The Teeth Are Coming!

“Gracie,” I said. “Can we talk for a minute about your attitude lately?”



“Your dad and I are a little concerned about some of your behaviors. You haven’t been eating very much during the day, which means you’re waking up at night again. And you seem to be crying…like…a LOT.”

“Well, my mouth hurts, Mom,” Gracie said.

“That’s because you’re cutting teeth, Sweetums, but that doesn’t mean you need to be so…so…so…”

“Aggressive?” Gracie suggested.


“Aggressive? Where’d you learn that word?”

“Dad said I was aggressive.”

“He did?” I asked.

“Yep,” she said. “I was screaming one night and he said, ‘Gracie, you’re so aggressive when you’re angry!'”

“Oh,” I said. “Well, I wouldn’t really use the word aggressive. I’d say you’re more…um…well…”

“Pissy?” Gracie offered.


“Oh, Gracie! Don’t say that! You aren’t pissy!”

“Yes, I am.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Yeah, Mom,” she laughed. “I really am.”


“Well, if you know you’re pissy, then why are you pissy? Can we do something to make you unpissy?”

“Nah,” she said. “I’m not really pissy in my heart.”

“That’s good, I guess.”

“Yeah, I’m just pissy to get your attention. Cause I like you.”


“So, let me get this straight,” I said. “You’re pissy to let me know that you like me?”

“Yep. Well, and because I want you to know my teeth hurt. What’s the point in being in pain if you can’t let everyone around you know you are in pain?”


“Well, you have made your pain clearly known, my dear. So, do you think you could give the crying thing a rest?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “The crying thing has been working for me lately.”

“Yeah, but it is NOT working for me and your dad,” I argued.

“Okay, fine,” she sighed. “But I’m still going to do the waking up in the middle of the night thing.”


“WHAT?!?! WHY?!?!” I shrieked.

“Cause I like you, Mom,” Gracie said. “And I miss you in the middle of the night.”

“I miss you, too, Tubby, but you don’t see me crying and waking you up in the middle of the night, do you?”

“No…” Gracie said. “I guess not.”

“So, let’s make a pact that we’ll sleep straight through the night in order to make morning get there faster so we can see each other again.”

“Okay, Mom,” Gracie said sarcastically. “Whatever you say…”


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28 Thoughts to “The Teeth Are Coming!”

  1. Precious pictures!!!! I would just love on her all day.

  2. Aww she is getting cuter and cuter every day. I love her orange outfit!

  3. Claire

    Oh! She looks so much like Bean in the last pic!

  4. Those pics are absolutely adorable, and I live the dialogue!

  5. She’s so cute! And I love the conversations you have with Gracie!

  6. Well – at least you guys came to an understanding of sorts, right?

  7. Poor Gracie with her sore mouth 🙁 Hope some teeth pop through soon. Such an adorable girl 🙂

  8. She is precious! I love reading your blog 🙂

  9. I hope she sticks to the end of her deal there 🙂 Sleep is a good thing!

  10. I truly hope this is teething and not that pre teething crap that Sully did for 2 months. He would teethe hardcore for 4 days then nada for 4 days. Back and forth for 2 months. Finally at 7 months old, he finally has something to show for it 🙂

  11. I rarely, RARELY, laugh out loud at blog posts but when I got to the word “pissy” I sure did.

  12. I really love these conversation posts! And I have to say, I think Gracie is looking more & more like Bean. She’s such a cutie (they both are!).

  13. Melissa W.

    Gracie is such a cutie pie!!!! I live the convo’s u have with each other!! Have u ever tried Hylands teething tablets? They worked wonders for us- especially in the middle of the night because they would always knock my kids back out… Hope it gets better soon!

  14. What a smile! But also – what a sneaky face! I love how you caught her drumming her fingertips together… just waiting to start cackling. She just can’t help loving you so much… and if that cuteness = pissiness, then bring it on!

  15. Sara M

    Holy cow, does she look like Bean in that last picture! Too cute.

  16. Hehehe…look at her little face! She is such a nugget. Love those cheeks!

    She just knows how to get the attention and the reactions she wants…that’s all. 😉 She needs to teach me a few tips.

  17. I LOVE these conversations! She’s such a stinkin’ cutiepie… hope this round of teething ends quickly!

  18. Ha! I hope she gets out of pain quickly, but even hurting, she has the BEST baby grin! It will only get cuter once the choppers come in!

  19. tell ole Gracie girl to send some of her teeth over to Georgia to my 11 month old who BARELY has one poking through!! haha! shes adorable!

  20. Golly, you guys have the most beautiful children. I hope those teeth ease up on the poor girl a bit so she can ease up on you. She’s growing up so fast!

  21. Good luck! My baby five months and still not teething yet.

  22. Yeah, she is adorable, which has pretty much been covered. I die for her little face! And this made me laugh…a lot. 🙂 Fun read!

  23. Too cute!!!

    I don’t know if they are available in the States, I would assume they are, but those Amber & Hazelwood necklaces really work to help with teething! My sister has a 5 month old and notices an amazing difference when her daughter is wearing her necklace. And my daughter has one too, the hazelwood ones are great for relieving eczema itchiness. Good luck!

  24. Meredith J

    hehehe this made me giggle! 😀

  25. She’s so adorable Katie. I swear every time you post news pics she’s cuter!
    Also, I wanted to recommend getting Gracie a Baltic amber necklace. I know, you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking, “Yeah, sure, whatever you hippy” but I swear to you the thing saved my our sanity at our house (still does actually). The amber releases a natural form of succinic acid, which is a pain reliever and it works wonders. We still use it for my daughter (who is a few days younger than Bean) when she has growing pains.
    A great site is I hope you and Chris think about giving it a try. Lifesaver over here I tell ya!

  26. Kat

    No teeth here yet- phew. As for ms Gracie, I can’t get over her cuteness!!!!

  27. This kid is SO CUTE. And so self-aware: “I’m not really pissy in my heart.” Gah. Adorable!

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