The Responsibility of a Megaphone


It is probably no secret that I have hit a blogging slump in the past couple months.  I go through them just like any other blogger.  It is really hard to find content that is interesting enough to write about every day when you life is relatively normal and probably not that interesting to others anyway.  And periodically, I get tired of trying to find the nuances to write about and I take a little break.  Usually it’s a couple of days.  Maybe a week.  After some really difficult times (like the death of my dad), it was maybe up to two weeks.  But this time, I can’t seem to shake it.

Blogging is a strange beast.  When you first begin, you have to blog your brains out on a regular basis to grow your audience.  It is no wonder that most blogs never take on a large, consistent following when you understand how much work goes into what appears to be a very simple task.  But anyone who blogs knows that it is daunting at best, draining at worst, and just darn overwhelming on a regular basis.  Deciding what useless information will be the most appealing to a wide audience, taking the time to find the right words to articulate your thoughts, and then having enough pictures on hand to document the story is not something that just comes together quickly.  I’d say it takes me about an hour a post, at least.   And when you start to add in multiple blog pages within one blog, and multiple posts a day…  well, it can become un-fun really quickly.


I have been blessed with a loyal and ever-growing readership in the past few years.  To some, this is great because it means more pageviews (and, therefore, more money if you’re making money off your blog, like me).  But to me, I see more readership as an incentive because the pressure to blog every day is taken away.  In the past two years, it hasn’t mattered if I blog once a day, every day, or once every week, my readership numbers stay the same.  For that, I am so very, very grateful to you all.  Thank you for coming back, whether I am here or not.  It is wonderful to know how loyal my imaginary friends are.  It makes my heart happy.

Still, though, even with the pressure of the everyday obligation gone, I try to blog at least three or four times a week.  And normally, that’s okay with me.  I look forward to blogging because writing is very cathartic to me.  It is cleansing and helps me organize my thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes, I write entire blog posts about things I didn’t even know were on my mind.  That is a wonderful thing.

But lately, blogging has become more chore-like than ever before.  For the first time in the five years (or is it six?) that I have been blogging, it has weighed on me like a responsibility.  Another ball to juggle.  Another task to check off.  And when it becomes a job, the feeling goes out of it.

For the past month, I have tossed around the idea of stopping.  Maybe it was time.  My kids are growing up and taking more of my waking hours now (as they rightly should).  My job is taking on several more responsibilities that take more of my time and attention.  Chris and I are making slightly more money this year, and we might be able to finagle a way to live without the money my blog produces for our family.  It just seemed like this might be the right time to stop.


As I am prone to do, I began praying over my blog.  Every day for the past two weeks, I have prayed for guidance and direction about my blog.  What does it do?  Is it serving a purpose?  What is the point?  I sometimes pour my heart out and get very little response for posts considering how many people are reading.  And that’s fine.  This isn’t about you all, and you have been nothing but supportive of me in our imaginary shared world.  But what was the point of me taking all this time and attention and spreading the guts of our family out on the imaginary table for people to poke, prod, and judge?  And so I prayed that if there was a purpose, that God would show it to me and give me the perseverance to carry on.  Or, if there wasn’t a purpose anymore, or if the blog had run it’s course, I prayed that he would give me the strength to gracefully walk away.

And then came the flood of emails.  I get reader emails every day, and I love them.  I don’t have time to respond to many of them (sooooo sorry!!!!!!), but I read them all and love receiving them.  But this week, the emails have been insane, and I know they have been heaven sent.  Filling my inbox to the brim with kindness and love and warmth and community and sisterhood and encouragement and peace and strength and all those good things that really good people bring into your life.  It wasn’t so important what those emails said.  What was important was that it reminded me that I am connected to people through this blog.  And that doesn’t mean that I have any more influence over anyone than any of you have.  It just means I have this amazing opportunity to speak to others, to reach others, to give words to others.  What a gift.  What a blessing.  What a responsibility!

If blogging has taught me anything, it is that we all share a voice.  Sometimes, it just so happens that there’s just one person with the actual megaphone in front of them, but really, we’re all saying something similar.  I hear what you say to me.  You hear what I say to you.  And even when we disagree, it is usually a matter of semantics because we all want the same things.  We want to be good wives and husbands, good moms and dads, good friends, good citizens, good people.  We want to serve something higher than ourselves, and reach for things beyond our grasp.  And if I have the privilege of holding the megaphone for a while, then much how richer is my life?

