Wires Crossed

My dad’s funeral was on Saturday, so Friday evening, Chris and I sat down with Bean to talk with him a bit about what was going to happen the next day.  We didn’t want to go into too much detail because we thought that might freak his freak even more than necessary, but we did want him to know where we were going and why.


“Hey, buddy,” I said lightly, “Do you remember where Granddad went?”

Without even looking up from the book he was reading, Bean goes, “Yeah, he’s at the North Pole with Lt. Dan.”


“Well, no,” I said slowly.  “He’s in Heaven, remember?”

“Oh, yeah,” said Bean.  “With Santa Claus.”

Yeah.  We probably shouldn’t have talked about Heaven so much around Christmas.  We seem to have some wires crossed…

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12 Thoughts to “Wires Crossed”

  1. Kat

    aw Bean man…he innocence of it all is really warming.

  2. Nova Kristin

    LOLOLOLOLOL can’t breathe 😉

  3. Amy

    Just the laugh you needed, I’m sure 🙂 Thinking of you guys!

  4. Brooke

    Hey, at least it’s not the koi pond at church…

  5. Mae

    LOL well I hope he made you guys smile during what must have been a very difficult weekend.

  6. Hey, everyone has a different idea of heaven – maybe in Bean’s, Santa is there?

  7. Emily

    Isn’t that what kids are for – to bring a little bit of humor in often difficult situations? I’m sure your Dad would have laughed and given him a big hug. Thinking of you!

  8. After reading your sweet and sad post, this was a nice pick me up! (I enjoyed your post about the garden, don’t get me wrong) but this just swung my emotions the opposite way! Bean is so sweet.

  9. Oh my gosh- kids are the sweetest! This just made me smile so big 🙂

  10. LOL, how adorable! And hey, my version of Heaven would likely include Santa as well! Got to believe your dad was laughing about that one, too. 🙂

  11. Alison

    Long time lurker and enjoyer of your blog- your posts about your dad have been so heartfelt and I am admire your strength. I dont know if you are a fan of Tim McGraw or country music but he has a new album out and there is a song on it called “Book of John” and it is very moving- its about losing a father. Anyway, I just wanted to say I enjoy your blog and your family is in my thoughts.

  12. Lt. Dan!!! Bahahahah!!! Oh… SNAP!

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