Southern Weddings: Managing Your Marriage and Your Money

Hey guys!  Come visit me today over at my favorite wedding magazine, Southern Weddings. This month I answered a reader’s question about managing money when you first get married.  Its complicated.  Its tricky.  But, hey!  Its only money, right?

And while you’re there, be sure to check out the delicious wedding details the lovely ladies of publishing are highlighting this week.  My personal favorite?  The gospel choir at the South Carolina wedding.  Made me say, “AMEN!” in my living room.

Also, if you’ve got a question about marriage or weddings that you’d like answered, feel free to leave it in the comments here.  I’m always looking for my next topic!

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9 Thoughts to “Southern Weddings: Managing Your Marriage and Your Money”

  1. Just read your post on the SW blog, and can I just say.. er plead rather, Marry me Katie?? I absolutely adore your posts over there (and here!) never a dull take on otherwise weary topics. Bravo!

    – Tracey

  2. just read your post on SW blog, loved it and appreciated it! my hubs and i are tackling the joining of the finances slowly but surely – we both have very different ideas so and advice is helpful! love your blog and will be a new follower!! 🙂

  3. Okay, now I’m laughing at myself, because obviously you’re answering a question, but when I read it I thought to myself “well, it’s kind of weird how she phrased that first sentence.”

    Yes, first my inability to answer a few questions grammatically and now this.

    I also doubt my intelligence.

  4. Just hopped over to the SW blog and I loved your post over there! My boyfriend and I are still just dating, and we aren’t planning on living together, so it’s not a conversation we’ve tackled much, but we’re in pretty much the exact same situation you described of how you and Chris started out, and it was nice to see the types of conversations we should be having, when/if the time comes.

    Smart and informative! You’re the best 🙂

  5. Courtney

    Hey Katie,

    I don’t have a question about marriage but about new moms. Are there any books you read and might recommend for a young couple about to have their first baby? My cousin who is 23 is having a baby boy in July. Thanks.

  6. I so appreciated your column. My boyfriend and I have gone through a similar financial issue. He is paying off some debt of his own, although a smaller amount than what you mentioned. It’s something we want taken care of before we marry. Glad to hear we aren’t the only ones!

    LOVE that wedding post! I opened up a Word document after reading it to write down some ideas (love that people wrote well wishes on the bottom of her shoes). I’ll be using it when the time comes!

  7. Your post is soooo true. When I married the first time I was young and dumb– which meant I figured my s.o. felt the same way I did about money– that it was something you work for and save. But no he thought it was something that you spent every chance you could and never saved and sometimes never paid the bills. I ended up in a big financial mess after we divorced (we had been married 8 years). Then I was a single mom of 2 children which made things even worse.
    When I met my current husband he got me on the right track. I had just went to a Dave Ramsey seminar and so I knew I needed to pay off the debt and start over. I went through a debt consolidation service, plus I paid off all of my student loans, and my car. So when Jason and I married 2 years later we were in good shape. It has been 4 years of marriage and we have our retirement fund growing, our savings account growing, and we still get to take vacations.
    I just hope that more young couples realize what you realized, that debt is not the way to go!!

  8. I am scared to read your article because I know that it will lead me to think about Aaron’s and my money situation and I will then become stressed and angry. And that will only lead to me drowning my money sorrows in ice cream and/or cupcakes.

    1. Katie

      Pashaw! It’s not scary!

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