My blog will continue, but with some changes coming over the next few months.  Changes that will help me manage this giant megaphone so that it doesn’t drown out other areas of my life, and changes that I am hoping you all will enjoy, too.  But whether it stays the same or changes or grows or fades away, it is my blessing to be here with you, and I am grateful that you’ve invited me into your imaginary lives.


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71 Thoughts to “The Responsibility of a Megaphone”

  1. Hi Katie,
    I am guilty of not commenting much but I have done so more lately than I have before, that can’t be coincidence, can it?
    I hope you don’t stop blogging. I’ve loved reading your blog since oooh, 2009? You moved to Florida at the same time that I moved back to Leeds after having to move back in with my parents a couple of months after getting married. I really love your blog and your words on parenting really speak to me. I have a blog and it’s recently attracted more attention than I’m used to. I was a little overwhelmed to begin with and panicked about what to write about – should I write more “baby” or “mummy blogging” posts as that’s where the attention came from, even though I don’t see myself as a blogger of that genre? Should that be my focus? But then I had a good think about it and reaffirmed my view that I blog for me, I blog what I want to, and when I want to. And I felt a lot more at peace with it when I’d made a decision. As it is I am finding content to blog about quite easily at the moment but I find that one week I post a lot and the next week I am quiet.

    I don’t think you need to blog every day: blog when you want to or have something to say. Your readers won’t leave if you cut down on your blogging. I always wondered how you were able to blog every single day!

    I saw the phrase “blogging without obligation” once on a blog and that stuck with me.

    Anyway, please don’t stop blogging, and I promise to be a bit more vocal with the old commenting 🙂
    xxxxx Heather
    p.s thank you for the email interview you gave my sister a couple of years ago for her uni dissertation x

  2. Erin

    So glad you aren’t going away. You are definitely an encouragement to me!!

  3. Marina

    I am a loyal reader forever! I will follow this blog with every amazing new direction it takes!

  4. I’m so glad you aren’t stopping! I have been reading (lurking to be honest) since before Bean was born. You and Chris are an inspiration in how I think about my own marriage. Watching your little family (even from the very beginning) has inspired me to want something good with my own life, even so far as directly encouraging me out of a… shall we say… unpleasant… dating relationship. I saw that I didn’t have to settle for a sub-par family; that good marriages and families were possible. So I moved on. And now I’ve been happily married for several years and still loving your adventures. So thank you. Thanks for showing what it is really like to be married. That it isn’t always rainbows. That it is okay to go a while where something is just not quite right in relationships and that something needs to give so that those can recover. Thank you for showing that people -friends and family- are really what is important.

  5. Andrea in SC

    Katie, I am also guilty of being a long-time reader but infrequent commenter. As a teacher myself, I understand the overwhelming demands of our profession and can’t imagine having yet another “thing to do” when I get home each evening – and I don’t even have kids yet! But I just want you to know how much I love your blog. I love your funny stories, your family stories, your helpful tips (esp regarding babies that I will definitely need someday), your heartfelt, heart-searching posts…..your honesty is just so refreshing, and I look forward to new posts all the time! I about panicked reading this post, seeing the possibility of this blog coming to an end. You have a voice for a lot of women, girl, and I’m so happy you’re not going quiet. 🙂

  6. Alyssa

    Please don’t stop! Your ‘normal’ life makes me, at least, feel ‘normal’ too! I have a toddler also and just reading about your grocery store trip or how you pack a bag for swimming- it helps so many of us!! I enjoy reading what you think is ‘mundane’. Your mundane makes all of us mommy readers feel connected! The simplicity of your writings on marriage and kids really brightens my life. I find your blog to be so helpful and sometimes even ‘God sent’. I’ve had troubles here and there and I’ve gone to your blog to re-read a post here and there that is reflection of the issue I’m having. Even something as simple as ‘how to reduce a fever that won’t budge’. Helped me out so much!

