Little Random Confessions

1. I hate wearing pants. I usually wear skirts or dresses to work, and on the days when I absolutely must wear pants (usually laundry days), I take them off the second I get in the house and walk around pantless until the doorbell rings or I have to go out to the mailbox to get the mail.

2. I am in training for a 10k that I am running in November. This has been week one of an eight-week program. I’m doing the training so early just in case I can’t make it through the first time and need to start over again. So far it’s been easier than my normal running schedule because it requires I have rest days. Today was a rest day. My calves said, “Thank you!” I also have plans to run a 15k in early February with my mother-in-law and then the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon with Sarah at the end of February. I’m telling you this now so that I can’t back out. I’m actually SUPER excited.

3. My classes (8th grade) are writing a research paper this quarter on a topic related to the 1960’s. In a discussion earlier this week, we brainstormed what we knew about the 60’s. Here is a list of things my students thought took place during the 1960’s: World War 1, World War 2, silent movies, Bon Jovi, Vanilla Ice, parachute pants, horse and buggies, and President Clinton. I’m really looking forward to reading their papers.

4. I tried to get Chris to let me interview him for my blog post tonight, but he would not cooperate. We call that a classic UCH. Un-Cooperative Husband.

5. Every night while I blog on he couch, I try to get Chris to rub my feet. And every night he resists and objects for half an hour before finally giving in. But then he rubs them for about 2 minutes and stops. It’s such a tease. Doesn’t he know my feet need more of a commitment from him!?!?!

6. Whenever I schedule blog posts to post automatically (which doesn’t happen all that often, incidentally), I schedule it to post at 6:03am. I’m not sure why I chose that time, but it’s been 6:03am for a couple years now. Weirdness.

7. We are having a yard sale this weekend and are selling all of our baby equipment, like the swing and bouncer seat and all our activity mats. It makes me sad that I won’t be needing those things again. Which is why I asked Chris last night if we were sure we were absolutely done makin’ babies. He said yes and then asked if I was sure I was done havin’ babies. And I said I thought I was, but one more couldn’t be THAT much harder, right? We could, like, sneak another in and no one would even notice. Then I could rock another baby for a while. And that’s when Chris laughed that hysterical laugh he does when he violently disagrees with me but doesn’t want to fight and I laughed that laugh that I do when I know he’s right but just don’t want to admit it and we haven’t talked about it again. That’s some healthy communication right th’ar.

8. My mom pointed to Bean’s belly button (which he calls his “belly butt”) a couple weeks ago and said, “There’s a hole in your tummy!” and Bean replied very seriously, “I know. I have to fix it.” He makes me giggle.

9. I am in need of a jogging stroller. Does anyone have any recommendation? (By the way, if I end up getting one, this will be our THIRD stroller. That’s not normal, right?)

10. Sarah will be here to run with me at 5:30 tomorrow morning. We’re wearing matching running skirts, and I am fully prepared to yell out multiple times as we run, “DIRT IN THE SKIRT, MAY! DIRT IN THE SKIRT!” I have to go to bed now or my skirt won’t get out of bed in the morning.


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36 Thoughts to “Little Random Confessions”

  1. That video made me smile so much! My husband and I are silly with each other but we’ve only been married 2 years. You give me inspiration that we can still be silly and enjoy each other just as much later down the road. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I hear ya on the skirts thing. It’s what I look forward to most about summer in NE. Aside from my gym shorts, I give up pants from June until Labor day weekend.

  3. You will ROCK the half marathon! Its a fun distance and I have heard the Disney ones are the best because its fun scenery and FLAT courses! We have a BOB Revolution its the best but pricey.

  4. September

    I’m so excited that you’re doing a Disney run…they are the BEST!!! I started running to get my booty in shape after my son was born in Jan ’06 and a month or so in learned there was a 15K (what used to be called the Minnie Marathon) at WDW during a trip we already had planned. I signed up half expecting to walk most of it, but I ran it all and I was HOOKED!! Since then I’ve done a couple more 15K’s, the marathon and the Goofy a couple of times. I’ve done other half/full marathons here in Dallas (where I live) and they don’t compare. The staffing, organization and crowd support is amazing! And it’s Disney, how can you not be happy when running in Walt Disney World???

