Bean’s Birthday at Disney: Part Two

Our visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for Bean’s first birthday was as perfect as a fun day can be.  We had friends who told us that we should head right to the safari ride as soon as we got to the park to beat to lines.  For this ride, you climbed into a big safari vehicle and headed out through the jungle and into the open wildlife of the African plains.

The animals were free roaming through this park of the park and there was nothing between you and them.  It was like being on the other side of the fence at the zoo.

There were also lions, but we got so excited we forgot to get pictures of them.  My Mom was really excited about those guys.

After the safari, we headed over to the Lion King show.  You have to be there half an hour early to get a seat, so we hung out under the mister fans while we waited.  And trust me, it was worth the wait because a) Bean loved the show and b) it was air conditioned.

The show itself was really neat.  They had actors who sang some of the songs and told the story of the Lion King.  They also had acrobats who did a few acts pretending to be monkeys up in trees.  Bean loved all the lights and costumes and he danced right along with the music.  The show was about half an hour long and he sat through the whole thing like a little champ.

When the show ended, we were kicked back out into the heat of the day just in time to head to lunch at The Rainforest Cafe.  I had called ahead weeks earlier and made a lunch reservation for us and made arrangements for our cake.  They were so cooperative and helpful there!  We were allowed to bring in our cake and even a box of party decorations for the lunch.  When we got to the park that morning, as we were all picking up our tickets, my Dad dropped the box of goodies and the cake off at the restaurant and they held it for us until our lunch reservation.  When we got to the table, they had laid out our party decorations already for us.  It was so easy and made our lunch very personal and a lot of fun.

For the birthday lunch, we had safari hats and animal print leis.  I was worried that no one would wear them, but everyone – including our waiter!! – put their hats and leis on right away and wore them happily through the whole lunch!

About 20 minutes after we got to the restaurant, Bean and his Grandmomma Jackie took a little walk around to see all the decorations.  They had big gorillas and panthers and monkeys hanging from life-sized trees all over the restaurant.  And about every 10 minutes, the rainforest would thunder and lightening (just a lot of blinking lights really) and the animals would make all kinds of noise.  It was so neat!  But all that visual stimulation after a morning of fun in the sun made for one tired Beanie and half way through their walk around the restaurant, Bean fell right asleep.

So, he snoozed while we ate.  But when the meal was over, he was still snoozing and we had a whole birthday cake for him!  We went ahead and told the waiter to bring out the cake anyway and we’d just eat without him so we could get back out to the park.  But when the waiter brought the cake out, the whole wait staff sang happy birthday to him really quietly while he slept!!  It was so cute and funny!!

After a great lunch, we headed out to the other side of the park so that the adults could ride Mount Everest, the only real roller coaster in Animal Kingdom.  My mom and I stayed with Bean (because neither of us like roller coasters) and we strolled around while they rode the ride.  On our strolls, we found this part of the park called DinoLand.  It was made to look like an old carnival and they had a flying triceratops ride that Bean could do so as soon as Chris got back from Mount Everest and could hold our stuff, Mom, Bean, and I climbed on up and had a little dino spin!

It was about 3:30 and the Disney parade started at 3:45, so we headed over to the parade route after this and got a good seat front and center.  The only problem?  It started pouring in the middle of the parade (which is why I don’t have any pictures!).  We decided to stay out in the rain through because it was so much cooler.  Bean hung out in his stroller under his umbrella, so he didn’t get too soaked, but the rest of us got drenched and, let me tell you, it was awesome.

By now it was about 4:00 and we decided to fit in one more show before we headed out, so he went to Finding Nemo The Musical.  For this show, you had to be there half an hour early, too, but you got to wait in the air conditioning.  Bean liked that part.  He chilled for a little bit.

Until Aunt Annie started picking at him.

She can’t help it.  It’s what aunts do.  They pick at you when you’re trying to take a nap.  It’s part of their Aunt Contract.

Finding Nemo was a little different than the Lion King because it was up on an actual stage.  Bean loved it though.  We had aisle seats right down front and the characters and fish “swam” right by us throughout the show.  It was really neat and Bean sat through this whole show, too, clapping and dancing right along with the cast of fish.

By the time we got out of this one, the park was about to close so we called it a day and headed back to the Rainforest Cafe to collect our leftover cake and to have a little snack before heading home.  At this point, it was almost 7:00pm and we had been at the park since 8:00 that morning.  We were sure that Bean was about to just keel right over.  But he had a great time in the bar area of the restaurant, dancing and having a little snack.