  7. Hi, Katie. I’ve been a follower of your blog since I found it through Whitney’s blog years ago (maybe 4 or 5 years ago?…I’ve lost track of time). Your blog is a great comfort and distraction for me from the toils of nursing school. It reminds me that in the next 5 years I will hopefully be able to have the amazing family life that I’ve dreamed about. It’s also wonderful to have a popular blog voice representing Orlando. Thank you for representing it so well.

  8. Melissa

    Hi Kate, I’m sorry, I am so bad at commenting on blogs. To many blogs – too little time – ya know? I just wanted to say that your blog is one of my favorites and I hope you keep writing for a long time =) I feel like I am similar to you – married young, before all of our friends, bought a house young – I’m just 5 years behind you! I love how real and honest your posts are, and how you take real-life situations and explain your thinking and how you worked through problems and such. I take tips from your teaching posts – even though I teach science and high schoolers. I also love your posts on parenting and am soaking in your advice and wisdom and mistakes and learning for one day when I have kids. And I sympathize with and learn from your marriage posts as well! All that just to basically say that I love your blog and reading about you and your family every week and that I hope you stay around for awhile because I love your writing and I learn so much from you. Now that school’s over for summer, I’m going to make it my mission to comment on blogs more often and hope the habit sticks because you bloggers should never feel under-appreciated!

  9. Sara

    I so appreciate you, Katie!

  10. Rachel

    Hi Katie,
    I LOVE your blog! It is by far my favorite and one I look forward to reading so much! I love your honesty and the way you document the everyday. I hope you continue to find meaning in it, and I’m still crossing my fingers that someday I’ll get to read your book!

  11. Ann

    THANK YOU for keeping it up. I can’t tell you how many times a week I say “we’ll, my friend Katie says”… I would be so sad if we were no longer imaginary friends! 🙂

  12. Meredith Jones

    Hey Katie! I can understand (well from afar… I’m not a blogger myself…) how it can feel like your blog can be another job/responsibility. I’ve been following your blog for… i don’t even know how long!Your blog was literally the very first blog I ever started reading! I think Bean was a tiny baby when I found your blog.
    Anyway, I’m just glad you decided not to stop! Please don’t feel like all of us dear readers are pressuring you! I def check in every day to see if there’s a new post, but only because I like reading! It’s just fun seeing what the fam is up to, since I kinda feel like I know you guys!!
    Thanks girl, keep up the blog as much or as little as you can and want. I’ll keep coming back!!

  13. I feel you. Blogging requires a LOT of time and I’ve been amazed at how often you’ve managed to blog through the years knowing that you had two kiddos, a teaching job, a hubby, pets, etc. I don’t think anyone judges you for taking a little break, and I personally love reading whatever you want to post….whenever you feel like posting it (whether that’s once a week or once a month)! I’m SO glad you’re going to stick with it and I’m excited to hear about the new changes! 🙂

  14. I’m in the same slump. Real life is just too much and yet the more I do, the less I have to write about. I’m super curious to see how this plays out for you.

  15. Carla

    Hi Katie! I am a long time reader but have never commented before. Your writing is wonderful and you truly have a gift that allows you to make the mundane everday happenings of family life funny and touching. Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your life with us. Your love of family and God are an inspiration to many of us and your presence would be missed if you were to stop blogging. That being said though, if ending your blog would be better for you and your family then I am sure there would be many of us that would miss you but would wish you well and would pray that your future endeavors would be just as successful as your blog.

  16. I very much enjoy reading your blog. It is refreshing and genuine. I look forward to your new direction. As always, thanks for your honesty.

  17. I love this, and I totally know what you’re talking about. I go through these slumps quite often now. It’s time-consuming and life is just different now than it was when I started. And now I’m struggling with how much of my kids’ stories I’m willing to share with the friends, parents, teachers, etc. that know my kids in real life. It’s so tricky! Lately, I’ve been trying to comment more on the blogs that I really really love- just because COMMUNITY is the reason I blog in the first place. And without the interaction, there is no community. I’m glad you’re going to keep it up. No matter how often you do it, I know that people will be there to read and encourage and share with you. Thanks, Katie!