  5. September

    If you want to actually run with it I would only go with a baby jogger brand stroller. Yes, you can go cheaper or more high-tech with more gadgets, but those suckers last *forever* and have the smoothest glide of anything I’ve used. If it tells you something I got rid of all of my baby gear after #2 and the only thing I kept was my baby jogger (and, ironically, we’re planning to try for #3 in the fall, but I think it would send my husband over the edge to spend that much $$ on a duplicate stroller!)

  6. Ok, we have two kids and own 5 strollers, that’s after I got rid of two, it’s a sickness. Bob stroller is the best, they are pricey, but totally worth it. You could buy one used, they hold up really well. : ) Oh and you have inspired me to start running a tiny bit, actually I don’t think you could call it that YET (it’s more like fast walk, run, die, repeat), but if I don’t die then soon maybe I can say “running”…thanks, I think.

  7. 1. I’m a total “skirt girl”. I only wear pants (house pants or sweat pants) at home.

    3. Wow. Unbelievable. Hopefully they’ll surprise you in a good way.

    7. My husband and I decided we wanted a third baby when our 2nd was still really little. We tried for a few years, but never could get pregnant again. Turned out I now had (have) PCOS and was (am) infertile. I still wish sometimes that we could’ve had another. 🙁

  8. Lindsey

    LOVED this post. Seriously hilarious. And the video was priceless.

  9. Love it! The things that come out of little mouths are just great “I know! i have to fix it!” cracked me up!

  10. Tabs

    “There’s no crying in baseball!” LOVE that movie! In fact, and I know this will be weird, but lately the line from that movie that has been popping up in my head lately has been “Dotty, I married a plastic surgeon.” Makes me chuckle every time. Anywho…we have a BOB jogging stroller and we love it!

  11. Meghan

    Everyone has commented why BOBs are the best, but perhaps I can give you a reason why–if you plan on seriously running with a stroller, you’re going to want one whose front wheel can turn. The BOBs do that, though I’m sure there are others. We have a jogging stroller whose front wheel does not turn, and it is very hard to run with . Which is fine, because I don’t like running with my kids, so I’ve very rarely taken our jogging stroller jogging….but we do use it all the time on walks through the neighborhood!

  12. I am the SAME WAY about pants. I cannot stand to wear them! Glad I’m not alone! I’m about to purchase our FOURTH stroller. I’m getting the double bob for running for sure. :*( So pricey.

  13. HeatherM

    Have you ever heard of the hot chocolate 5k & 15k? I decided to run this as my first (and possibly last) 5k, as a 30th birthday present to myself to cross this off my bucket list. After you run, Ghiardelli hosts this amazing chocolate festival for all of the runners- its ny kind of 5k 🙂

  14. Christy

    1. I remember you wrote a post about not wanting the wee bean to see you naked when you forgot a towel for the shower. Now you confess that you don’t always wear pants…I am so proud of you! Pants are entirely overrated.
    2. I’m speechless! That is incredible. I’m just going to assume that getting started is the hardest part. Here is another run that might interest you:
    4. He seems kind of sad…I’m worried about him. : (
    7. You will get to rock your nephew! Just keep making Ginny have babies for awhile. You can have all the rocking/cuddles and none of the responsibility.
    10. I think it’s easier when you have a commitment to work-out with someone else. Hmm..maybe I need to find a local running group (preferably a free one).

  15. I am doing the Disney Princess Half next year too!! I did it this past February (but let’s be serious…I walked most of it due to injury caused by stupidity and lack of training) and had so much fun!! Making the outfits is truly the best part!

    I think I convinced my mom to fly from Montana and join me this year. I would love to get to meet up with you prior to the race!

  16. Nikki

    I love these posts! That video was so cute too. I want to get a jogging stroller too, even though I’m not pregnant, and really am not a fan of running. I figure that if I make myself run enough that I will eventually like it. Sounds reasonable, right?

  17. I LOVE the half marathon distance, I was going to do at least one a month before finding out I was pregnant, so now I’m going to stop when the heat starts beating down. Just remember it’s all about finishing. And you’ll have a blast.

    As for jogging strollers, my ultramarathon running (runs distances like 100mi in races) husband is picking ours out. I think he’s looking for one that I can use on the jeep roads I run on. So it will probably be way overkill for your needs.

    I really wish I lived locally to you. I would buy all your baby stuff. There’s a lady opening a kids consignment store near my house and she’s buying up all the good stuff at baby sales. She always gets there before I do too.

