321LIFT OFF!!!

Early this morning, Chris and I loaded up his sister, Annie, and Bean Man and we drove an hour outside of Orlando to Cape Canaveral for the Discovery shuttle launch.  It was really awesome.  It would have to be in order for me to get up at 4:00 AM.

We brought you guys along with us because misery loves company.  Now, the video is kind of long, but be sure you at least stick around to hear the sound that the shuttle made when it took off.  It was AMAZING. Also, be sure you watch long enough to see me fall into a hole while I’m filming. Good times.


After the shuttle launch as we were driving home, we passed these clouds left by the gases the shuttle gave off.  Isn’t pollution pretty?

So, all things considered, not a bad way to start the day.  Not that I want to do this every morning, but it was worth it to see that happen.  Especially when the NASA space program seems to be on its way out the door.  At least I can tell Bean that he saw one of the last shuttle launches.  And that he squealed like a little girl during take off.  I’m sure he’ll appreciate this story when he’s about sixteen…

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45 Thoughts to “321LIFT OFF!!!”

  1. That is awesome! So I have one question…Did you get your Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit??

  2. Loved that you shared this with us– I have never seen a shuttle lift off. I especially loved your comments about getting Chick-Fil-A Chicken biscuits!
    Oh, and by the way I am in your old neck of the woods. We went to visit my husband’s grandmother in Wappingers Falls, NY and flew into Hartford, CT on Friday. My first trip to CT— the people have been so nice:)

  3. Thanks for sharing your moment with us!

  4. Elise

    Okay, that was pretty awesome. And the very beginning of the video was fabulous. 😉

  5. Carrie

    That was awesome.. It felt like we were there with you… I even got goosebumps!!!

  6. I think my favorite part was chris filming you all sleepy, haha. Thanks for keeping that part in!

  7. cathy

    We watched it once from New Smyrna Beach floating in the water. It was amazing! Glad you got to go.

  8. Kristin

    Great video! I liked how the other parents were asking their son if he could see that. Was it possible for him to NOT see it? Anyway, loved seeing the video. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Rachael

      “You see that Elijah?”
      “Are you watching Elijah?”

      1. Katie

        Chris’ favorite part is when the kid says, “That’s fast” and the dad says, “That’s beyond fast.” Chris has gone around saying “that’s beyond fast” all day today!

  9. Absolutely jealous. IT looks like a bomb went off. Amazing!!

  10. Whitney

    I watched it from my backyard and I thought it was louder than most of the other launches! So awesome! My husband works on the space shuttle and my 2 year knows that. After it went up he said ‘bye daddy’ thinking he was on it! So funny! Glad you guys made it through all the traffic to see it!

    1. I thought it was super loud too! We live in N.Merritt Island and it sounded like an explosion!

  11. It looks like so much fun… Very very cool.

    Marla @ http://www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

  12. I watched with my kids…they thought it was cool, too. We have seen the shuttle launches from New Smyrna as well. What I love about that is that at the time of the launch, and ten minutes before or so, you can look up and down the beach and it is full of people, all different kinds of people, who are gathered for the same thing. It’s a pretty neat experience. A unified gathering. I’m goofy, I know.

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! The only other launch I have ever seen was about ten years ago on a cable news channel when I was experiencing a bad case of insomnia. Your video was much better, especially hearing everyone’s reactions and hearing the sound the rocket it made. So thanks for documenting this from a girl when she was little wished she could be Sally Ride.

  14. Meredith

    Incredible. I wanted (well still want) to be an astronaut. Gosh, I wish I could have been there. Thanks for posting the video. I hope you had an awesome time and got some chicken biscuits! (btw, what are chicken biscuits? I’m from MA and I’ve never heard of said chicken biscuits).

    1. Katie

      NEVER HEARD OF CHICKEN BISCUITS?!?!? Get thee to the South! A chicken biscuit is like a sausage biscuit, but its got chicken instead. Usually its fried chicken on a biscuit, if you’re really in the south. Or in Chris’ grandmother’s kitchen.

  15. Jen

    thank you so much for posting the video. gave me goosebumps seeing that so I can’t imagine actually being there. very neat! 🙂

  16. Very cool…I’m glad you brought us along! I’m also a space nerd and would gladly attend space camp…yup I said it.


  17. Yep, that was awesome. Makes me a little disappointed that I’ll never get to see one. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so bright. It was like the sun was rising incredibly fast.