  18. Sandy

    Why don’t you try the occasional guest blogger…your mom, grandmother, sister, Chris…oh, who am I kidding, scratch Chris =o). I read several blogs that post without photos and/or just one. I would much rather read an occasional post with the “I can’t wait to share this” inspiration, than the more consistent post with “This is killing me!” What ever you do…DON’T GIVE UP INSTAGRAM!

  19. Catherine

    Hi Katie, You should of course do what is best for you and your family – but I’m so happy that right now it doesn’t seem like that means stopping blogging! I love reading your posts and am always so thrilled to see one pop up in my Reader. I don’t have kids yet but hope to be as good of a momma as you are one day. For now, your thoughts on marriages and relationships are always so insightful and inspire me to be a better wife. Thanks for all you do!

  20. Jenn

    so happy to hear you aren’t stopping. I’ve been reading since wow…2008/2009 now, whenever PW linked to your site and I’ve been hooked ever since. We’re the same age and while I don’t have kids yet, you’re another great example that you don’t lose yourself as a person when you do become a mom. Also, you’re showing me ways to dress like an adult now that I’m 30. I may read you through google reader but I always make sure to click on your site for the hits. Keep on keeping on Katie, looking forward to hearing about these changes.

  21. Suzanne

    Thank you for doing what you do Katie….you encourage us and make us laugh. I so appreciate your blog and writing!

  22. HeatherM

    I love your blog and would really miss you if you stopped blogging. My favorite posts are when you are so open about the hard parts of your marriage. Nobody else talks about being humble and putting in the work to heal a young marriage. Our cultural narrative says that if you fight stall in a young marriage, your marriage is doomed. Our culture too often treats NORMAL marital challenges like they are taboo, and should not be spoken of. You provide a different narrative in this conversation that is so refreshing- your blog motto says it all: laugh, fight, stay married. When you blog about how you and Chris get through challenges, it gives me hope for my own marriage when we are having a bad day, week, or month. We as readers really appreciate you even if we don’t always say so!

  23. Katie, I’ve been going through a blogging slump recently, too. Not so much related to readership, since it’s fairly infinitesimal. More related to putting stuff out on the internet and how I’ll feel about it all in a dozen or thirty years. But I do want to say that you have written so much recently that I want to write and can’t squeeze time in to do. Which, I think, is the mark of a writer. A writer is someone who sees the shared experiences and writes them down so we can all nod along and say, “Yes, this is what life is.” I say that with some authority because I was an English major after all. So thank you for being that person.

  24. Andie

    They day you stop blogging I will feel like I lost a good friend even though we never met. Like others have said reading your blog is an escape from the stresses of life. I know this day will eventually happen but until it does please know that I appreciate the time and work you put into here and I love reading about you and your awesome family!

  25. HeatherM

    Also, you are the only work-outside-the-home mom I know of in blogging. The blogging world is overrun by SAHM’s, and you show that world that working moms are great moms too. Working moms need a voice, and like you said, you are just holding the megaphone.

  26. Kate

    Hi Katie,
    I’ve been a long time reader but have never commented before. I think its really good that you can step back and see that you might need to take a break.
    You have inspired me to become a teacher (I was stuck half way through a degree I hated, but thought I should complete) and you inspire me to be a better partner, and learn to talk things out instead of just keeping to myself and stewing.

  27. I dont comment but I do read ur blog each and every post:)
    No ur not going to that to us:)

  28. Ruth

    Please don´t stop blogging!! You are my favorite blogger 🙂 If there is something we can do to help (or so you will make more money) let us know.
    I will try to comment more.

  29. I’m so glad you decided to continue blogging! I had a very small blog myself that stopped when my daughter was born. I couldn’t hack it with one kid, never mind 2, so I totally understand! Pull back, take some time, but when you have something important to say… we’ll be here ready to read and appreciate it!!!

  30. Jacki

    Hi Katie- I am a long-time reader, but have never commented before. I am about to get married and we are talking about kids down the road- I love reading your blog – it is inspiring how you choose to handle situations within your life – I thin you have helped me deal with situations a better and consider my actions more. Just wanted to say thanks 🙂

  31. Audrey

    I breathed a sigh of relief when I came to the turning point of “email flooding” in this post. I would love to see a poll invitation to get a sense of what your readership is like and what your readers are most drawn to right now. I don’t think any of us would mind sending in some ideas for content! Use us. I have followed you through your relocations, births of both children, deaths, tests of faith, marriage ups and downs – experiences which have meant so much to me…but you must do what’s right for your family. I’m glad you feel that this space can continue to grow and change. We’ll be changing right along with you!

