Easter Basket Ideas – 5yo Boy and 4yo Girl

I better mother would have had these finished weeks ago.  A better blogger would have documented these weeks ago.

Unfortunately for you all, I’m neither.


So, here we sit two days before Easter, ready to talk about Easter basket ideas.  Don’t judge.  I’ve been busy trying on my newest Stitch Fix, which I will post about next week.

(SPOILER ALERT:  It’s my favorite one yet.)

Therefore, I dedicate this post to all you other slacker moms out there who find themselves scrounging around for last minute Easter basket ideas.  Cheers to you!


For Easter baskets, I always try to give the kids a good hit for spring activities.  This year, the big gifts inside the baskets are new Crocs and bath suits.




Can we talk for a minute about Crocs?  I couldn’t stand them before I had kids.  I thought they were the most hideous things on earth.  They still might be.  However, having kids, I could care less about hideous-ness.  These suckers are the B.E.S.T.  My kids LIVE in them all year long.  I love them because they are sturdy and will last forever.  They are also the perfect summer shoe because they can get wet, can be slipped on quickly without socks, and they look good with just about anything.  Crocs are my favorite. I ordered these off of Zulily a few months ago for $9.99, and have been hiding them in my closet since then.



I also put a few new books in their baskets this year.  This might not be for everyone, but Bean and Gracie LOVE books.  I took them to Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago to let them pick out a few new “number books,” as they call them (really, they are the “Step Into Reading” level reading books).  They each picked out a ton, but had to narrow it down to two.  Later, I went back and bought the ones they had chosen, but weren’t able to buy that day.  Sneaky Easter Bunny…



Bean is loving Legos right now, so I picked him up a few little Lego guy packets the last time we were in Downtown Disney ($4.99 each), and that day they happened to be having a promotion, so they threw in a little Lego kit for free!


Gracie’s little toy are these two sets of “clip dolls.” My sister, Ginny, bought her two of these last year for something (first day of school maybe? I can’t remember…) and Gracie loves them! She has acquired a few more over the past year, but she asked for these two specifically for her birthday. I knew they would get overlooked in the hustle of all her birthday festivities, so I held onto them for her Easter basket instead ($7.00 each). If you want to find these, just search for “clip dolls” on Amazon. They have them for all the Disney princesses.


I picked up some of their favorite little treats at Target to add as fillers in their baskets. They each got a pack of gum (one of their current favorite treats right now), a box of Bandaids, some Easter eggs in character shapes that they love, a Pez, and, of course, a chocolate Easter Bunny.


IMG_2609Throw those puppies in a big gift basket cellophane bag, smack a bow on it, and BAM!  Easter’s on it’s way!


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4 Thoughts to “Easter Basket Ideas – 5yo Boy and 4yo Girl”

  1. Cute stuff! My boys always get books too. They are almost always about trucks, tractors, or construction vehicles though. 🙂

  2. emily

    I was at target on Saturday doing Easter,…. so know that you are one step ahead of me!

  3. Gotta chime in on the crocs: I LOVE THEM ALSO. For me. I don’t care about the hideousness, either. Have you ever walked in a pair? Like clouds, they are! The fact that you don’t have to bend over to put them on will only become more of a perk as you age, too, take it from one who knows. 😀

  4. Sarah C

    Where did you get Gracie’s swimsuit!? It is adorable!!

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