A Look Back at My Registry: My Diaper Bag

We are in the middle of a blog blitz day where I am reviewing products from my baby registry now that I’m CLEARLY a seasoned mother after 10 months of parenting.

(Did ya get the sarcasm there?)

Up next is my diaper bag combo.  That’s right, I have two diaper bags.  I have one giant diaper bag that can hold everything a mother could ever need – including a babysitter.  This is the diaper bag that I used to take to daycare everyday and the one I use when we will be away from the house all day or for any significant period of time.

Choosing a diaper bag was so darn hard!  First because Chris would give absolutely no input.  He just asked that it not be too girly since we were having a boy and since Chris would be carrying it sometimes, too.  I was okay with that.  I’m not crazy about frilly diaper bags myself and I knew it couldn’t be dainty because even my purse is a tank so I knew a diaper bag for me would have to be as cute as an enormous trash bag could be.

This is the one that I found and I love it.  It is a Baby Einstein Large Diaper Tote Bag (Walmart, $24.98).  Last year when I bought this, it was available at Babies R Us and Target, but when I looked today, neither site had the bag available and I could only find it online at Walmart.  Now, as a personal advocate and lover of all things Target, it pains me to list Walmart on this site, but there you have it.  Walmart carries my wonderful diaper bag.

I love this diaper bag because all of the compartments are on the OUTSIDE of the bag and not the inside.  I knew I wanted a bag who was open on the inside because that’s my preference for purses, too.  I like lots of room to throw my stuff in and I like not having to put things in a certain place.  But, on the outside of this bag, there are six ENORMOUS compartments.  And by enormous, I mean large enough to fit 2 10 oz. bottles in each of the four corner pockets and one 10 oz. bottle in the two center pockets.  These are so handy for me to store things that I need to get to frequently when we’re out and about.  I have one pocket that hold thousands of binkies at all times.  And I have one pocket that holds sunscreen all the time.  I have one that holds medications like diaper rash cream, Tylenol, and Hylands Teething Tablets.  The rest of my pockets are usually filled with dirty binkies that have fallen on the floor while we’re out and I have just chucked into the pocket, or little juice bottles and sippy cups, etc.

I love that I can use these outside pockets for common things that I would hate to dig through a diaper bag for every time I need them.  It frees up the inside of the bag to hold bigger things that I may not need all the time, but that I don’t want to leave at home.  I usually have a receiving blanket, an extra change of clothes, a couple burp cloths (for easy clean up of messes while we’re out), disposable place mats for eating out, a few bibs, a couple favorite toys, and a little wrap that holds 3-5 diapers and a small pack of diaper wipes.

Now, in the beginning of my pregnancy, my mom suggested that I register for two diaper bags.  One larger, fairly traditional diaper bag like the one I’ve shown you, but she thought I should also register for a second, smaller diaper bag to use for shorter little trips when I don’t want to lug a huge diaper bag.  I took her advice and I registered for this bag that compliments my larger bag:

This one is the matching Baby Einstein ABC diaper bag (Target, $19.99).  I found mine at Target when I was pregnant, but no one is carrying the bag this year – even Walmart.  I found it online this morning at NetKidsWear.com through a Google search.  But the thing is that I didn’t actually end up carrying this bag.  I ended up carrying the free gift that Similac Formula gave me in the hospital!  Really, it was the perfect size and style for an everyday bag.  I can’t find it online to show you a picture and mine is in Chris’ car right now with Bean Man, so I can’t even take a picture of it for you.  But it is about the same size as the one above and its a hobo style bag.  It only has one deep pocket in the center and then a large pocket on the outside, along with two separate bottle-holding pockets on each end.

I use this diaper bag for short trips to the grocery store, out to restaurants, if I’m taking Bean with me shopping for a little while, etc.  Short little trips where I don’t need EVERYTHING.  I just take what I need out of my large diaper bag and put it in this one and I’m ready to go.  I usually pack my diaper case, a few small hand toys, a pack of Cheerios, a juice bottle or sippy cup, a lot of binkies, a bib, and a burp cloth.  The great thing about this diaper bag is that it is solid black and being the hobo style, it sort of looks like a giant purse.  So, I usually just throw my wallet, keys, and cell in there and my diaper bag becomes all I have to take.

Looking back, I would totally still register for the two diaper bags.  I love my large tote and would recommend it to anyone who likes a wide-open style purse or diaper bag.  But I don’t know that I would even register for a smaller bag the second time around.  After using the free tote, I think probably just a bigger cute purse would be better for short trips than paying for a separate diaper bag.