  32. Ivette

    Oh Katie, please don’t stop. I have been reading from the beginning and can’t imagine not being able to log on and read.

  33. I hope you know how much your blog has meant to me. I found it at a dark time in my own life, and you got me with the babies, (I found you right before Bean was born) but I will stay till the end, and after, because of your honesty. You truly do have a gift, and I want to thank you, on behalf of divorced parents everywhere, for being honest about your marriage and for being a shining example of why one should stay married. We sorely need examples like you and Chris in this world. You know I think you are doing a wonderful job, I hope, for whatever that may be worth. God bless.

  34. I’m so glad you aren’t stopping – I love reading your blog and it has been so helpful to me while raising my son. I don’t really comment that much because I usually read blogs while pumping and it’s hard to pump and type, but I’ll try more often to comment so you know I’m reading and not judging!

  35. Peggy

    Awaiting the changes – love your blog — and loved your video this week! You ROCK!

  36. Kimmiejo

    I read everyone of your blog posts and I am always so excited when I see a new one up. I am an introvert, though, and for me that even extends to commenting on the internet. It just seems awkward and weird. But I have benefited so greatly by your blog. I have loved all your posts, but the ones that stand out are the ones about food for your kids, parenting techniques, and how you handle arguments in your marriage. I am so blessed by your perspective on things. The video you shared of the dance you just did at the school made me wish you would be my kids’ teacher one day. And the phrase “when in doubt, dance it out” is awesome! I love this blog and would love to continue to read it for many years to come.

  37. Meredith

    Every day reader here- sporadic commenter. I’ve been reading your blog since… late 2008? early 2009? somewhere around there. Wow- has it really been more than 4 years? I love your blog and your family. I’m not married, not in a relationship, don’t have kids and don’t own a home, but I still come back everyday to read. I love your writing, and I especially love your honesty. Wherever your blog ends up, I’m cheering you on!

  38. Amy

    I read all your blog posts in my Google Reader/now Feedly. (So you don’t see my pageviews! Sorry! And I don’t comment much!) But I LOVE reading about your family. I talk about them to my husband. Sometimes I use your marriage wisdom on my baby marriage and now that I’m newly pregnant (shhhh, it’s still a secret) I’m mining your blog for baby ideas. I’m glad you’re still writing.

  39. Mariya

    I love reading your blog, kid stories, teaching stories, marriage stories. It’s just good writing. Thank you for sharing your heart and mind with us.

  40. Jen

    I’m guilty of being a lurker on your blog for years. I don’t comment because I feel, when I read the comments, that what I was going to say has already been said numerous times. However, I’m greatful that you’re planning to stick around. I’m a new parent but thanks to you, my brain is full of parenting tips to hold on to. I love you laid back attitude, your “give it to god” way of dealing with your worries and the balance of your marriage. I take a lot from your blog without ever sharing back. I’m sorry for that, but oh so thankful for you!

  41. Maren

    I sincerely hope you don’t stop blogging for a long LONG time. If you quit blogging, I would feel like I’ve lost a good friend.
    I love reading your stories, I love hearing about Bean and Gracie and watching them grow up and I love how honest you are…about the good times and bad. I love that you write about difficult times you and Chris have gone through (I even love that you don’t post details, but give us enough of an idea to understand the ‘solution’ and why it works). I love how you lift him up and share his successes as well!
    I love how you share those parenting guilts we all have, so we know we’re not the only ones.
    I could go on and on and on…just know you do good work here!!

  42. Becky

    While my heart sunk at the beginning of the post, I was heartened to know you’re gonna try and re-balance? your life and still include us…well me anyways 😉

    Thank you.

  43. Becky

    And please, tell your entire family thank you also.

  44. Talia

    So glad you’re setting boundaries. Blogging is fun and connecting but not real life. It’s about real life…and that’s good too. I love seeing you in my Old Reader. But blessings in all your choices.

