Bean vs. Mickey

Some friends of ours from Connecticut are vacationing at Disney this week and they invited us to meet them for breakfast at their hotel.

But it wasn’t just any breakfast.

This was a character breakfast, where the Disney characters walk through the restaurant and dance and play with the kids.

My friend, Ann, told me that her son, Nater Tater, had seen the characters this week while they’ve been at the park and so far he had been a little under impressed with them.

“This guy again?”

So, I was anxious to see how Bean would react.

First, we joined in the parade around the restaurant with all the other kids and characters.  I danced Bean through that entire place like an idiot and barely got a grin out of him, but then one Disney employee gave him a shaker and you would have thought the Heavens had rained down Lucky Charms.  Bean thought it was the greatest gift ever.

We also got leis, but Bean was less impressed by those…

And Nater Tater was like, “Leis?  Shakers?  Please.”

Thank goodness the characters started making their rounds to our table.

I waited to see how Bean would react to these giant, moving stuffed animals…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


Bean loved them!  He squealed and giggled and pointed and just had a grand ol’ time.

Nater Tater was a little more grounded.

“Dude,” he said to Bean.  “These guys are everywhere.  I think they, like, stalk me or something.”

“Excused me,” said Nate.  “Could I get some more eggs, please?”

But since this was Bean’s first encounter, he was still pretty star struck.

Oh my gosh, Dad.  That’s LILO standing next to us.”

“I love your work.”

He was a little less sure about Stitch.  I think it was his ears.

Or it could have been that Stitch kept sniffing him.

“Hey, back off!  Mom just changed me, like, five minutes ago.  It ain’t me, bro.”

And then Pluto showed up…

…and ate Chad.

So, Nater Tater had to get a little rough with him.

“Back off my Dad, yo.”

And all of this must have freaked Bean out a little because he didn’t want much to do with Pluto.  Apparently, Bean draws the line with the giant, life-sized stuffed animals start eating people.

But we all pulled it together in the end.

“Look, Bean,” said Nater Tater.  “You just have to show ’em whose boss.”

All in all, it was a fantastic morning.

Bean Man had such a good time seeing his friend Nater Tater.  They were in the same class together at daycare in Connecticut and I think they’ve missed each other.  I know Ann and I have!

After breakfast, we said goodbye to our friends and headed back home.  It was a little sad leaving the park.  It was so good to see people from back home in Connecticut, and I for a split second I got that sinking feeling I had when we first moved here a month ago.  That spinning out of control feeling that says, “I just want to go home.”

But then my phone rang and it was my Dad asking if he and my mom could stop by and see Beanie that night.  And with that one call, my head quit spinning and I remembered why we made this move.  And why we are so glad to live in the happiest place on Earth.

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25 Thoughts to “Bean vs. Mickey”

  1. I still don’t think I’ver ever seen a baby as photogenic as Bean. Just so adorable.
    I have never been to Disney. So deprived!!!

  2. I shots of him smiling are adorable – though completely incomprehensible, as all characters are frightening and creepy.

  3. Kat

    The diaper smelling comment literally made me spit my tea because I was laughing so hard.

  4. Love it! Bean did really good with all the stuffed characters. Goofy was kind of scary. LOL!

  5. So cute! I can’t wait to do that with Porter someday! And I guess Aaron, too…

  6. So jealous! We live up in Boston, so a trip to Orlando will have to wait until Rohan is 4 or 5. I wish I could just pop in for breakfast! The pictures of Bean are great, but I got to agree with Megan – creep-eee. 🙂

  7. SO CUTE! It’s pictures like these that get my baby-making desires going. Now if I could only get my husband on board… 🙂

  8. Love the last photo of Bean with his lei on and the one of him and Chris. Such a fun breakfast!

  9. Stephanie Neal

    So cute!!!

  10. So adorable!!! I love those expressions you caught – so unbelievably cute.

  11. That last picture of Bean just makes me smile. He is so cute!

  12. Tressa

    What a fun breakfast!

    I’m glad your Dad called at just the right time 😉

    of course, LOVE THE PICTURES!!!

  13. Lisa

    Ahhhhhhh he’s adorable!!! Looks like a fun breakfast, I lovvvvve Stitch!

  14. Heather in ND


  15. What a fun time! I’ve never been to Disney World (or Land) and hope we can take our kids someday!

    I don’t blame him for not liking Stitch, he would freak my kids out too!

  16. I’m glad Bean enjoyed the breakfast. I did this when I was little and it was the WORST experience ever. My mom said I jumped up and ran out of the room screaming. 🙂

  17. What an adorable get together! I’m glad you (and Bean!) got to see your friends and that the characters didn’t freak Bean out. 🙂 I LOVE that breakfast — we went for a couple of my friend’s birthdays when I lived down there (and we were 20…) and I think that one is the best.

  18. That first photo of Bean in the lei is priceless. It’s like he’s thinking, You have GOT to be kidding me!

  19. How fun! I am so jealous you live so close to Disney World I am dying to go back. (Haven’t been since I was 4!) Bean is adorable as always. Love the photo of him in his lei! 🙂 I’m pretty sure my son would have freaked out at the characters.

  20. Mel

    I went to Disney a few summers ago with a friend and her two kids. Her baby was about Bean’s age at the time and she was totally in love with Stitch. Every time we saw him she would freak out and start squealing and giggling. We ended up booking a breakfast at the Polynesian Hotel to meet Stitch up close. She was in heaven the whole time and it was adorable. Also, the food was pretty amazing!

  21. How wonderful that you got to see your friends!! The kids are adorable.

  22. Ella

    Cute post! Thats great you got to catch up with your friends. We hope to take a trip to disneyland – we live in Australia so it will be a big holiday for us (& expensive!).We picked up some brochures the other day.

  23. Peachy

    Love this. Cool pics and great captions!

    btw….I have a Nater Tater. He is 11 and now prefers to be called Tater Tot. 🙂

  24. 1) CUTE! I know I’m a little late and you already knew it, but CUTE!

    2) The Poly is our favorite hotel. We statyed there on our honeymoon, 1st anniversary and we’re booked again for September. We’re going to Ohana for breakfast, too. Question: Did you feel as though the place had its own smell? Like, the entire building? That smell is so evocative for me. It’s not particularly pleasant, but I’d bottle it if I could.


    Too cute!!


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