  18. I am SUPER excited about your running. I ran my first half marathon in February (the Rock N Roll half in St. Pete) and it was an amazing experience. My friend Callie ran the Princess and had a fantastic experience with that as well. She blogged a ton about it, but here’s two link for ya: and

    YAY running!!!

  19. Kristin

    First – the Disney princess half is SO MUCH FUN! Second – I have a BOB ironman and I love it. Viv loves it. It’s a definite win!

  20. Re: Number 3–wow, I’ve never felt older in my life. I wasn’t alive in the 60s, but at least I know what happened! And no, three strollers is not weird at all.

  21. I read some healthly living blogs and one,, ran the Princess 1/2 this year. She did several posts about it. Just thought you would like to know, so you could see someone’s experience first hand. Also, she sells running skirts and you might see something on her site you might like…

  22. Um, I think that was one of my very favorite videos that you’ve ever posted on here… and this pregnancy I totally strip my pants off by the time I get to the living room. That’s not weird at all, right? =)

  23. Lindsay

    I have the Joovy Zoom 360 and love it! I’ve been using it since my little girl was 6mo and she is now 18mo. It has shocks and the front wheel can lock into place or be unlocked and swivel as you maneuver your course. My jogging routs are anything but straight so i usually keep the front wheel on swivel. Highly recommend!

  24. You do know that selling your baby equipment at a garage sale is a sure fire way to get pregnant, right? I think it’s even in the What Not To Expect books. I only sold mine AFTER Rich had gotten the Big Snip and even so I still have the crib in storage. You can’t be too careful about these things.

  25. Melissa

    Love the video – you sound like such a teacher! “Just ONE MORE QUESTION” lol I say that ALL THE TIME to my students! I can’t wait to hear about your students’ papers, please make sure to share some of their topics with us =)

  26. We got a Schwin running stroller (spelling?) I have yet to use it so I’m not sure if I can give a recommendation since Aubrey is too little still. Way to go on all of your training! That’s awesome!

  27. Pants are lame. This is why being a girl is amazing.

  28. Kristi

    Congrats on the running! That is great! Are you going to run the Double Bridge Run in Pensacola (a 15k in early Feb)? (I hope it is because I’m going to run it, too!) It is a great run, and perfect for then running a half-marathon later that month. You can do it!

  29. You make me laugh. 🙂 And congratulations on keeping up with the running! That is some amazing discipline there, especially at that hour of the morning!

  30. Rachel @ The Ongoing Planner

    Yes! Some else that hates pants! My collection of winter dresses doubled this year so that helped a lot 🙂 And no more Katie babies?! SUPER sad face! 🙁 I totally understand (not from experience, but planning, those chillins are expensive!) And I think you are definitely part of my running inspiration. If you can do it and have two kids and work full time, I can totally do it! No half marathons for me though. Lol. I am doing a 5 mile tomorrow though, with the anticipation that my girls and I won’t run it all but have fun in the process!

  31. We have the Peg Perego GT3 and it’s awesome. That thing has taken a few big hits and it’s still perfect. I love wearing skirts on the weekend. It’s nice to feel like a girl after wearing shapeless scrubs all week.

  32. Ann

    We love the Baby Jogger. We ended up with the Elite. The summit’s tires were VERY large. With the elite, I can fold and unfold with one hand, and Charlie on my hip. You can lock, and unlock the front wheel. We didn’t like the Bob, because it was harder to get it in and out of the car. I agree with the other reader that the dang Baby Jogger is so sturdy you could save big and buy a used one of Craig’s List.

  33. sunny

    I have the schwinn double, and looooove it! the front wheel locks or swivels (it should be locked when jogging, or the swivel could cause it to flip). Its super light with great shocks for the kids and has speakers for an ipod…. music to distract the kiddos always helps. Jogging with a stroller is a much harder workout 🙂

  34. Jessica

    We have a Bob stroller and LOVE it. It’s the best running stroller and you can get it in a double. They’re expensive but so worth it. We found a great deal on our on Ebay.

  35. Brittany

    Bob stroller all the way!! LOVE my bob. They hold up great, last forever and hold their resale value when you’re done with it 😉

  36. Michelle I

    I highly recommend the BOB…it’s a small fortune, but so worth it. I started out with a Baby Trend Expedition; but the wheel fell off while I was jogging and the stroller tumbled over with my baby in it! Needless to say, I should have just bought the BOB right off the bat, it would have been cheaper than the ambulance ride and the ER bills from the “good deal” stroller.

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