Look! I Have a Q&A Page!

Brown (142 of 182) ps

Brown (142 of 182) ps

Look what I found! My Q&A page! It’s still here! Who knew????

Here’s the thing with this Q&A page. I’m not super thrilled with the layout, but I haven’t figured out how to change it. I don’t like that there are blog posts AND questions here. But, it is what it is and I’m not technical enough to fix it yet, so this is what we’re working with, people.

Turns out though, lots of you use this webpage! So, sorry I left you guys hanging here! I spent tonight answering questions as far back as December. And I’ll be sure to keep up with this page more from this point on, so if you have a question feel free to leave it. Hopefully, it won’t take me six months this time to answer!

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2 Thoughts to “Look! I Have a Q&A Page!”

  1. Kylie

    Hi Katie

    Fantastic blog – thank you for all the energy that you put into it. I’ve been with you a while, but am now following even more avidly having just welcomed our first child 8 weeks ago.

    So 8 weeks, and I’m wondering about sleep, bedtime and starting a routine. My little one sleeps 12 hours from 11-11 with a feed at about 7am. (I know, I know, she’s awesome!). Thing is… I don’t think 11pm is a good bedtime for a 1 year old, or a 6 month old, so at what point do I try to shift this back to a 7-7 or an 8-8 pattern? Should I just thank my lucky stars and leave well enough alone, or should I start thinking about moving it back a bit a day. (Though as a BF baby she seems stubborn about getting in her 7 feeds a day, so will have to make her comfortable that I’m not diddling her out of any feeds.)

    How was sleep with your two? Any tips, thoughts, advice very welcome,


    PS reading you all the way down under in Australia!

  2. Stacey

    Hi! I have been following your blog for awhile after finding it on HB. I am loving your honesty and realism!
    I read your post about your bumps in the road with your marriage. My husband and I have been together for almost 7 years, and have officially hit the 7 year itch. We are at the point of looking for a bigger house so that we can fill it with a couple of kids. He is super excited and is ready to jump, and is the dreamer, where I am excited yet petrified and the realistic practical one in the relationship! Any advice on how we can find that balance. We have talked till the cows come home, and he has agreed to slow down a bit so I can catch up. AHH !
    Thanks for your honesty, I look forward to checking your blog every week!

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