Christmas Week, Part Two

Thursday night after the ladies of the family had pampered ourselves silly and the boys had destroyed each other on the golf course, there was a mysterious knock at the door…


And who should appear from the Big Man himself!


My Dad slipped out at some point and didn’t tell anyone about his surprise visit. It was awesome!




Since we had been so sick in the weeks leading up to Christmas, we hadn’t had a chance to take Bean to see Santa this year and I was pretty bummed about that. But now, here he was standing in our living room! Bean didn’t know what to think!


But he warmed up significantly to the Big Guy when Santa pulled out a little present for him.



Santa and Bean sat together for a few minutes and Santa told him what a good boy he had been this year. Then, after giving Bean his present, Santa had to get back to his reindeer, so he said his goodbye’s.


It was such a sweet treat for our whole family! And even for other kids in the neighborhood since Santa made his rounds to other families that night, too. It was a great night!

The next night was Christmas Eve and our family packed up and moved from my parent’s house a little over an hour outside of Orlando, to our house so that Bean could have Christmas morning at his house. We were worried Santa might not be able to find him if he wasn’t home! It was quite a feat to move all our Christmas presents from Mom and Dad’s to my house, but once we all got settled, it made our home look so Christmassy!



Another reason we came to our house was so that we could go to the Christmas Eve service at our church because Chris, Bean, and I had been asked to do a reading, a prayer, and to light the Advent candles during the 5:00pm service.



After church, we had a little family photo session outside in the courtyard. We are so seldom all spiffed up and lookin’ good at the same time, so we grab a camera whenever that happens!






When we got home after church, my Dad went to work on finishing our Christmas Eve dinner while the rest of us change into our PJ’s.




And Chris’ sister, Annie joined the group. She spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with us, too.


In our family, we do Christmas with my Grandma on Christmas Eve. Then she spends the night with us and in the morning after Santa presents, she heads up to Atlanta to spend Christmas afternoon with my mom’s brother’s family. So, after church and while dinner was cooking, we did our Christmas with Grandma.

She gave GREAT gifts this year (she usually does, but this year was extra good!). She gave Bean these embroidered towels for his bathroom. I LOVE that she put Beanie on them instead of Michael! It makes me giggle!


But the big hit that night was Bean’s new table and chairs for his bedroom.


It’s a Crayola table and the whole thing is erasable for easy clean up if Bean gets a little crazy with his arts and crafts. Bean loved the small little chairs that were just his size. So did Chris.




After a big ham dinner, we all headed to bed so that Santa could come in the morning…

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20 Thoughts to “Christmas Week, Part Two”

  1. Looks like a wonderful family Christmas! And a little besides the point, I love your red shoes with that gray dress!
    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  2. Aw, what a sweet surprise from your Dad! That had to have meant a lot to Bean. And as always, such cute family pictures!

  3. That is a stylin’ maternity dress Miss Katie – you look amazing.

  4. Jen c

    Love it, love it, love it. What a beautiful family (and a great looking baby bump!).

  5. dyanna

    LOVE all of it!!! I do have to say though Katie…you look more excited to see Santa than Bean!!! Haha!!

  6. Dawn

    Where in the WORLD did Santa put his presents? Or did he deliver some of them early????? Your house looks a LOT like ours for Christmas!!

  7. Was it weird I assumed the big man was going to be J. Edgar Hoover?

  8. I loved that Santa came for a visit. I have many memories of my dad or uncle dressing up as santa!

  9. Ashley

    You look great! Glad Bean got to meet Santa after all. I’m hoping there is a part 3! 🙂

  10. Crystal

    Beautiful family. You seem to work so well together. Being married young
    is no easy task, handling it with ease and grace takes work and a couple of secrets
    . I married
    at the ripe old age of 21 and my husband
    was 24. We have been together
    four years and hit some very rough patches along the way. Where it was make it or break it
    . Fortunately we worked together and made it.

  11. Carrie

    OMG Katie!! I am loving your red shoes… Where did you find those?? I have been dying to get a pair and can’t find any cute ones!!

  12. Awesome santa surprise, reminds me of the Buck Owens song – “Santa looked a lot like Daddy”

    Happy Holiday, Katie 🙂

  13. Meredith

    Sounds like a fabulous Christmas Eve!!! 🙂

  14. Everyone keeps commenting about your shoes…I’ll have to go back and check them out. Holy cow, you guys had a lot of presents!!!

  15. katie.
    you look stunningly beautiful in all these photos! what a radiant pregnant woman you are! i am so jealous, because when i am pregnant i look like a giant moose.
    you seriously look so happy and your true glorious self during all these christmas festivities- i hope you felt God’s love for you as you celebrated with family.
    happy new year!

  16. The picture of Chris lighting the candle and Bean looking so handsome with his little hands clasped KILLS ME. Adorable. I also cannot handle JM’s holiday tie. Hehehe. Oh, and how sweet is your dad….I mean Santa???

  17. Oh my gosh I LOVE your baby bump! You look so cute!!!!!! Obviously Christmas is awesome too but you look adorable!!!

  18. I’m so happy you had a very merry christmas. When I first saw the stocking that reads “Michael”, it took me a few minutes to figure out whose stocking that was.

  19. I third your killer red shoes. I hope they are in your regular rotation, because they’re awesome, and should be worn at every opportunity! Thank goodness for good times with good family! Merry Christmas!

  20. It is totally unfair that your entire family is so damn attractive! I swear–not fair!

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