Perfect Family Memories

We’re home!  We’re in PJ’s, wrapped in fuzzy blankets we got for Christmas, curled up with the doggies, watching football in our own house.  Hallelujah!  We have loved being with family over the holidays, but it is so nice to come home to your own bed after being gone for a week and a half.  As I sit here, I can’t help but reminisce about all the special time we spent with family in the past few days.

Having tea parties with Aunt Ginny…

…shopping with Tillman…

image… and enjoying the beautiful Florida weather…

It’s a darn good thing I had my camera around to capture all of these priceless, perfect holiday memories.


imageFamily time at the holidays. It’s priceless and perfect, no matter what.



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6 Thoughts to “Perfect Family Memories”

  1. Michelle

    Oh my goodness, look how big Tillman is!
    And I still enjoy playing in the rain….

  2. Liz M.

    OMG that last picture! It’s PERFECT! That’s a one in a million shot right there.

  3. Sweet, sweet photos! Thanks for sharing.

  4. aaaaaahahaha those pics of bean are hilarious! do I forsee next years christmas card?

  5. Och! They are growing so much!!! Such good looking kids and Gracie’s hair has really taken off!!! Merry Christmas!

  6. Jennifer Hoscheit

    bean and gracie making those faces just made me laugh so hard. thanks for sharing. contest worthy if you find one!

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