Last year at Halloween, we had just moved into our new house.   Talk about pressure.   You can read about the ultra-stressful decision on which candy to give out to my new neighbors HERE.

This is our second year in this neighborhood and still I am haunted by the pressure of Halloween.   This year it comes in the form of what do I dress the Bean as for Halloween?

Now, I know that this doesn’t sound like a really critical decision.   It probably doesn’t even sound like a very hard decision.   OH BUT IT IS!!!   True, we probably won’t take Bean door to door this year because, well, he can’t walk.   Or eat candy.   But he still needs a costume to answer the door in.   And everyone knows that a baby Halloween costume is the most important costume decision you’ll ever make in your entire life.

Except for that time I went as Carmine Miranda for Halloween and I had to decide if I should put real fruit or plastic fruit in my headpiece.   Life is full of tough decisions.

I have been thinking about what to dress Beanie as for Halloween since Labor Day.   At first, I had the perfect costume for him.   It was quirky, but not weird.   It was funny and unique.   It came with ears.

It was Yoda.

I went back and forth on it at first.   Is it too nerdy?   Am I setting him up for a lifetime of Star Trek conventions?   But after weeks of contemplation, I decided to go for it.   I added it to my Amazon shopping cart, but when I went to check out, I got the worst message ever.   Your product is sold out.


This put me back to square one.   And I was determined that this second choice costume would be better than the first.   My criteria was that it had to be funny and had to be original.   I don’t want the Bean walking around in a costume that everyone has.   This, of course, ruled out the traditional infant pumpkin costume.   Cute as they are, everyone is wearing them.

So my quest continued.   And then I found this costume:

It was perfect.   Funny.   Original.   But….it was weird.   I tried to picture everyone asking me what Beanie was going to be for Halloween and me answering, “An air freshener.”   It just sounded weird.

So my search continued.

And then I found this…

I mean, its certainly funny.   And its definitely original.   But is it crossing the line?   Am I making Beanie a joke?   We all know how I feel about humor.   But when you’re joking about a baby, there is a fine line between making a joke and making the baby a joke.   I didn’t want people laughing AT Beanie.   And so, funny as it is, I left the whoopie cushion costume on Amazon and my hunt continued.

I decided it was time to make the switch from stupid, funny costumes to adorable, funny costumes.   And that’s when I found this…

But then I thought it might make it hard for Beanie to answer the door on Halloween night when his ears are too big to fit through it.

So, I considered this guy…

But Chris said the headpiece looked really heavy for Beanie.   And if there’s anything worse than a headpiece on Halloween, its a heavy headpiece on Halloween.

As you can see, the hunt for the perfect first Halloween costume is really tricky.   In the end, I went with something that is cute, adorable, and funny.   And it has a tail.   But you’ll have to wait for Halloween to see the goods.   Beanie likes to keep secrets.

What are YOU being for Halloween?   If you’ve got one, what are you dressing your child up as for Halloween?

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42 Thoughts to “HalloBean”

  1. Nate's Mom

    I bet Beanie is the *best* secret keeper, especially since I’m thinking he can’t coherently talk yet! 🙂 Nate is going to be Indiana Jones and his dad is going to be Indy’s dad ala Sean Connery. Cannot wait! We finally got all the pieces for Nate’s costume and spent way more than we would have if we’d bought a pre-made costume. (I still have to make his whip though…I’m thinking some rope and brown electrical tape should do the trick!) We’re pretty sure the pictures will be worth it!!

  2. Hilary

    My husband was Indiana Jones last year (yes, he still insists on dressing up for Halloween and puts more time into picking his costumes than he did picking a TUX for our WEDDING). Anyway, I totally understand the pressure of which you speak. Luckily, my sister bought my daughter a Wonder Woman onesie a few months before Halloween and bingo, we had our costume. Hubby is a SUPER comic book geek so I had to add the appropriate accessories: headband, arm bands, white stockings and red socks because they don’t make Wonder Woman’s red pleather boots in an infant’s size 2 (believe me, I looked). This year, she’ll be a ladybug which is a bit less inspired than Wonder Woman, but my mom got the costume at a children’s consignment sale for $5. Our children will soon learn that economics always trump originality in our house. Sad but true.

  3. I want so badly to find a pumpkin costume for my son, Jack. I think every year for the rest of his trick-or-treating life he should dress up as a JACK-o-lantern. Or maybe we can change it up each year…a jack-o-lantern, a jack hammer, a jack-in-the-box, a Jackson (as in Andrew Jackson, as in a $20 bill). Hmmmm, the list is endless really. Though, I can’t think of anything else, so maybe it is endless. And that last one was kind of lame. 🙂

    1. Katie

      Any baby named Jack should go as a JACK-o-lantern at least once!! DO IT!

