Review: Breyers Ice Cream!!!


When I got an email asking me to review two of Breyers new flavors, I had to check first to make sure we didn’t have them already in our fridge. Breyers is a staple in our house. Chris is a huge fan, and when he wants a little treat, I always bring him home a new flavor to try. We had not yet sampled the new Breyers Blasts! Chocolate REESE’S or the Breyers Blasts! OREO Birthday Blast!, so I couldn’t wait to add two new flavors to our line-up. (For a complete list of Breyers Blasts! flavors, be sure to visit their website.)

IMG_3514 IMG_3513

For our family, having a blast is pretty much a priority. Whatever we’re doing, we try to have fun. But maybe my favorite time and place for us to hang out and enjoy each other is in our kitchen while I’m cooking dinner, on weekends especially. With no work to rush home from, we have a blast casually hanging out, snacking on cucumbers while I cook, just laughing and having fun. This weekend when I busted out the Breyers Blasts! and told Bean we simply HAD to test it out before dinner, I don’t think I’d ever seen his face light up so much!


I told Bean he had to help me with my review by telling me which flavor he liked the most. First up was the Chocolate REESE’S, which is awesome because REESE’S Cups are pretty much my perfect, favorite candy ever. I love to put them in the freezer and eat them cold. So, actually, Breyers is just saving me a step. And, goodness! Look at those swirls of deliciousness! And the chunks of REESE’S! HOLY MOLY! I basically spent 20 minutes digging out all the REESE’S chunks and STILL didn’t get them all. It actually has ribbons of peanut butter swirled through it too. RIBBONS, people. Ribbons. I die.


I had a moment while Bean pulled on my leg begging me for a bite, but don’t worry. I ignored him and it didn’t interrupt my peanut butter ribbons moment. Finally, I shared with him. His words? “That tastes like candy!” which was immediately followed by, “Let’s have some more!”


But I told him we had to be responsible and put it down. And try the OREO Birthday Blast! instead. This is what it tastes like: A vanilla cake with chunks of OREO cookies, cream, and sprinkles. NO JOKE. I told Bean this was the birthday cake flavor, and I think all he heard was “birthday cake” because for the rest of the night he kept asking for more “cold berfday cake.”


It was delicious! Even Gracie got a bite (or five…).


I have had summer on the brain for WEEKS now, and having weekends standing around the kitchen eating ice cream only makes me more and more excited. I see many Breyers ice cream cones in our future. Many. And in the not-too-distant future. Actually, as I write this, Chris is making two Breyers Blasts! cones in the kitchen. So, the future is upon us, people. I must go. Breyers Blasts! calls. But before I shove my face into a cone, let me ask: “How would you and your family enjoy Breyers Blasts!?” My family enjoys it out by our pool on summer days. But what about you? Leave a comment below telling me and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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