Survey Says

A couple months ago, I did a post full of random survey questions.  People seemed to really like to know what other families were doing out there behind closed doors, so I thought I’d try Round Two.

Like before, please vote before viewing the results (honor system, people!) and if something doesn’t apply to you or you don’t want to answer something, just skip the question and move on to the next.  Remember that your answers are completely anonymous.  Even I can’t see who votes for what or what people’s answers are.

Okay, on your mark…

Get set…


[poll id=”3″]

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[poll id=”10″]

[poll id=”9″]

[poll id=”7″]

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[poll id=”14″]

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36 Thoughts to “Survey Says”

  1. Ooh, that was fun. Though I was in the minority in almost every question’s results, so now I feel all weird and outcast-y. That’s okay though, now I know I’m a unique reader.

    Is anyone else remembering a childhood “unique snowflake” conversation right now? Just me? See, told you I was unique.

  2. Loved this! what an awesome idea. I think it is so cool to be able to learn about your readers 🙂

    1. Katie

      Me, too! I think its because I’m nosy! 🙂

  3. kk

    one more question to pose.

    Bean is cute:
    Stinkin Yes
    No, I just came to read the Man Cave.


  4. I would like to defend myself, I only do not vote because the US government says that because I am not a citizen I can’t vote and the Canadian government says that I can’t because I’m not a resident. So I’m in political involvement no-mans land. And it drives me insane. I try to bribe people who wouldn’t vote to go vote for my choices. I’m probably going to ask the town for a special exception so I can vote on how my resident tax dollars get spent in the town. Clearly I’m very much a weirdo… and I don’t care what colour my M&Ms are… I prefer smarties anyways (the Canadian m&m-like candy not the compressed sugar tablets).

  5. This was fun 🙂 It’s like a little demographic survey of your readers.

  6. Hey I think you need to up date your “eat out” poll. My hubby and I only eat out maybe once a month. I bet there are more people who are the same way.

    LOVE your blog. <3

    1. Katie

      Oh, yeah. I forgot the more than and less than options! Oops.

    2. I was going to say the same thing! Wish it was once a week! (which is what I said)

  7. I was surprised by how many people that don’t have children who read your blog,I guess we are all living vicariously.. to me this is the pink elephant so I’m just gonna say it: to the people who make over 100k.. wow. and kudos.

    1. Kim

      I think the over $100K really varies depending on what region you live in. Not to be a showoff, but my husband and I together make over $100k. Here in CA we are on the middle to lower end of the spectrum with it going way, way up from there. Also if one of us were to be laid off we’d be at half that. We make about the same money.

      1. It’s true. In NYC, 100K barely qualifies you as middle class, if that’s the total household income.

  8. With two little munchkins with behavior similar to Bean’s these days… we eat OUT in a restaurant once a month! But thank goodness for weekend carryout.

  9. Fun stuff!! It’s neat to see how others live/think.

    Wish I knew what a date night was!! 🙁


  10. Kim

    Hi – this was fun. I agree with Leslie, I only eat out once a month or so. Good survey otherwise.

  11. I am all about a survey! Thanks for wanting to know us better!

  12. Wow so many people make a lot of $$

  13. Love this..b/c I am also nosy. I feel like a pig/lazy for eating out so much.

  14. How fun! I’m so normal it’s SCARY!

  15. Candy

    I was interested to see that the majority do not have personal blogs. I always felt I was in a minority because I read but don’t blog!

    1. Zoe

      My thoughts exactly. It’s also interesting to see that the majority of people don’t have children. I don’t, and thought I was in the minority for that too. Perhaps there’s just a vocal minority commenting here, hehe 😛

  16. I couldn’t answer the one about going out to eat because there was no option for ZERO, or less than once a week. 😀

  17. I think it’s amazing you had nearly 1000 people vote! But of course only 26 comments.

    1. Katie

      What’s even funnier is almost 2,000 people visit the post yesterday! YOU GUYS ARE SLACKERS!!!! 🙂

  18. Oh and I think it would be interesting to ask how many times do you eat our for lunch? I feel like we eat out more for lunch–on weekends, and maybe once during the week with coworkers–but can go weeks with out eating out for dinner.

  19. That was fun! The answers were interesting, but it’s even more interesting to know why you chose the questions that you did?!!
    Am off to look at the first survey you did, I must have missed that one.

    1. Katie

      We picked questions by Chris and I laying around on our couch wondering weird details about all of you guys. Like, “I wonder if any of them eat only one color M&M like me?” or “I wonder how many guys are reading about your pregnancy weight loss?” We’re HIGHLY scientific around these parts. 🙂

      1. Kate

        I just read an article about pregnancy weight loss! ivillage?

  20. I gave the best answer available for the M&M question but my actual answer would have been. ‘No, I eat all the colors but I eat them in a specific order’. I actually do this with all candies that come in multiple colors. I also eat them down so that I have the same number of all colors in my hand. so i think i voted that i was ‘normal’ but we can all tell from this post that i obviously am not. also eating in a restaurant once a week is a little more then we actually do but it’s was the best estimate. it was fun thanks!!!

    1. having trouble with my link but i think it’s better now 🙂

    2. Jennifer

      I do the same thing. I eat them in order from least favorite color to most favorite.

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