  4. Kelly

    Amelia is going to be a giraffe, but my husband really wanted her to be Yoda. Unfortunately, like you, it wasn’t available (at least in her size).

    A few years ago, Target had a Squid costume for infants. I came *thisclose* to buying one when it went on clearance, but 1) I didn’t have a baby yet (and wasn’t planning on it anytime soon), and 2) I wasn’t sure what size my baby would be at Halloween once it was conceived and finally born. It was the greatest costume EVAR.

  5. Andie

    I love those funny costumes for the bean 😀
    I’d go with the air freshner, though I did like Yoda!
    I’m going to zombiecon here in NYC so I figured I’d attempt to dress up as those zombie nurses in Silent Hill.

  6. I have no baby to dress up. I contemplated buying costumes for our dogs, but decided that’s possibly crossing the line into true crazy dog person. Spending money just so you can take a picture of your dog that will be miserable and trying to hide under the bed? Yeah…

    My husband and I were thinking about going to a party this year but I hate the pressure of trying to come up with something to be- I like funny and original costumes. None of that pre-packaged sexy devil, sexy cat, sexy nurse stuff.

    So instead we decided to go on a backpacking trip Halloween weekend to a place-get this- called Blood Mountain! Sounds perfect, right? I hope I don’t get too scared!!

    1. Katie

      Uhhhh…. I dressed my dogs up every year. 🙂

  7. Toni S.

    Well, Autumn (9) is going as a cowgirl. Audrey (4) is going as a half angel/half devil. (Yep, that sweet little thing in the pic on Facebook) It is soo her personality, LOL We (the adults) also dress-up. I am going as a night fairy, black leggings, black shirt, black wings, then decorating with stars all over. Jason (the hubby) will come up with something last minute. We are also going to a party with an 80’s theme. Not sure what to do for that! Any ideas?

  8. I’m going as “Devil’s Mistress,” It’s a red velvet and mesh– yes, mesh– dress. I’m going trick or treating with my hubby’s nephew (none of my own, sadly, but not for lack of trying!!) and he’s dressing up as a “witch’s brew,” (he’s four) and the “pot” is going to surround him so it looks like he’s in the pot, too. There’s a flap so he can put his candy in the pot with him. “So I can be extra sweet.”

  9. Sarah

    I think Emma and I are going costume hunting tomorrow. She is just about as bad as I am with decision making, however. She wanted to be a “purple princess” which we realized meant wearing the purple dress-up dress that she already owns. Thrifty, sure. Boring, definitely. So, then we’ve looked at various princess costumes at Target and then at BJ’s, and I just can’t bring myself to pay $30 for such a cheap piece of fake satin. Especially when I got her official Disney World Tinkerbell dress at Once Upon a Child for $5. It’s LOVELY. Nicer than my prom dresses. But once we introduced the idea of getting something “new” to wear for Halloween, she can’t decide between Aurora, or Minnie Mouse or Ariel. So, in conclusion, we are going to search Once Upon a Child(s) tomorrow to see what we find. I’m not holding my breath this late in the game, but who knows? Emma doesn’t seem to care as long as it’s pretty and fancy.

  10. Ohh you should have gotten him a bean costume, like a peapod. They are cute and would be appropriate for his name. But I’m excited to see what you came up with anyway.
    I think I’d like to go as a crossing guard or a construction worker because I have this really tacky bright orange vest (for work) that I could use for it but I’m not so sure if I’ll do the halloween thing this year due to scheduling conflicts. Sad.

  11. i was going to suggest the bean or pea pod costume too, since his name is beanie! AJ’s first halloween he was a pumpkin/jack-o-lantern because Jasey calls him Pumpkin Head, so we had to do it.

    I usually make our costumes, it’s so much fun! last year AJ was the cutest ever Harry Potter, Jasey dressed up as The Cat in The Hat and I was Thing One.

    This year AJ is going to be Handy Manny, i’m almost done making it, but i don’t think husband and I are dressing up since we’ll just be bringing home the new baby at that time. For the new baby i just got a My First Halloween onesie. can’t wait to see pics of the bean.

  12. Megan E

    Eli’s probably going to be a garden gnome. . . if mommy can get her act together. The odds are not in our favor.

  13. Nate's Mom

    There’s a lot of costumes on onestepahead.com, including a really cute pumpkin one! Megan – a garden gnome is BRILLIANT!