Anybody else have any thoughts on the one vs. two diaper bag thing?  And what do you do about your purse?

Be sure to check back later today as I continue reviewing products from my baby registry.  Next up:  Our pack ‘n play!

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18 Thoughts to “A Look Back at My Registry: My Diaper Bag”

  1. El

    I have two bags, which is not what I started out with but it is now what I love. I have a big diaper bag that I mainly use for trips and full day outings which I had been using all the time. But then my wonderful cousin sent me a purse for Christmas – it’s a big open purse with one pocket made of fabric. It is big enough for everything I need, but so much smaller than my big diaper bag. I sometimes throw my wallet, keys, and phone in for quick trips. It has made life much easier.

  2. We have an Eddie Bauer diaper bag and I hate it. It is too big and doesn’t really fit in the bottom of our stroller. We got a different diaper bag from the hospital but Aaron doesn’t like that one…ugh. I hate that freakin’ bag…

  3. I’m in so much trouble when I have kids…all I carry now are totes I can’t imagine when I have to lug their stuff around too. That and I love bags I mean love them. I change my purse all the time so I’m thinking variety would be good. Likely the big version and small version will work for me. I think I’d like to get ones that I can always put my stuff in too but then I might be using a rolling suitcase everywhere I go. 🙂
    Did you look at the guys diaper bags for Chris?

    1. Katie

      We didn’t really look at the diaper bags for me, mostly because of the cost of adding another diaper bag to our mix. But also because he wasn’t too particular. If he had cared more about it, I might have taken it a little more seriously.

  4. Okay, that large tote is adorable – I’d be tempted to carry it around as a purse.

    And given how much junk I lug around, It’d probably come in handy.

  5. Oh geeze, I have five diaper bags. Is that too many? I like to change them out from time to time (and I may also be obsessed with bags).

    The one I carry most often is a Vera Bradley super big tote (the “Vera” bag) I got as a gift. It has lots of pockets (on the inside though) which is really helpful.

    I have a small one that came from Motherhood Maternity because it was hot pink and paisley and good for short trips like you mentioned.

    I also use a Vera Bradley “Cargo Sling” bag for shorter trips. It’s really good if I know I’ll be carrying Bink a lot because it goes across my chest.

    The one I carry least often is the actual diaper bag I picked out. It’s a Baby Phat pink and silver sparkly thing. I love it, it just isn’t as functional as the others.

    I did buy a “manly” one (from Ross) that was actually a laptop bag in a rugged design because Hubby wanted one he’d want to carry. He’s never used it once. I pack Bink’s clothes in it for traveling, it’s his baby suitcase now.

    And when we’re doing a super quick trip, I just throw a diaper, wipes, and baby spoon in my purse and hope for the best!

  6. I’ve used three bags now. The free bag from the hospital is the one I like the best, but it’s so ugly- black-I plan to do what you suggested and just get a big hobo, cute purse. Black isn’t fun for summer months. The other two I’ve used are just a large tote bag and the Eddie Bauer weekender. It’s big, but doesn’t seem to hold a ton.

  7. We have a bag that I hate using. It’s too big to carry around, yet doesn’t really fit everything I want to put in it. It’s like bulky in all the wrong places. Boo. I only pack it when my Ellery goes to her grandparents for the evening or something.

    When I registered I thought I’d want a diaper bag that I could fit a small purse or wallet into, but now I do the opposite–I have a large purse (just a simple hobo bag) with my stuff in it, then a smaller pouch that I keep the clean diapers & wipes in. I can just add the diaper pouch plus a nursing cover, some snacks, a burp cloth/bib, and whatever else into the purse when we’re going out together, and take those thing out when I’m alone. It’s a soft-sided loose bag, so it collapses down to very small when all the other stuff is out. Works for us!

  8. Keith

    My first child is on the way and we will have at least 2 diaper bags. My wife will have one (probably from Etsy) and I am getting a very cool, hip and trendy Daddy Diaper Bag. It is made by Diaper Dude I believe and is plain black messenger style bag, with oodles of pockets. Oh yeah! (and yes I said oodles)

    1. Katie

      Congrats on your man bag, Keith. And your correct usage of “oodles” in a sentence. 🙂

