Bean’s Christmas Presents, Part Two

I’m continuing today reviewing Bean’s Christmas presents. I think it’s safe to say that Bean’s favorite Christmas present this year were these incredibly large Buzz and Woody stuffed dolls from Nana and Granddad. My mom said she found these on a clearance rack at Walmart and picked them up as just a little something extra for him. Little did we know that in the weeks leading up to Christmas, Bean would be on a HUGE Toy Story kick. So, when he opened these giant things, it was like Buzz and Woody had literally walked right into our living room.




For the rest of the day, wherever Bean went, Buzz and “Woo Woo” were never too far away.




Bean is really into stuffed animals right now. He likes to carry them around and then sit them up next to him whenever he stops to do something. I also hear him talking to them, which makes me wonder if he is starting to pretend things now. I love seeing him use toys that encourage his imagination. And the bigger the stuffed animal, the better to Bean. He likes life-sized things and so Buzz and Woody were perfect for him!

Another big hit this Christmas was the Little Tykes plastic rocking horse he got from Nana and Granddad.



It’s such a simple toy (in fact, I had this exact same horse when I was little and it hasn’t changed in 28 years…), but the simplicity is what makes it so great. Bean loves it! He can really get it rocking!



My parents focused this year on getting Bean toys that required HIM to do most of the work. There weren’t too many electronics and I don’t think one toy required batteries. They wanted toys that let him dictate how to play because they thought that would encourage his imagination and his creativity. And I’m so glad they made that choice. The gifts Bean got were all simple, age appropriate, and so thoughtful. It was a good reminder to me as a parent that the greatest gift I can give Bean is the independence and ability to create his own little creative worlds. That’s something he’ll always be able to play with – no matter where he is or what he’s doing.

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13 Thoughts to “Bean’s Christmas Presents, Part Two”

  1. I love the giant Buzz and Woody! They are perfect! And I love how Bean took them everywhere with him. So cute!

  2. G-Grandma

    What fun to have a great-grandson like
    “The Bean.” Sweet, sweet, sweet!

  3. Sarah H.

    Perfect! Great ideas 🙂 Bean is such a cutie, he looks like he had a BLAST.

  4. Your parents are smart people! These are the types of toys that encourage a child to be creative and to enhance their imagination. I have made it my goal to never buy a gift for my niece that uses batteries for the simple fact that I want her to be able to use her toys in the way she wants!

  5. Ashley

    That is a great idea your parents had. It’s so important to allow children to decide how to play, rather than instructing them!

  6. Tressa

    My daughter had one of those rocking horse…….but oh like 20 years ago!!!!! Looks like Bean Man is going to enjoy his just like my daughter enjoyed hers! He is such a cute guy, Katie!

  7. Nate's Mom

    Pure joy! 🙂

  8. Courtney

    My husband commented that almost none of my son’s toys required batteries to work. A couple of them have buttons you push for sounds, but to actually play with them he has to do the work. I think this is best for kids. It forces them to used their imaginations and pretend play. If Bean is anything like my son he’ll want to carry Woody and Buzz everywhere with him for all of eternity.

  9. Amen on the toys with no batteries. It is a rule in our house. Those toys with all the buttons and blinking lights seem great… for about 10 minutes. But books, blocks, stuffed animals, rocking horses, etc. will keep kids’ attention for hours. Bean got some great stuff!

  10. Sarah

    I love the Woody and Buzz dolls. They’re as big as Bean which is so stinkin’ cute!

  11. I totally agree that toys with minimal automatic functions are best for kids. And they seem to enjoy them for much longer, too. Our house was full of trucks and books of all kinds on Christmas morning. And no scrambling for batteries!

  12. It’s so cool to see Bean up and so active. I love that he’s talking to his animals and working his imagination.

    Ugh. My ovaries.

  13. My sister and I had life-sized dolls that we slept with when we were growing up. Bean’s new friends brought back some good memories! I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and wanted to say “thank you” for this blog. It really has helped me out and made me laugh when I needed it the most.

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