  14. Bailey was a Devil for his 1st Halloween.

  15. I am agonizing over this as well! My husband wants to dress our 3 month old up as Batman and he will be Robin. I love the Indy and Indy Sr. idea though! I may have to steal it:)

  16. So, no kids of my own, but I bought my Star-Wars-fanatic friends the Yoda for their infant from this site: http://www.zoogstercostumes.com/landing/infant.php Believe they still have them, and I had no problems.

    No clue what I’ll be myself, but my favorite year was definitely when a group of us went as different Barbie-dolls my freshman year of college (price tag and all). The irony was that I was Hawaiian Tropic barbie, and I’m BRILLIANTLY Irish white. Also, $19.99 was a bad price. We thought our graduation year from HS was cute, but college guys all have a $20 in their pocket…

  17. I thought about the elephant and hippo for Sam as well. My favorite I found online was the porcupine actually, but I didn’t feel like paying 40 bucks plus shipping. We went with the dalmation from Old Navy. It’s cute. Can’t wait to see the Bean’s costume!

  18. Kelly H

    I am not dressing up for Halloween, but we give out candy and have a big fire pit, roast marshmellows, and drink lots of wine with our neighbors that night while we give out candy. I am sure whatever you pick for Bean will be cute.
    PS. I believe in dressing up dogs for Halloween too!

  19. Meghan

    For our son’s first Halloween, he was a hillbilly. It all came about because we had found a hysterical pacifier (http://www.billybobpacifiers.com), and so all dressed up as hillbillies. I, too, was torn between something funny and something cute for his FIRST HALLOWEEN, but we had fun with the more unique idea. There were a gazillion baby dogs/monkies/elephants/whatever-cute-animals-you-can-name at the parties we went too, so we definitely stood out! The next year, we went with a cute pirate costume, and he was even able to say “Argh” when we opened the door for trick-or-treaters.

    This year, the same son (now 3 1/2) decided he wants to be the UPS guy (yes, they make that costume), so his 5 month old brother is going to be a UPS package for his first Halloween. We’re going to use a white onesie and attach a UPS shipping label to it…..probably some brown packing tape too. And we have a big box for him to sit in. Our wagon is turning into a UPS truck for trick or treating, and my husband and I are even going to have UPS shirts too.

    I’m personally a fan of the unique, funny baby costumes, but have fun with whatever you choose!

  20. Amanda

    We are dressing our 14-month old son, Cameron, up as a penguin. We probably won’t dress ourselves since Jason is working that night.

  21. Sue V.

    He needs to be a Beenee Weenee Can (google images) You will need to find some reddish brown felt, and someone who can paint.

    If you happen to have more than one child, and one of them is still under 25lbs, the M&M costume works great.
    Get a large piece of felt (in an M&M color), enough to cut out two 16″ circles. On one of the circles paint a lowercase m. Put the plain circle ontop of the painted circle (once dry). Sew or glue the two piece together leaving a 3 inch opening for turning out. Turn out, add a little batting, sew or glue opening shut. This can now be pinned to the front of baby’s clothes (matching sweatsuit is cute), or a baby front pack carrier and you are hands free to help older children trick or treat.

  22. Jenny

    Will (2) is going to be a bumble bee. Last year he was the cutest little red devil with wings. He may end up always being something with wings. I don’t know why, but I find it irresistible.
    I love the suggestion to make Bean and bean pod. I actually thought of the same thing as a possibility for Will last year since I call him Sweet Pea. Isn’t Halloween fun?!

  23. Heather O.

    Keeley (5) wants to be a princess yet again this year. We got her costume last year at Cracker Barrel. Yeah … they have costumes! And they are well made which I didn’t mind paying $20 for. Dallas (20 months) I have no idea. I got his from Cracker Barrel as well. Loved it. No idea about this year for us adults….

  24. Mellissa

    OMG that elephant costume is so adorable! These are all great ideas… if only I had the kiddos to put in these costumes 😉 I will definitely file these away for the future!

  25. Stephanie Hannum

    I am almost crying laughing at the air freshener and whoopie cushion €” those have my vote! So much so that I googled the whoopie cushion costume for adults because I would be cracking myself up all night long if that was my costume!! 🙂

  26. HA! Last year I contemplated the adult version of the air freshener for my husband and I. I decided that it was too weird. But man, it made me laugh!