  45. Jen

    I have to be honest, I have never commented before but have always thought I wonder if Katie has the time to read all of these. I started following your blog about 6 months ago because I was making major changes in my life, husband, dog, new house, and NOW A BABY! I needed something to read out in cyber land that I related too also being a TEACHER myself 🙂 Life with your sweet blog has brightened my days and given me the strength to be a super teacher and soon to be new mommy. Thanks for continuing to write and I look forward to any changes that you welcome in your life to make yourself stay sane, your beautiful children and husband are top priority!

  46. Brooke W.

    I’ve been reading your blog for years, but I have never commented. I absolutely love reading your blog! I’m not married yet and I don’t have kids, but I love reading your marriage/parenting perspective. I hope someday I can be half the wife/mother that you are.

  47. farrar

    glad you decided to stay! I don’t comment much but I read everyday. I really feel like I “know” your family. We seem to have very similar upbringings, tastes, and goals in life. I thank you for sharing your family with us! God Bless!

  48. shell

    maybe you could just add a “like” button or something similar at the bottom of your posts so you can know what content readers like, as well as give the infrequent commenters (including me) a chance to like what you are saying without actually taking the time to write it out in a comment. You definitely seem to have a high reader, low commenting audience which is not a bad thing – just maybe be open to changing from the standard comment approach

  49. Jessica

    Katie, I might not be a mom, or even a wife yet, but I love love love your blog. Your writing is amazing and so entertaining and I am so grateful for all that you are willing to share with us, your imaginary friends. Your openness about your faith, marriage, raising kids and life is so inspiring. I’m so glad you have decided to stay! (And I’m sorry, I admit to being one of those readers who has never commented before…)

  50. Cheyenne

    Katie, I love your blog so much. It was the first blog I have ever come to love and I come back for every new post. I also feel like I know your family, and as weird as it might sound, I think about you guys and how you’re doing when you haven’t blogged in awhile. I rarely comment, but am always here enjoying your words. Thank you.

  51. I am another one guilty of not ever commenting. I have had a personal blog since 2008, but recently have shared my public one. Some people have read it, but nobody ever comments, and that bothers me, like I am doing it for nothing. Yet, I started it for me, to keep my ideas/crafts/recipes in one central place. I usually don’t comment on blogs because I feel like perhaps the blogger doesn’t have time to read every response, like is that another “to do”. Come check mine out if you have time — Please leave me a comment if you do 🙂
    I am glad you aren’t quitting also, I have been reading for a few years.

  52. jamie

    i would totally cry if you stopped blogging.

  53. Hilary

    I remember the first blog post of yours that I read was about a cab ride you took while pregnant with Bean. The cabbie was apparently very enthusiastic about MMA fighting and kept trying to explain the finer qualities of the sport to you. I thought it was so hilarious. I love that your focus has changed over the years more family-oriented topics, but I still love those old posts about the common absurdities of human life. Like you, I am also a middle school English teacher with two young children, and I must admit, I have NO idea where you find the time. You must have an insane amount of energy to do so many things and keep that many balls in the air. That being said, do whatever is healthiest for you and your family. Imaginary friends are great, but real ones are even better.

  54. Jenna

    Oh Katie! Selfishly, I had a little panic when reading this post … All the while telling myself that you must do what is best for the family I have grown to love. I have a few other blogs that I read and love, but yours is literally at the top of my list. The other ones don’t relate directly like yours does: they are basically stay at home moms of older kids. I am a working (teaching!) mom of a little guy who has a close family, a goofy husband, and a lifelong best friend. Your posts give me so much hope and optimism and encouragement. Thank you!!!

  55. Amy

    I’m guilty of being a lazy commenter lately too. Which is terrible on my part- I enjoy reading blogs so much, and I get so much from them, it’s only fair that I should ‘pay’ the creator of something I enjoy with a ‘thanks for what you do’ comment. So here- I’m going to commit more to commenting on what I enjoy, even with a small- I loved this, thanks. You do a great job here.

