What.s in a Name?


When Chris and I found out we were having a girl, we were super excited for a lot of reasons (Chris’s reason was mostly because I’d told him I was going to just keep having babies until I had a girl, so he was off the hook on that one…). One reason we were stoked was because girl names were easy for us. We had so many great options, it was just a matter of choosing our two favorites and then fitting them together in a way that was just right for her.

Our top name choice had always been Caroline. We loved the name because it was the epitome of Southern to us. We both agreed that we wanted our own sweet Caroline (bum bum bum). The second name was trickier in some ways. When we found out we were pregnant with Gracie, I went through a bout of depression that had me all kinds of upside down. But when I finally came through it, one word stood out head and shoulders above all else: Gracie. God’s Grace. It was how I’d gotten through, how our family had survived the past two years of ups and extreme downs. It just seemed right that we name this beautiful gift after the greatest gift of Grace.


The trouble was that we wanted to call her Gracie, but we didn’t like the sound of Grace Caroline. It just sounded… strange. Like a triangle upside down. It just didn’t balance out somehow. But Caroline Grace was beautiful. We went back and forth about that. Should we go with the beautiful name and curse her forever by calling her by her middle name???? Yes. Yes, we should. So, we did.

Gracie goes by her middle name, and other than the first day of school, I don’t really see that being a huge problem. Sure, it’s going to be a little inconvenient at times, but only with paperwork and strangers. I really didn’t think calling her by her middle name was that big of a deal. So, that’s how we cursed our child with a middle/first name. Little Gracie Girl. My sweet Caroline Grace.

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