  18. wow. that was really awesome and cool.

  19. Andie

    Wow thanks for posting this! That was amazing. I’m such a space nerd I would have loved to have witness this in person(too far though)
    I really want to try those chicken biscuit things btw.

  20. EmilyC

    That was a great video! I was just waking up when my mom who lives beside me, bangs on my door, camera in hand and says “Emily, I think a star exploded or something! You’ve got to come out here and look at the sky!” LOL She didn’t know there was a launch and just saw the bright light and the funky clouds. It was pretty funny. 🙂

  21. Pollution is beautiful!

    I had a science teacher in high school who always talked about how gorgeous sunsets and sunrises are the result of pollution, so now I always feel weird being like – so pretty!

    There’s a metaphor in there somewhere, but I’m not that deep of a commenter.

  22. That was so awesome! I hope you got your chicken biscuit. I’m a chicken-minis gal myself.

  23. Gerri

    Amazing post!

  24. Loved the video! I grew up in Titusville (yes…feel free to feel sorry for me) and now live in NC. I traveled down for Easter weekend to see my family but unfortunately couldn’t stay Monday for the launch. Thank you for sharing. As corny as it sounds it is really is a special thing you were able to witness. 😀

  25. Beth

    I got to see it in 94 from Cocoa Beach while on vacation. It was awesome!

  26. Very cool! I have seen launches from there as well. My dad works for space (well he works for a company that works in space) and he has launched his satellites from there. It was neat to see him in the control room all Apollo 13 like. Even though Bean won’t remember it, it is great that you took him to see that. It is a fond memory of my childhood.

  27. Sarah R.

    We were down at Disney and from our hotel rooms you could see the shuttle liftoff over the ball at Epcot. Pretty cool 🙂

  28. Sonya

    You two are just adorable! Oh, and the launch was cool too.

  29. Chloe

    This is so neat. Don’t you just love it when boys get these crazy ideas in their head? Oh, and chicken minis are the greatest gift the chicken has ever given me. Yummy!

  30. Krista

    I looked at the picture on facebook yesterday, but just had a chance to watch the video, thanks for sharing your journey. Living in CO I will probably never see a shuttle launch (although I did see a landing with my Dad was in the Air Force, trust me, not the same, but cool anyway.) This was pretty amazing, what a great memory for you and Chris.

  31. MistyK

    That is one of the best video’s i’ve ever seen. I love the begining and the line ‘Im not journing yet!’

  32. A chicken biscuit also makes me happy. Never seen a shuttle lift off… but that was really cool!

  33. That is SO cool! I wish I could have that experience.

  34. makes me want a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit… is that so wrong!?

  35. Ella

    What great memories you will have to tell your grand kids. Bean looks so cute – all bright eyed – taking it all in.

  36. Lisa

    We were lucky enough to be in Florida on spring break one year and got up at 4am to watch the Columbia launch. I have to say it was one of the most incredible experiences we’ve ever had. Both hubby and I are interested in space, he more than I in all the technical bits, so this is something we will both remember. Glad you were willing to get up for it!

  37. That was absolutely unbelievable! And I’m sure it was even more so in person.

    I’m sure you guys have been there but if not…the Smithsonian Air & Space museum hanger out at Dulles Airport is awesome. Chris and Bean would definitely love it. Chris would love all the space stuff and Bean would love it cause it’s big and open and he could run around…when he start walking that is.

    Thanks for documenting it for us!



  38. Kiele

    That was incredible, I love how the shuttle lit up the sky like it was day time!

    If Chris woke you up at 4 am, I think Chick-fil-A is rightfully deserved. Also pretty awesome that you could wear short sleeve shirts and shorts at that time in the morning!

  39. Margaret

    We watched by tv. I am envious of you being able to go and see it in person.

  40. OHMYGOSH! That was freaking awesome!!!!!

    The hubby and I were down in Orlando in Feb. We drove down to Cape Canaveral and then to Cocoa Beach. We stopped at the Raddison and that was the first time I’d ever seen the Atlantic Ocean. This Kansas girl thought it was pretty cool.

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