Now, Where Was I?

Hello, Imaginary Friends! I feel like I walked away in the middle of our conversation about Thanksgiving! I’m sorry I disappeared. Cold season is upon our house and I’m not even talking about the kids. I have a raging ear infection and a sinus infection. Loads of fun, let me tell you. The weird part is that I don’t really seem too sick (except for the fact that my right ear feels like it’s filled with lava…). I just feel kind of crummy and run down.

I went to the doctor today and brought Bean with me because Chris had Gracie at the pediatrician for vaccinations (have I told you lately how thankful I am for health insurance?). Bean was awesome. I forget sometimes how fun it is to hang out with just him. He’s talking in full sentences now and saying the funniest thing. When the nurse handed him four Cars 2 stickers, Bean exclaimed, “I can’t believe it!” He then announced to the nurse and the doctor that his stickers were, in fact, Band Aids. He spent the next half hour as the doctor examined my ears (“mommy’s ear are broken” is how Bean put it) putting his “Band Aids” on his legs. He’s one entertaining little dude.

Anyway, enough about my broken ears.

I wanted to finish telling you about my awesome husband and the incredibly huge projection screen he put up in our backyard for the Florida State/Florida football game on Thanksgiving weekend. We had some friends over for a football party this past Saturday and I told Chris as we were planning that I was worried about where everyone would fit. We were expecting about 20 people and it would have been hard for everyone to see the game on the television.

“Maybe we could bring our television down from our bedroom and put it on the back deck and then people could watch inside or outside?” I suggested.

“Or maybe I’ll bring home the projection screen from my office!” Chris countered.

And so, he did.


This screen was massive. When Chris said it was big, that was such an understatement. It’s like the size of a billboard.


By the time our house filled up with family and friends that night, we had the football game on in our backyard so big that our neighbors could watch it from their backyards, too! (Though, they ended up coming over to our house instead…we had more beer…)











We stayed out in our backyard until after midnight that night. It was so much fun! I already have so many plans for that projection screen. Like, for Bean’s birthday, inviting people over to swim in the pool and watch a movie! Or, having a Christmas party and playing a Christmas movie out in the backyard during the party! So many options!

Every now and then it pays to be married to someone who is so creative, artistic, and smart. Life with Chris often feels bigger and better, but this time he made it bigger and better for other people, too!



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19 Thoughts to “Now, Where Was I?”

  1. alison g

    Looks like you all had an awesome time!

  2. I think you forgot the most important part….WE WON!!!!! But that is way awesome that Chris set that up!

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  3. I want a projection screen!! Although being that I live in MN it would probably get more use in the summer! FUN!

  4. I love the picture of Gracie sitting in the chair. She is getting so big!!

  5. ok, I’m not going to lie, that looks pretty awesome. This might give me an idea 🙂

  6. Rachel @ The Ongoing Planner

    Super jealous you can do something like this year round! We would have a couple months here in CO, but it can be so hit or miss with the weather. Looks like a blast!

  7. jenny-bird

    Kudos to Chris on setting up the projection screen. Your “House Divided” flag cracked me up. I hate that football season is coming to a close. SEC football brings friends and family, heck, even strangers, together like no other sport in the South can. (Looking toward the BCS Championship, Roll Tide Roll!)

  8. How awesome that your neighbors were cool with that! Ours would have called the cops immediately. Hope you feel better soon!

  9. Lisa

    Those last two photos are so sweet. Love that you were able to capture that. Projection screen was such an awesome idea!

  10. Looks like an awesome time, and I LOVE Gracie’s chair!

  11. Despite the AWFUL outcome to that game, it looks like you all had such a fun time! And, I LOVE Gracie’s belly! So cute!

  12. Katy

    Love those last two pictures of Chris and Bean…they are definitely frame worthy!! By the way if he could bring that screen north I could put it to good use for the OSU vs. Michigan game!!

  13. Again! Ryan Reynolds at your house!! How awesome!! **wink,wink***

  14. Nikki

    That looks like it was so much fun! What a great idea, too! I love all of the pictures! All of them! It looks like you guys had a blast!

  15. Today I am . . .
    -jealous of your weather.
    -jealous of your projection screen.
    -NOT jealous of your ear.

  16. What fun! We’ve often talked about projecting a movie onto the side of the barn. After seeing your set-up, and all the friends together, I really want to try it!

  17. Grandma B.

    Have I ever told you that . . . . well, I’ll tell you both, again, how much joy it is to be your grandma!

  18. Suzanne

    First of all, Gracie girl is cute as pie and I love her outfit 🙂 Bean is so adorable as per usual, unfortunately his FL outfit is unbearable 😉

    It looks like you guys had a great time! I told my hubs that we need a projection screen as well. Chris is so creative, even if he is a Fl fan. Way to go Chris! and…GO NOLES!

  19. Kat

    Your party looks like heaven – seriously, the food, the screen, I’m so jealous. Esp of your back yard. It’s about 30 degrees here, in case you miss CT.

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