

    I just discovered the oreo birthday cake ice cream yesterday and it is fantastic. Love it! We enjoy our ice cream in the evening on our front porch.

  52. Out on the patio so we can watch the kids play while we sneak ourselves a second bowl!

  53. Sara H

    In a big bowl while watching a movie with the hubby. I love reeses!! I think I will be making a stop at the store tonight to try this out!

  54. Stephanie

    we enjoy it after dinner

  55. Livivua Chandler

    I would make ice cream sandwiches or milkshakes!

  56. We enjoy it curled up on the couch together!

  57. Sitting on the porch watching the sunset.

  58. steph

    wed enjoy over the 4th of july!

  59. We would enjoy at all of our birthday celebrations this summer!

  60. Elena

    We would enjoy it as a dessert after family dinner

    elena150980 at yahoo dot com

  61. Teh Doll

    we always love a bit of ice cream on our birthday cake!


  62. Katie N.

    Ice cream is my favorite food, hands down, so even though I love to enjoy it on a hot summer day, it’s just as yummy and appealing to me on a cold winter night!

  63. Lisa Korte

    I love breyers ice cream!

  64. I love a good bowl of ice cream after supper, watching a little TV. What a great way to relax!

  65. I’d love to sit out back with my husband and daughter, and just soak it all in. 🙂

  66. carolyn g

    We love it in banana splits!

  67. Nicole

    We would enjoy it in bed, watching tv, and winding down for the night.

  68. maria

    just like we did last night: movie and ice cream on the couch!

  69. My family and I would enjoy Breyers Blasts with an ice cream bar all summer long. With different toppings, syrups and sauces to choose from, we can all get our favorites and have a blast!

    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  70. Jenny

    In a glass with a splash of milk, while hiding in the closet.

  71. I would enjoy it on the couch, out of the carton with 2 spoons to share with the Hus

  72. Betty

    Breyers is top quality ice cream and SO good. I,too, am an ice cream fan and dearly love my chocolate. Thanks for the opportunity to win this one.

  73. Judith

    We love Breye’s one bite at a time until the bowl is naked.

  74. Deb Anderson

    Breyers Blasts would be perfect for hot summer afternoon treats!

  75. cw

    We would enjoy this after a sunny day at the spray park….probably eating it outside on the back swing.

  76. Ariel

    We enjoy it as a tasty treat while relaxing on the couch at night!

  77. Ariel

    Or sitting on the dock at the lake!

  78. Ginna

    One of the best parts of summer! We have a goal to try out every ice cream shop in town. You know, just in the interest of being fair to everyone! 🙂

  79. Meagan

    My family would enjoy Breyers after dinner on Friday during movie night!

  80. Nicole T.

    Milkshakes before bed!

  81. maria cantu

    Anytime all the time.

  82. Karina Lee

    my husband would die for this. he loves Reeses!

  83. JenniferLO

    I’m visiting my parents in Nebraska this summer and we eat it every night after our evening swim!

  84. LinhC

    We would enjoy Breyers Blasts while watching our favorite movies.

  85. Love us some ice cream. Breyers is my fav. Would love to try that reeses on a hot Summer day!!

  86. Me and my family keep Breyer’s in the freezer too! We are crazy about the new Oreo Birthday Blast!!!! We have been eating it like crazy!!!!!! So so tasty, now we have to try the Reeses one!

  87. Tina M

    we would enjoy it after swimming

  88. LinhC

    I would surprise my kids and let them eat ice cream BEFORE lunch!

  89. Brandy

    At a BBQ with friends in cones!

  90. I will enjoy it on a hot day on the back deck.

  91. anash

    we would enjoy it after a dinner in the summer on the patio! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  92. anash

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    email: anashct1 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  93. Debbie B

    this would make a great dessert following a family cookout!

  94. linda brooks

    We love Breyers and we would enjoy it anytime.

  95. Gretchen

    Great for a family pool party!

  96. We would enjoy it by the pool, but we don’t have one- so, can we come borrow yours!:) Kidding! We love ice cream.

  97. We could enjoy it after some hot, sweaty yard work. We just built a house and there is so much to do!

  98. sy

    lol bean’s so happy. We’d have it while watching movies. Thanks for the review and giveaway.
    songyueyu at gmail

  99. Jessie C.

    We’d enjoy Breyers Blasts after dinner time.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  100. Debra F

    The Breyer’s Blasts would be a perfect way to end our neighborhood pool parties

  101. Stacy

    I’d like to try it in a milkshake to beat the heat!