    This year the hubs and I are going as “Tweets”. Ok, super dorky, but definitely a reference everyone we know will get! I’m making us t-shirts that say “What are you doing” and we’ll have velcro words like megnetic poetry to velcro in different arrangements on our shirts. Then to complete the outfit we’ll wear matching sweats and white baseball hats with the twitter bird on them.

  27. Zoey was the cutest damn lady bug last year and this year she will be the cutest damn M&M… I might want to eat her… bean will be adorable in whatever costume you get cause he is adorable no matter what he is in! but i understand the pressure… if it hadn’t been for free costumes i wouldn’t know what to do…

  28. Have you seen the baby costume ideas on Martha Stewarts site? In her Halloween magazine this year she had the baby as an owl (see it in the link below) and the mom dressed as a bird watcher. I know you’ll find something wonderful. Oh and the best part of these is most of them are no sew, all you need is fabric glue!

  29. I have 3 little ones and their going to be Spiderman, Cinderella, and a monkey for the 15month old! I bet whatever you choose for Bean will be adorable!!!!

  30. Julia


    weird and adorable costume article on huffpost…ok most of them are weird..HOWEVER

    there is a lobster in a pot thats pretty cute.

  31. Donna

    My daughter was a spider last year when she was about 4 mos old and this year she will be a witch. My 10 year old is a zombie…

    You know the Bean, could be a bean…

  32. Adrienne

    This year we are going as Slash and Axel from Guns N Roses. Last year, we were hilbillies – husband wore jorts, work boots, and a mullet wig – it was fantastic.

    I wore a deviled egg costume one year – an egg that had horns and a tail – could be unique for the beanie. Just some white and yellow (for the yolk) felt and you could deconstruct a devil horn headband and tail and superglue to the oval felt piece. Underneath he could wear read to complete the “deviled” look.

  33. Adrienne

    Red – not read. Sorry!

  34. Oh my goodness, how convenient, The Huffington Post did a post about this today too! Check out the little lobster pot, he’s my favorite! 😛


  35. Michelle Uhlfelder

    Henry is going as a lion- I just got in the mail yesterday and it’s SO CUTE!!!! http://www.justkidcostumes.com/lil-lion-elite-collection-infant-toddler-costume.html I highly recommend it!!! NOTE: you can find it for $45 on costumeexpress.com (i think that’s the site…) or another costume site- much cheaper than just kids. 😉 GOOD LUCK!

  36. Sarah H.

    I’m totally bummed about the sold out Yoda costume 🙁 Is there another holiday you can buy it for when it comes back in stock? I hope so!! haha

  37. Jennifer

    for my sons first halloween I just dressed him up in a black outfit with bats and a full moon on it – I couldn’t bring myself to have him drowning in a massive costume that would only make him overheated at a halloween party. I was so glad I did that too, his friend (well, he was 7 months and the friend was 9 months… they /kinda/ knew each other!) was a purple dinasour and was VERY unhappy about all that material.

    The nex year I went simple again and got him a cute pumpkin sweatshirt – none of the stuffing, just a pumpkin face on the front and a stem on the litte hoodie. 😉

    This year I decided he could handle a real costume, but in order to avoid over-thinking I just picked up a costume at a garage sale over the summer, he’s gonna be a white cow with black spots. He love singing “Old MacDonald” and making the animal sounds so even if it isn’t “trendy” I know he’ll enjoy it. 🙂

    As for myself… I havn’t dressed up in a long time, but I’m gonna this year! NOT as a cow or a farmer (tempting to coordinate with the kiddo… but not happening this year) – My husband is a (clean) manga fan, and one of his shows is being made into a live-action film next year (Avatar:The Last Airbender) and I’m going as one of the main characters there. Easy, fun, good looking costume (a particular hairstyle, blue choker, and blue outfit – I’m a water magician of sorts) that will be good publicity for one of our fav cartoons. 🙂

  38. Oh, I can’t wait to see him in his costume! They really are cute, all of them, and I’m sure you made the right decision, whichever one you chose!

  39. My mom recently found my middle school chorus neck bow, and it inspired me to dress up as a stewardess! I have a pencil skirt, sensible shoes, and a rolling suitcase, now all I need is a little hat. 🙂
    My 3 year-old has decided on his own costume this year, which will be Buzz Lightyear. He’ll be wearing a BL pajama top, but we’re making his helmet (crossing fingers).
    Our infant’s costume hasn’t been decided yet.

  40. Marissa

    My son’s first Halloween (born in January) so he was 9 months old – I bought him a foot ball costume. That way I could put warm clothes under and I smeared some black under his yes to make him look tough. He was adorable. And it was easy and not confining, he was able to move!

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