Pumpkin Pickin’

Autumn has arrived in full swing here in Connecticut and I am loving every minute of it.   It is cold enough for sweaters and boots, but not quite freezing enough for hats and scarves.   Unfortunately, I have had my head in the toilet for several weeks now and have missed most of the leaves turning, but this weekend Chris and I decided that if I’m gonna be sick anyway, I might as well be sick outdoors!   So we headed up to Lyman Orchards this past weekend for some pumpkin pickin’ and kettle corn fun.   And – whoa man – was it fun.

This is the view as we were driving.   It was so darn pretty that I had to pull my car over on the side of one of the curvy backroads and take a picture.

And when we got to the orchard, the view was just as beautiful.   The orchard sits up on the side of a hill and overlooks more rolling hills, all with leaves changing.   It was a lot colder than we expected so we had to huddle together for warmth, but the view (and Chris!) warmed me up right away.

(Do I look like I'm about to throw up?)

This is the pumpkin patch.   I had never seen pumpkins growing on the vine before.   It looked like they should each come with their own bipity, bopity, boo!

And this is me with my estimated 9-month baby bump, provided with the help of a nice dirty pumpkin.

After a cold day picking pumpkins, we came home to homemade 17 bean soup and football.   I don’t think it gets much better than that!

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  1. Hey thanks for sharing all the lovely photos and I think by not visiting the pumpkin patch is the only regrets I have when we were in America with the family.

    You looked so pretty there and I bet it is going to be radiant nine months later 😉

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