  9. i have a few bags that i switch around. i think it’s mostly because i get bored easily, i do the same thing with furniture, my husband will walk in and not even recognize out living room, hehe 🙂 I’ve only bought one of the diaper bags myself, the rest were gifts or makeshift bags.
    * I have and eddie bauer tote, which was our original for our son, it holds a lot but it kinds heavy and bulky.
    * I had a cute little quilted diaper bag but i used it so much it fell apart.
    * another small bag which stays in the car with a few essentials incase i go brain dead one day. (it’s come in handy many times)
    * another tote that we got when our daughter was born, it worked out great on our recent trip, i packed it with diapering needs and meds so it was all in the same place and we could find them quickly
    * i have two diaper bags from the hospital (one from each pregnancy) they are different designs and they come in handy
    * and the bag i bought which i got to double as a purse if i needed it to, it’s cute and fun and holds all i need for both of the kids

    i also have various bags for bottles, snacks and food. i think all but two of them were also similac/enfamil freebies from the OB office.
    it’s hard to find a bag that works for you without some trial and error and i don’t think that most people would be able to get away with only one bag

    1. oh and i always try to use one bag for a diaper bag and my purse, it’s just more convenient and less stressful for me

  10. In the beginning, I used a Skip Hop Duo bag, which I love because it has a strap designed to hang from the stroller, called Shuttle Clips but it also has a longer strap for carrying. When Alice got older, and I needed to carry more stuff around for her, I got a Stella McCartney Everyday Bag, which is not a diaper bag but it came with a detachable pouch that was just the right size for holding a few diapers and a pack of wipes. When I went to the bathroom to change her, I could just take the pouch with me and leave the bag behind at the table or wherever. But the point is, that there are a lot of bags out there that are not diaper bags per se but they work well as one!
    I also have a SkipHop saddlebag for our travel stroller. Because our travel stroller is so light, the saddle bag is perfect because it won’t tip the stroller over but it holds a bunch of diapers, a pack of wipes, my wallet/keys/phone, a sippie cup and some snacks. I keep it on the stroller, then when I go to the supermarket or the mall, I just dump my stuff in the saddle bag and leave the big diaper bag in the car or the trunk.

  11. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

    The bag that we have been using for the past 1.5 years is a Columbia brand “backpack” that my husband picked out from Babies R Us. It is way too big so now I have found the perfect small diaper bag on http://www.etsy.com @ http://www.etsy.com/shop/DandyBag?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_campaign=Share. I love my new diaper bag that is monogramed with my little one’s name. I keep it in the car!

  12. Rebekah M.

    i didn’t really use diaper bags for very long – and soon, i doubt you will either. i hated having so many bags, since i had a purse too! so, when Connor was about 12 months, i bought a stephen joseph backpack & started using that. eventually, the kiddo won’t need a change of clothes & a blanket & extra pacis & the list goes on. In his backpack we have diaper/wipes, a sippy cup, a snack, and still a bit of room for something else. its small and nice and if i don’t want to carry it, he’s usually into having his “backpack with his homework in it.” for vday the boyfriend bought me the vera bradley all-in-one wallet which holds cash/cards/coin & a cell phone! plus it has a wristlet on it, so it can just be tossed in with the rest of your junk 🙂 hope this helps you in the future!!


    (SJ quilted backpack)

  13. I am in the midst of a bag crisis. My husband bought me a great new dslr with a huge Cannon backpack to go with it. Since I didn’t want to carry three bags (purse, diaper bag, camera backpack), I’ve been trying to fit everything into the camera backpack. But I don’t love it. And I have three other diaper bags…large and small eddie bauer and a bumble bag, which I love but is a little big if you aren’t going to attach it to a stroller.

  14. Liz, JM, Leo, and Rosie

    We use a Deuter backpack (small black and grey – very hiker/sporty looking). Both JM and I carry it around town. It fits both kids stuff but it’s not huge at all – plus it goes on my back and does not fall off. Shoulder bags do not work for me, as I am mother to the fastest, most active toddler on the planet and now have his baby sister to carry too. It has really good pockets and mesh pockets on the outside that carry an umbrella or a sippy cup, etc.

    I love it. It would be fun to have a cute hobo bag, but my life is just too active and it would drive me bonkers to have a shoulder bag.

    As for a purse – I don’t use one – my diaper bag IS my purse at the moment. I just transfer keys/wallet/phone to jacket when I don’t need the backpack for quick trips out.

  15. al

    I was also sad when I saw the bigger baby Einstein bag wasn’t at Target any more and it’s actually not at Walmart anymore either… Searching for it is how I came across your blog so it looks like it’s unavailability has had a bonus outcome 🙂 But I did just find it on amazon http://www.amazon.com/Baby-Einstein-Tall-Multi-Stripe/dp/B001FSDO72 🙂 Thanks for all the great posts 🙂

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