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10 Thoughts to “Pita Chips”

  1. kk

    this is defiitely a man’s cave post….haha

  2. My husband makes the best pita chips. He buys pita bread, cuts it up into triangles, covers the triangles in spices and olive oil and then bakes them until they are slightly browned. They taste SO good out of oven and it might even save you a few pennies. Try it some time!

  3. Leslie

    I know right?! Last week I tried to find almond milk, which was not by the regular milk. It was in the produce section. Seriously stores, get your act together.

  4. Tell Chris he’s not alone. I think they belong with the other chips, too. Who knows….they could just influence them to be healthier, too.

  5. pft. pita chips aren’t healthy! so so good…

  6. Got a similiar phone call… My husband said “If you were Prosciutto where would you be??”

  7. Brooke

    I’ve been known to help lost looking people in the baking aisles before. The other day it was a guy looking for water chestnuts.

  8. I’ve totally made that mistake myself… Chris isn’t alone! =)

  9. Sarah

    This actually made me laugh out loud at work. My husband of now 6 days usually does the grocery shopping and if I have to go I am always walking around frustrated at not being able to find things. I have called him for the location of the pita chips too! I also walked around cussing about how stupid it was that they are located at the deli. Glad I’m not the only one!

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