  102. Maureen

    Great treat after our walk after dinner.

  103. Mary M.

    I would throw a banana split party!!!! I would invite all the grand kids.
    marybug2 @ yahoo . com

  104. jennifer horn

    We’d enjoy it after a long day on the farm.

  105. Becky Horn

    We would definetly enjoy it with lots of chocolate syrup, cool whip and cherries.

  106. Christina Tong

    We would enjoy Breyers Blasts with berries or banana in the evening in front of the TV in our family room. We love Breyers ice cream, we’ve been eating it for years. Thanks for this giveaway.


  107. Kelly

    Alongisde warm homemade brownies. Yummmm!

  108. Kathleen

    Ugh. This day. I need some of the Breyers Reese’s flavor stat.

  109. Layne

    I’d enjoy Breyers Reese’s Blast in a BIG bowl on the screened in patio…before and/or after dinner 😉

  110. Lisa

    Breyer’s Reeses flavor – delicious.

  111. Heather

    We live playing in the hose!

  112. Jessica

    Straight from the carton. That’s how the husband and I roll. 🙂 And of course, Reese’s over Oreo any day.

  113. Jessica

    On my couch after my 3 month old is fast asleep!

  114. Melissa

    Ice cream by the pool! Would love to try the Reeses flavor…looks delicious!

  115. On our (almost finished) new deck after grilling up some burgers.

  116. Heather

    I love to freeze Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. And that ice cream sounds perfect…definitely adding it to the grocery list. We would enjoy Breyer’s Blasts after a night of grilling while the sun is hitting the mountains and the wind is picking up. Nice way to end the 100 degree days!

  117. Whitney B

    my family would enjoy these at a backyard BBQ

  118. Rebecca Graham

    We would enjoy this after a day at the pool.

  119. Kat

    My husband and I owuld enjoy it on the couch from a bowl, I especally like the Mint Oreo, he likes the Reeses one!

  120. Lynn

    My family would enjoy Breyers Blast after dinner as a treat!

  121. Kerry

    We’d love to have an ice-cream cone night this summer with Breyers!

  122. gmm

    This crew loves ice cream any time – but our favorite is to follow up our lunch with some. We proceed to story time and then a much needed nap. Lunch Ice Cream Book Nap-PERFECT!!

  123. Sarah L

    I’ll take the Beyers Reeses on the back patio after the sun goes down.
    Thanks for the contest.

  124. As a hot afternoon treat under our big shade tree.

  125. Ashley Tucker

    We enjoy it after dinner for dessert!

  126. Kimberly

    We would enjoy Breyers Blasts as an after dinner treat!

  127. Pat

    We would enjoy it around family movie night

  128. We love it as a snack after dinner most evening…in bed…LOL

  129. Norma

    We’d enjoy it while watching movies at home

  130. LAMusing

    We;d love a bowl out on the patio on summer afternoons

  131. I would enjoy this with my kids as an after dinner treat … and then sneak some when everyone else goes to bed! 😉

  132. Betty C

    Actually I’ve been known to have ice cream for breakfast especially as hot as it’s been lately. Or lunch or even dinner. I enjoy ice cream any time!

  133. Gina M


    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  134. Gina M

    We would enjoy them on the weekend in a nice big sugar cone!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  135. alaine

    We’d enjoy at a birthday get together 🙂
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  136. Ellie W

    My grandsons would love this for dessert in their blanket and chair fort they have built in my living room.

  137. Tabathia B

    We enjoy it while watching movies
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  138. Julie

    We would enjoy this as a dessert,grill outs etc. (snacks) lol

  139. ewhatley

    We have ice cream for dessert almost every night. We all love Breyers Banana Split.

  140. we would enjoy it after a long day. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  141. Debby

    I love ice cream anytime! the new chocolate Reeses sound delish!!!

  142. Mari

    I’d serve Breyer Blasts on a waffle with whipped cream.
    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  143. Erica Best

    weekend treat after dinner

  144. Meredith

    After dinner, curled up on the couch, while catching up on whichever TV series we’re marathon-ing on Netflix.

  145. Michelle Spayde

    We would enjoy them as an occasional dessert or treat.

  146. Courtney M

    We enjoy ice cream on the deck or inside in the AC.

  147. sandra

    as an after dinner treat

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