Out and About With My Chevy Traverse

As a family of four, we are on the go a lot. Like, a LOT a lot. Between Chris and I commuting to two different sides of town for our day jobs and the kids having social lives that now consume our household (since when did kids start scheduling their own playdates?! Someone please tell Gracie this is not acceptable behavior for a three-year-old…), a large portion of our days are spent in our cars. brown.MC.photo 4 copy 2
Now, I love my car: don’t get me wrong. But she has certain… limitations. Seating has become an issue. As our kids get older and our family becomes more mobile, limited seating of up to four in my smaller SUV has been a problem. We never get to carpool with other families because we can’t fit more than our family alone in my car. And when I’m on my own without the kids, I end up bumming rides off people because I have car seats in the back of my car taking up the only room for guests. Chris and I have dreamed about having a car that would give us the room to seat more people.

brown.MC.photo 3 copy 2

Cargo space has been an issue recently, too. Bean starts kindergarten this fall (I’m not ready to talk about it yet without blubbering like a moron. He’s already asked me to let Daddy drop him off on his first day) and he also will start playing soccer at our local YMCA. On the same morning as his games, Gracie will have ballet lessons. Those two things require some space for soccer cleats, ballet bags, and more tutus than I care to count. Not to mention, I keep my golf clubs and Bean’s golf clubs in the back of my car at all times because YOU JUST NEVER KNOW, and I also always have our giant double stroller in case we spontaneously find ourselves at a music festival or Disney for the day. THESE THINGS HAPPEN, PEOPLE. In short, our family has lots of crap stuffed into my wittle SUV. And heaven help us if Big Molly wants to ride with us to the dog park…

brown.MC.photo 2 copy 2

We have car needs. And so when Chevrolet and BlogHer asked if I would like to drive around a brand spankin’ new Chevy Traverse for a week, I was like, “Uhhh… twist my arm…”

brown.MC.photo 4 copy

Our family cannot wait to stretch out in the rich and refined interior with the available heated and cooled leather-appointed front seats, Bluetooth® connection*, available OnStar**, a bumpin’ sound system, and up to a 520-mile highway range*** for one tank of gas. Okay, so maybe the kids are not super excited about the gas mileage, but I AM! The Chevy Traverse has everything that we are looking for in a family vehicle, especially the seating up to eight**** (EIGHT!!!) and best-in-class max cargo room.

brown.MC.photo 3 copy 4

We have so many little adventures planned for our week of fun. We have to go school shopping for Bean so he is ready for kindergarten (again, let’s not talk about it). We also want to head to the beach with friends and family for the first time, instead of just our own family of four. And I can’t wait to show it off to my teacher friends when we go back for preplanning! So much excitement awaits us! I can’t contain myself any longer! Let’s get this Chevy Traverse party started…


*Go to gmtotalconnect.com to find out which phones are compatible with the vehicle.

**Visit onstar.com for coverage map, details and system limitations.

***Based on EPA-estimated 24 MPG highway for FWD models and fuel tank capacity.  Your range may be less. 

****Seating for up to 8 is standard on LS and 1LT.  Available on 2LT.  LTZ  seats 7.

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2 Thoughts to “Out and About With My Chevy Traverse”

  1. jamie feamster

    I want one!!! I’m still driving my 2001 Malibu and it’s still the greatest!!! But, I would love this for my Grandkids!!! They keep telling me “Nana, you need a new car! Ha!!!

  2. Carrie

    I LOVE my Traverse! I leased one a couple years ago bc we needed a car quickly and I didn’t have time to do much research and didn’t want to commit to buying. Now that my lease is up and I’ve had to do the research I’m planning to get another one! My favorite is the captains chairs in the second row (the convenience of a minivan without feeling like I caved to getting one -ha!). And the cargo room is awesome! So glad you enjoyed driving it. Highly recommend!

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