School Picture Day


This past fall, the kids had school picture day.  One of the teachers suggested that we do a siblings picture, too, so I could have one of the kids together.  That sounded great, so I signed them up.  This was going to be great!

Or not…


So, let’s talk about this picture.

a) Gracie is crying. Obviously.

b) Bean has this creepy look on his face.

c) Gracie is wearing her light up, hot pink shoes with her pretty little church dress.

d) Bean is wearing camo shorts and Spiderman shoes with his dress shirt.

Some of this I can explain. I thought the picture was only going to be from the waist up, so I only sent the kids with dress clothes for their tops. Clearly, I was wrong.

You might be asking yourself, what does one do with a picture like this? Well, naturally I put it on a coffee mug and gave it to Chris for Christmas. Duh.

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