Where’s My Baby?

Good Lord.  I can’t even handle this picture.  How old is that kid?


Surely, that’s not my little baby boy?  


The one who used to say that dogs “woofed” instead of bark.


The one who used to call sneezes “achoos.”  


The one who use to ask me to “snuggle” him when he needed an extra hug or two at night.


Oh, I just can’t handle this picture.

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4 Thoughts to “Where’s My Baby?”

  1. Kelly

    It goes way too fast. Mine are going to be 12! Twelve! So not right.

  2. Jody

    *sigh* yep, my baby girl is turning 17 in a few weeks. It goes by so fast.

  3. Meredith Jones

    MAN am I glad you’re back! I just read all your recent posts. I missed ya! I feel like I lost my two fave blogs in one year when you stopped after Young House Love did. YEY!
    Also, my baby tiny sweetie boy is turning TWO on Friday. Someone’s got to explain this to me because I just don’t know where the time goes. 🙁 Although it’s the best thing in the world to watch him grow up! 🙂

  4. Nikki

    How is this even possible? I guess it makes sense since I’ve been reading before I was married, and now have a 3 year old! Yikes!

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