Young House Jealous

If you’ve been around the internets for very long, particularly in the bloggity blog world, then you’ve probably heard of a wildly popular blog called, “Young House Love.”  It’s a blog started by a young married couple (see why I like it already???) who started chronicling their home DIY projects around their house.  I had heard of the blog before because it has exploded in this age of Pinterest and DIY-ing.  And I had also heard they published a super awesome book about their projects, too, which I am dying to get my hands on.  But I had never actually read their blog.

This past week, though, I have discovered the actual “Young House Love” blog and I am in love.  Their house is beautiful.  Their style is beautiful.  Their family is beautiful.  I adore it all.


There have been two unfortunate side effects of my new love interest.  First, I now want to make over our house.  Like, right now.  We are in the oh so very, very slow process of redoing our house.  I love it, but everything in it is outdated.  In the two years we’ve been in the house, we’ve been working on it bit by bit, but home renovations are a slow process.  Take our deck, for example.  Chris has been tearing down our horrid back deck for a couple weeks now, and is finally starting to rebuild this weekend.  But it will probably be another month before it’s finished.  Since seeing YHL, though, I want results and I want them NOW.

The second unfortunate side effect of my new love interest is that now I believe I can do home projects myself.  I went through this phase when I first fell in love with Pinterest, too.  Seeing other people be handy and crafty makes me think I can be handy and crafty, too.  And that is a false statement.  Oh, I know, I know.  All you handy and crafty people out there are going to argue, “Oh, Katie!  You can do it!  It’s easier than you think!”  Trust me.  It’s not, and I can’t.  I have about as much luck with craftiness as I have with the ability to filter what I say.  It just ain’t gonna happen.  Lucky for me, though, I have a handy dandy husband who can tackle all the projects that I dream up for him.  Like this massive deck renovation.


And so, for now, I will continue to read “Young House Love,” and look around my house through jealous eyes. I will pine away at other people’s good fortunes.  I will covet thy imaginary neighbor’s house.  I will wish and hope and think and pray about what our house will look like one of these day.  Like, in twenty years.  I will wallow in my materialism and jealousy.

Cause that’s always healthy.


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19 Thoughts to “Young House Jealous”

  1. Rue

    Yessss my two favorite blogs collide!

  2. Kristina

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Two of my favorite blogs collide. ::mind blown::

  3. I was always the person who said, “I am SO happy I don’t own property at this stage of my life!” And then I found Young House Love and started to not only want to look at real estate listings, but also do things I’m completely unqualified to do, like re-tile a bathroom and wallpaper the back of bookshelves.

  4. MistyK

    Yhl isn’t far from me. Like maybe 2o miles. I should totally be reading their blog more but I too get insanely inspired, and with our current remodels taking years… Ugh better not.

  5. i am totally there with you! i’ve been reading their blog since their wedding back in 2008!! and i love it!!

  6. lissa

    I love YHL and was so happy to meet them for a book signing in Cincinnati. They were such a delight in person! You do know though…that the John and Sherri deck would be totally done while Clara naps :)While it would take me 4 weeks to paint the kitchen …hahah

  7. Christy

    Love that blog too! And I’m completely in love with their first house and their wedding. I don’t own a home but I get urges to buy all new furniture or Craigslist furniture and then go buy out all of ikea. So many possibilities, so little $$$. Do you think we could convince them to come to Orlando? Lol.

  8. Pinterest makes me believe I can do anything as well! While you may be jealous of YHL remember at least you have a house. I am just getting to the point where a house is maybe possibly in the near future which makes me want to do things to a house I don’t have!

  9. it’s so healthy…isn’t it?!?!? I mean, doesn’t EVERYBODY walk around their house seeing project and creating wish lists. I swear if my husband ever surprises me with a Kitchen Aid mixer he’d be set for LIFE in the gifts department. And, let’s not talk about how I could replace that I own! 😉 And then there’s landscaping… oh, I could go on and on…

  10. ah, what perfect timing for this post! We’re in the midst of buying a house (as in the inspection is this weekend and if all goes well it’s ours!!), so I’ve been on a google overload looking at what to do with wood paneling and cheap ways to update a kitchen:) Of course many of my searches landed me on YHL so I’ve recently discovered their blog too!

  11. Courtney

    I got their book for Christmas. It is amazing and dangerous all at the same time. We just closed on a house and my project list is huge thanks to YHL.
    Get the book!!! You’ll love it.

  12. Meredith Jones

    Ok…. I am literally a YHL addict. I LOVE THEM . I’ve been reading your blog a little longer than i have theirs. Actually… yours was the first blog I started reading! ::hugs:: the hubs and I bought our first house last May and I’ve gotten sooo many awesome ideas from them is out of control! So many ideas, so little time – one of my pinterest board titles 🙂

  13. Lee Ann

    Two things limit my home renovation projects: time and money! One thing I remind myself every time I read YHL or TLC (The Lettered Cottage): I’m seeing the finished product that may have taken them months; they only show it to me once it is FINISHED! I could show my beautiful bathroom after it’s finished and you’d think I did it in a weekend … and it only took me two months! LOL!

  14. Paula S.

    So funny that you *finally* started reading them. I love their blog too and have their book. You can borrow it if you want. I think your husband works with someone I went to highschool with. Anywhoo…I remember seeing you waiting in line to meet Ree D. at a book signing long ago. I think I even got a pic of you and one of Cake Wrecks. SAD…now I sound like a pathetic blog stalker. I just had a slow time at work that year. Really! Let me know if you want to borrow the book. It is great!

  15. I’ll be going over that blog soon…

  16. Jessica

    I love that blog and I don’t even own a home… But they make me think I can tackle other stuff… which I will totally mess up if I actually do try any of it…

  17. Jen

    Love YHL, but keep in mind they BOTH do DIY for a living! They are full time stay at home DIYers/bloggers. You and your husband both work full time and you have 2 kids!

  18. HA! I know what you mean! I just spent time this weekend convincing my husband that he can totally renovate a bathroom by himself to save on labor costs:)

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