A Boy and His Swing

Since the first day we came home from the hospital, Bean has been in love with his swing.  That first week at our house with Bean was exhausting and if it hadn’t been for that swing, I don’t know if I could have made it through.

And as the months passed, Bean’s love for his swing only deepened.

But Bean is now almost eleven months old.  The kid weighs 20 pounds.  He’s practically shaving.  I think its time to kick the habit.

We have continued using the swing for so long because for a while it was the only way to get Bean to take a nap.  But he has started taking his naps in his crib now.  And when we put him in his swing these days, he sits up and rides it like a ride.

That’s cute and all, but I’m afraid he’s going to face plant any day now.

And besides that, he’s just too darn big.  The swing groans and moans now when you turn it on with Bean in it.  It squeaks and creaks as it moves side to side so much that I have to turn the swing off.  But Bean still doesn’t want to get out.  Instead, he sits in the still swing and rocks himself side to side until he gets it swinging again.

Plus, I have to pull the legs of the swing so far apart now to support this giant child and it just takes up too much room in our tiny living room now.

Naturally, Bean is devastated by the thought of losing his favorite toy.

I’m not thrilled at the idea of taking it down either.  That swing has been in our house since Bean arrived.  If I take it down now, it’ll be like admitting that Bean is…(gulp)…growing up.  And that’s just a terrible reality to face.

But, alas, I think it is time.  It would be awkward to have to set up the swing in Bean’s college dorm room.

So, tonight Chris is going to take down the swing.  And Bean is going to cry.  And I’m going to cry.  And Chris will have to calm us both down with ice cream.

Gosh, I hate growing up.

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27 Thoughts to “A Boy and His Swing”

  1. I know more than a few engineering types who would have spent way too much time making themselves a swing like that for their college dorm room.

  2. Very cute pictures!! That swing seems awesome, MAYBE they just need to make bigger swings…OR how old does Bean have to be to go to the park and swing on baby swings? Maybe he can do that now that you live in the land of nice days 🙂

  3. PattyHo

    I know you have heard it many times but it never gets old… so… MAN, that kid is cute!

    My son did the same thing with his swing. I was searching the internet to find out if they came in a stage 2 or something when, at 9 months, he stopped wanting it so much. Just in the nick of time.

    What flavor ice-cream will you drop your tears into? ha ha.

  4. Dang. That kid can give some impressive dirty looks! And yet, he looks so stinkin’ cute doing it!

  5. Emma

    Girl I feel your pain. Everytime I have to put away my daughters clothes that she has outgrown I feel like I might cry. And dont even get me started on the first birthday. Can you say tranquilizers?!!! I kid… but no seriously.

  6. Heather in ND

    Awww… lovin’ the strawberry blonde hair! 🙂 What sorta swing is that?????

  7. Rebekah M.

    maybe chris should take down the swing when your & bean are both asleep. i think that would be for the best 🙂

  8. Jones

    Maybe he needs one of those door-frame jumper things. Moving on up from the swing to the bungee cord! 🙂

  9. looks like such a little boy!

  10. Adorable pictures… He looks so grown up.

    I mean, he looks like a little newborn. He’s totally not growing up, Katie.

    Marla @ http://www.asthefarmturns.wordpress.com

  11. Angela

    He looks so much like you now!
    What with the hair and everything.
    Poor Bean.
    On the bright side of things, he’s one of the most adorable looking kids ever.

  12. Diana

    Maybe it’s time to get something like this
    now that summer is coming. Do you have a tree in your yard?
    Those pictures of Bean are some of the best…adorable!

    1. Diana

      I meant to link to the toddler swing…but you get the idea 😉

  13. He is SO freakin adorable. I can’t believe how light his hair has gotten!


  14. I understand your sadness. I just had to pack away the jump-a-roo. Oh was that a sad day. It was good bye to a friend that my buggy loved and goodbye to a baby prison that I loved. Why do our babies have to grow up faster than our emotions?

  15. His hair has gotten so light! Is it all the Florida sunshine??

  16. Jennifer

    He is looking so much older. His face is really changing. :'( As a mom, I feel your pain!

  17. Jen

    He really looks like such a big boy. I can’t believe it!

  18. Ella

    I Like that first photo of you all resting. You could get one of those fisher price toddler swings. Beans hair is looking almost blonde now – such a cute little man! He has changed so much – i think its the hair color – in his tiny baby photos he looked really dark. My son was also born with thick dark hair but its still dark and looks like its going to curl 🙂 They grow up way too quick 🙁

  19. There are no words for how cute he is in those photos! Oh my! 🙂 My son was never big on his swing, and hadn’t used it in forever. I took it apart recently and put it out in our garage. Hopefully our next little one will enjoy it more… a long LONG time from now that is. 😉

  20. Is bean now a blonde? Turning into a little florida boy!

  21. Katie

    He’s growing so much! Such a cute and handsome boy!

  22. Awesome pictures-great expressions! I love this post. Growing up is sooo hard. But ice cream is soooo good.
    I do think you’re right…the swing in the dorm room would probably not go over well. Or it would be a hit…but you probably don’t want to find out. 🙂

  23. Beanie is getting blond! i thought he was going to stay a redhead like his momma.

    and gosh, i can’t believe how big he’s getting! it seems like just yesterday you were still pregnant, and now he’s almost a year old and can’t even fit in that darned swing. time flies..

  24. The obvious solution is an adult swing – and I would be the first in line, because that sounds like fun!

  25. Jessica

    I hope Bean’s last ride was fun!

  26. I just really can’t believe I’ve been reading your blog for 1 year now! I’ve absolutely enjoyed following your blog and watching you have Beanie and then the move and the beautiful tropical photos we now see to Ginnys wedding which was honestly one of the most gorgeous weddings!!! I really appreciate all your quippy little posts and funny stories. I love your humor and the way you tell stories! So anyway, thanks for blogging. Thanks for making me laugh. Thank you for showing adorable pictures of a cute baby. Thanks for letting me in on this journey for the last 12 months. If you ever make it to Oklahoma to see PDub, let me know so I can finally meet the Bean 🙂

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