The Truth Hurts

So, the other day as I was cooking dinner, I hear Gracie and Bean playing together in the living room. I couldn’t quite hear what they were playing, but no one was choking or running with scissors, so I left them to it.

Suddenly, I heard Gracie yell out, clear as day, “MICHAEL! You can’t yell and boss me awound! You are not the mommy!”


I was torn between two incredible emotions.  Heartbreak – that this was what my kids thought I did, just yelled and bossed people around.  And yet incredible pride because, clearly, I am a badass.

Pride wins.

I’m awesome.

Mom’s are the best.

Peace out.

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7 Thoughts to “The Truth Hurts”

  1. jenny-bird

    I wonder what they would say if you asked them what else mommies do. Make yummy food? Check. Create awesome holiday baskets? Check. Organize happy, fun game closets? Check. Etc., etc., etc.

  2. I’ve experienced this guilt as well when I saw Lil Mister giving a spank to his Barney but when I spoke with the doctor about it he assured me it is perfectly healthy as they are showing they understand that there are consequences to negative behavior as well as expressing the knowledge of who must deal those consequences!

  3. Suzanne


  4. girlsmama

    Rock on sister! I love that you are a badass and they know it. Power to the mama!

  5. You do it all-mommy, teacher, wife. It’s no easy task(s) and I admire you! Now put the minions to work….I kid…kind of.

  6. Sharon Faye

    I absolutely love this post. My daughter (the baby) is 14, my younger son is 18. When they were little, they had to share a bedroom until we were able to get in a bigger house. That worked fine until my baby became mobile and started getting into all of her big brother’s things. I remember the tantrums when she was 3 years old because her brother was being “bossy” and the tantrums from my 7 year old son when she broke his things. And mama was the one that laid down the law and sent them to separate corners because they knew daddy was a big pushover. 🙂

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