  56. […] The Responsibility of a Megaphone from Marriage Confessions […]

  57. Shelly

    I am probably old enough to be your mother (and wish I could be on her European adventure with her right now) but young enough to appreciate reading about your daily, NOT boring, just keeping it real, life as a wife and mother. My second of three kids just graduated this past month from UCF but I still remember when they were as old as Bean and Gracie Girl. That’s how diverse an audience you have. You have been blessed with a giant megaphone. Use it when you can. LOVE your writing. Don’t stop. I read many blogs and yours is by far one of the better ones. You have actually inspired me to start a personal blog.

  58. You have lots of imaginary friends rooting for you!

  59. Shannon

    I just like that you are a real person on your blog. You write about real stuff and I love reading about things going on in your life!

  60. Melissa

    You do what’s right for you and we’ll all support that, I imagine. But I DO just want to throw in my two cents: I would miss you if you stopped blogging!

  61. Aileen

    Your blog is among my absolute favorites, and I always look forward to your posts. I hope you don’t stop blogging, Katie! I’ve learned so much from you. Whatever you decide, I support and thank you! 🙂

  62. Cindy

    Please don’t stop your blog!!! I don’t always have the time to comment but I love your posts, whether they are once a week or every day! You could also do more posts that just have a picture and a short explanation.

  63. Crystal Hale

    Gahhhh – Don’t! I’ve been following your blog since you found out you were pregnant with Bean. I was following yours, and Dooce, but then I dropped dooce and just read yours. You are a bit of inspiration to look up to, and try to model yourself to. Which is what I am trying to do with my newly growing family (MY bean, 4 months). Please keep up the good work, even if its just sporadically. I’m going to be PISSED if you stop your blog and you come out with a book a year later. 🙁

  64. Lindsey

    Katie, I have been reading your blog since 2009 ish (whenever PW posted your link on her blog) I love reading what you have to say, even if its about cleaning your kitchen sink. You have a way with words and you are hysterical! Glad you aren’t going away!! Xoxox

  65. I’m coming a bit late to this, but I have to say I would be SO sad if you stopped blogging! I actually often recommend your blog to people who are getting married, because I think it’s honestly the most realistic (with the good and bad) portrayal of a healthy marriage I’ve ever seen, Keep ’em coming!

  66. NS

    Hi Katie, *another* lurker here! I’ve been reading your blog since before Bean was born. I’ve never found a blog that was so honest and real, especially about marriage. Since my parents split when I was little, I never had a ‘role model’ marriage, and I truly think I could be divorced by now if I hadn’t read some of the things you and Chris have gone through and how you have resolved them, and thought, hey, there’s nothing wrong with us, this is just what marriage is like!
    I have laughed and cried reading your posts and I would truly miss you so much if you stopped writing. You are an inspiration. All the best to you and your family!

  67. No matter what comes next for your blog, it has been a blessing to me as I launched into motherhood, and I will always be grateful for that! Many blessings to you, and prayers for the courage and grace to follow wherever God leads you here and otherwise 🙂

  68. Bee

    Whilst reading the first few paragraphs I was thinking ‘oh no, another voice I’ve come to love is leaving’. It seems that many of the original bloggers are packing up blog as its lost its lustre for them. I’ve not been compelled to comment on any others but for Marriage Confessions to never have another post in my reader would be really sad.

    I recall Bean man being a newborn when I first found your blog and I have enjoyed every post since. I can’t Imagine not reading about your lives. I’m not married (co-habiting) and I don’t have children…I don’t even live in the same country but your voice has become part of my life regardless.

    Even if you posted a once a month update on life I’ll still be reading.

    Best wishes from across the pond xoxo

  69. Katie N.

    Keep on keeping on, Katie! We all love you and thoroughly enjoy your blog!! (if I weren’t exhausted from work and pregnancy, I would think of something even more inspiring and uplifting to say to you, but my brain is mush…which, I imagine, is what your brain feels like some nights when you sit down to blog after a hard days’ work and mommyhood 🙂

  70. Jamie

    My life….would suck…..withoooouuuuttt yooouuu! *Name that tune!

  71. Kathleen

    I barely ever comment, but wanted to add my voice to the 70 commenters in front of me. Thank you for your articles, your voice, your honesty and your amazing love for your marriage and family. It’s refreshing in a world where marriage doesn’t seem to be a very high priority for most. Thank you for being the clear voice in front saying it is the priority. As a newlywed it is refreshing-so, thank you! 🙂