That face is Bean singing while he eats.  And by singing I mean squealing to the beat of the music.

He was having so much fun, I made sure to get it on video because he was too blurry from moving around so much when I tried to take his picture!

All in all, we had a great time at Animal Kingdom.  I was worried that Bean might be a little too young to be able to enjoy everything the park had to offer, but there really wasn’t too much that he couldn’t do in some form or another.  It was the perfect day of fun and family to celebrate Bean’s first year!


Be sure to check out Chris’ thoughts on our Animal Kingdom adventure over in The Man Cave today!


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19 Thoughts to “Bean’s Birthday at Disney: Part Two”

  1. 1. I am so mad that my parents never took me to Disney.
    2. The pic of Bean singing and eating is priceless.
    3. What if my future children are never as cute as Bean? It’s a true fear.
    4. I think we need daily videos of Bean. Him bouncing around and clapping is just too cute.

  2. What a great birthday bash. I’ve been to Disney 2x. I time when I was a baby and don’t remember and another time when I was older and it was the most amazing time of my life! Yay for amusement parks.

    I’m looking forward to another ask MC. I love when you guys do this. Be prepared for some questions from me on how to handle wife and mother-in-law not getting along and what to do with that situation when we start having kids.

  3. Sarah H.

    Yay, what an awesome day!! I’ve never been to Animal Kingdom, Disney is so wonderful that it can fun for ages one to adults!

    1. Sarah H.

      I forgot to say I loooooooooooved the hats and leis!

  4. what an awesome day! it makes me want to have MY next birthday at Animal Kingdon!

  5. Bean is what I call A HAPPY BABY< he knows he is loved, he feels loved and HE KNEW IT WAS HIS BIRTHDAY!!. What an awsome birthday celebrations, I’m so glad you had a good time! I’ll try to be at the live chat..

  6. What an incredible day, and he did awesome. I can’t believe he was still singing after all that! What a trooper.

  7. You and PW are just doing everything you can to convince people to visit Disney, aren’t you? Well, that’s really far away for some of us, stop taunting! And Bean is clearly destined to be a professional dancer – that bouncing will evolve any day now into a contemporary routine.

  8. So glad you had a nice day for Bean’s birthday! Animal Kingdom is one of my favorites. Just hearing about your experience at Rain Forest Cafe and seeing the child care center (all those changing tables!) makes me want to go back right now. We were just down there for a family vacation in March, and we definitely didn’t take enough advantage of the “magic of Disney.” Happy belated Birthday to Bean and congrats on making it through 1 year as parents. P.S. His birthday is the same as my anniversary, my sister’s birthday and my parents anniversary. It’s quite a good day!

  9. Jessica

    Sounds like a great time!! I’ve been to Disney a couple times but never Animal Kingdom– really makes me want to convince my fiance to take us back there soon! 🙂
    I do love the Rain Forest Cafe- something about the craziness of it makes it so fun

  10. Aw I wanna go to Disney! My birthday is August 5th, will you take me Kaaaatttiiieeee pppleeeeeaaaaaseee? =) (puppy dog eyes and cute smile… shoot, maybe that only works on MY mom!)

  11. Diana

    Looks like a very fun 1st birthday celebration! Bean looks like such a happy baby. Loved the video, too!

  12. Jess McEwen

    I absolutely love the safari leis. You should have a “giveaway” where someone wins a safari lei!! Just kidding…. Sort of.

  13. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the picture of Bean singing! He’s so funny. =) Glad to hear that you guys had a super day. One more “Happy birthday!” for Bean!

  14. AW….I love how much fun he had! Too cute 🙂

  15. What a fantastic day for Bean! I’m not having a very good morning, but this post cheered me up immensely.
    And the waiters singing to him while he slept! So sweet.

  16. Bean Man’s got some moves!! 🙂

    It is so awesome that y’all were able to celebrate his first birthday there. And that he had such a great day. Q-Tip amazes me like that all the time. I dread a full day of site seeing in DC or something like that and it usually turns out that she breezes right through the day without a care in the world. I think we are blessed with good babies!


  17. So cute! I love how your mom is making a cute face for the photos 🙂 I wish my parents had taken me to Disney and documented it like you have. Bean is one lucky baby!

  18. Hubby and I were there in Feb and it was so much fun. We did the safari thing first and I thought that was the best adventure! Hubby didn’t want to do the shows, but I wish we would have. Then we went to the Magic Kingdom and I think we were the only ones there without kids.

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