Cars 2 Weekend

This past weekend, we took the fam to Downtown Disney for a promotional event for the upcoming Cars 2 movie. Bean is a professional Cars fan. He has the t-shirt, the PJs, the slippers, the toys, even Cars bed sheets. So, when we found out about Cars 2, we were pretty sure Bean would die of happiness. And then we heard about the Cars Master Weekend at Disney and we thought, “How sad. Bean is going to die of happiness before he even has a chance to see the new movie…”


For the actual event, you were supposed to get in line, get your ticket, and then you received access to the real, life-sized Cars characters for pictures. There were also other events and things you could participate in if you had a pass.



And being the incredibly patient, loving, and giving parents that we are, we went to Disney fully expecting to stand in line and let Bean do the whole shebang. But then we got there – 15 minutes before the event even started because we are patient, loving, and giving – and we found this incredible line standing in the direct sunlight and stretching clear across Downtown Disney.


So, we pulled an Easter Bunny and we decided to skip the line. I’m sure one day Bean will be old enough to tell us to get the heck in line and be patient like real adults, but for now, he simply smiles and says, “I love you, Mommy,” so I figure we have a while before we have to actually wait in lines for the real events. For now, our kid will just always be the one standing outside the event.


And besides, for this, you could still get really close to the cars and take your own pictures even if you didn’t have a ticket. You just couldn’t have them taken right next to the car by the professional photographers. Bean didn’t care.

(This is his not caring face.)


Who needs a professional photographer anyway? Chris did a fine job. See? There’s me. There’s Bean. And there’s some guy in red’s rear end. This one is totally frame-worthy.


After we saw the Cars characters, we strolled down the boardwalk for a while checking out stores and enjoying the sunshine.


Even Gracie had a good time.


We stopped in at RideMakerz, a new Disney store where you could build your own customized race car. It was pretty cool and I had to drag Chris and Bean kicking and screaming when it was time to go. Seriously. Chris really wanted a race car.




But they both got up off the floor when I told them we were going to go have lunch. Food has magical powers with my family. We ate at Earl of Sandwich and it was really nice to take a break from all that walking. Plus, Bean was getting tired and Gracie was getting hungry. In my book, that’s when it time to rest and regroup.






With full bellies, we laid Gracie down in the stroller…


…while we headed out to the Toy Story and then the Lego stores.






By this time, it was after one o’clock and, in Florida, that’s code for it’s time to get inside and take a nap until the sun decides to go bother some other state. So, we went home to take a nap until the sun decided to bother some other state. But not before we stopped at the raging waterfall with the dinosaurs. We thought Bean would love it, but I think he was too sleepy to even notice they were standing there.



So, take aways from this weekend:

1. Bean’s obsession with Cars will most definitely extend to an obsession with Cars 2.
2. I married a child. A large child who loves remote control cars. Oddly enough, this has never come up in our marriage before.
3. Gracie enjoys crowds and lots of activity.
4. Weekends are made for adventures.

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20 Thoughts to “Cars 2 Weekend”

  1. Oh Katie, posts like these make me want to move to Florida. And also buy my son all things Cars-related. We may be late on the Cars bandwagon but we just decided this week that Ez would enjoy that movie. His favorite words are TRUCK and CAR. But now I just want to move near Disneyworld.

  2. Sarah in CT

    This sounds and looks like so much fun! Wanna know what I noticed in all of these photos?? Chris’s Lenny and Joe’s shirt!! Yay for Connecticut shout-outs! Jon and I just satisfied our fried seafood craving there last weekend!

  3. Cindy In Owensboro, KY

    You and Chris are awesome parents! I really think that you made the right decision in not standing in the line, because if Bean didn’t care then why wait and wait and wait, which would have made the kids very grumpy. It looks like you had a great day. You make me jealous that you live somewhere that is so “kid” friendly!

  4. Amy

    Sounds like a great weekend! (I almost spit out my coffee at the comment about the “frame-worthy rear end”… hehe. You have such a beautiful family!

  5. I LOVE your purple shirt. So cute!

  6. Ella

    What a fun day! My little boy is also a huge cars fan & toy story fan as well. He would die of happiness if i took him to over to florida ( and so would i as we live in australia!) Its good to dream though!

  7. I love you Take Away #4…weekends most definitely are made for adventures!

  8. Rich went through a remote control car phase when Hayden was little too. Thankfully they both outgrew it at about the same time.
    I love that you take advantage of your locale!

  9. I am soooo stinking jealous of you guys! I want to live that close to Disneyworld…can I come live with ye in Florida??? I can mind Grace & Bean while you & Chris go to work 🙂 Mind them as in take them to Disney everyday 😉

  10. My (3-year-old) son just said, “Look Mommy…a parasaurolophus!” about the last pic with Chris and Bean. To say he loves dinosaurs is an understatement. Can’t wait to take him to Disney one day!

  11. Deana rooks

    We were there too! 🙂

  12. Bean looks so tanned and grown up! Florida obviously suits him 🙂

  13. I so agree. Skip the lines as long as possible. I would’ve done the exact same thing (as if you care).

  14. Jen

    My little guy would have died and gone to heaven if we could have gone to Florida to see that!!! He is a huge Cars fan…we are actually taking him to see Cars 2 in the theater for his first movie event…cant wait!
    Glad Bean had a good time!

  15. Claudia

    I am happy to report that I am 24 yr old young adult IN LOVE with Cars! My bff and I are already planning to take the afternoon off when the new movies comes out. I am also a huge Disney freak, so I have a season pass (I live in Cali). Whenever I go to California Adventure, I make sure to take a new picture with Mater and McQueen as they are always on display in the park. I am eager with anticipation for the opening of Cars Land in 2012. Sad, I know that I am 24 and just as excited as Bean about this =)

  16. Hey, you might as well get away with skipping the line while you can! Looks like you guys had a beautiful weekend. Downtown Disney is awesome…and free! I married a big kid too. Legos are his obsession. We have to set a strict budget before going into any Lego store. Not joking.

  17. How fun! The good news is, Bean & Levi can console each other one day in group counseling about their horrible parents who never waited in line for anything!

  18. Even though I know that I gave birth to only one child, I definitely feel like I am mom to two: one is two and one is 33.

  19. We are just back from a trip to Disney. We also had a splendid time at Downtown Disney…and Cars 2 is coming out just in time for Connor’s 4th birthday! While we were there he put together quite the birthday list while walking around the stores, and I’m going to have to call and see if I can get an order put together over the phone. If I can’t, don’t be surprised if I mail you some cash and a shopping list! (Just kidding. Well, mostly…you know I’m a sucker for that kid!)
    Anyways – I’m a little jealous that you live so close and can go anytime. That Cars event looks awesome!

  20. Nikki

    I loved going to Downtown Disney when we visited Orlando! I was with all adults, but we still had a great time. I was bummed when the Lego building was closed for remodeling though. We have a great picture in front of Mr. Potato head that is frame worthy since we have a kid in the bottom who is posing with us. Makes it so much better!!

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