Happy Birthday Chris!

Baby Chris
Baby Chris

Today is Chris’ 26th birthday and in honor of this day, I will now tell you 26 secrets about him that you may not know.  I’m sure he’s going to LOVE me spilling his guts for him, but what can I say?  I’ve already spilled my own secrets, so I need new material.

Here we go…

1.  Every night Chris eats a sliced up cucumber in vinegar as we cook dinner.

2.  He has no vision in one of his eyes because of a childhood accident.  I call it his googly eye.

3.  When he walks across a room of strangers, like in a restaurant or something, he whistles as a nervous habit.

4.  He keeps a picture of me from high school next to his bed.

5.  He won’t take sandwiches to work for lunch.  He has leftovers every single day.

6.  He is a sucker for door-to-door sales people.  He’ll listen to them talk for hours.

7.  He thinks K-Swiss tennis shoes are acceptable for any event and he didn’t speak to me for a whole day when I threw his out.

8.  He’s a HUGE pack rat.

9.  He would leave me for Tina Fey.  In a heartbeat.

10.  He knows more about all kinds of music than anyone I’ve ever met.

11.  His favorite movies are The Goonies and Can’t Buy Me Love.

12.  He manages my website (i.e. advertising, design, moderating, etc.) and he bugs me if I don’t post.

13.  He’s scared of bald babies.  I’m convinced this is why the Lord gave Beanie so much hair.

14.  He loves board games.

15.  He never has dessert.

16.  I don’t think he knows how to spell my full name correctly.

17.  He loves chick flicks – especially The Notebook and Mean Girls – but he pretends I force him to watch them.

18.  He can’t stand dirty dishes.

19.  He sings to the Bean when he thinks no one is listening.

20.  He has been teaching our dog, Molly, how to catch a frisbee for 2 years now.

21.  He always orders a footlong sub from Subway so that I can have the last 3 inches.

22.  He thinks he’s tough with the dogs, but he’s a big push over.  And the dogs know it.

23.  He loves his car – even though it has no air conditioning, the windows don’t roll down, it has no radio, and it smells like mothballs.

24.  He knows every word to every Back to the Future movie.  Every.  Single.  Word.

25.  If he could do anything, he’d travel into outer space.

26.  He is loved.


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17 Thoughts to “Happy Birthday Chris!”

  1. (Grand)Dad

    Happy Birthday Christopher!!! I hope you didn’t mind me singing my version of Happy Birthday to you at your office this AM. We miss you guys a bunch, Kiss Kate and Michael for me.
    Granddad Dave T.

  2. Awesome post! Happy Birthday Chris!

    Really, a whole cucumber every night? Do you buy 7 a week at the grocery store? Maybe that’s the secret to staying thin and I need to try it!

  3. Vandy

    Happy Birthday Chris,
    What a great birthday this year! Did you look at the clock at 12:34 56sec for your 7/8/9 bday?! Hope you didn’t miss both opportunities…

  4. Katie's Grandma

    Happy Birthday, Chris. Thanks for making me a great-grandma!
    Love to you, Katie and Mikey!

  5. Michael's Nana

    Christopher, in honor of your birthday, I am NOT sending you one of my special ceramic masterpieces. I’ll tell another secret about my son-in-law…He’s one of the most patient and calm people I know. He’s the perfect match for Kate and such a wonderful and loving Dad to the Bean. Happy Birthday, Chris. We love you.

  6. My husband would KILL ME if I did this to him. Kill. me.

    Plus he’s older than 26, so I’d get to share A LOT more secrets…

  7. Happy Birthday Chris!

  8. 26?! Damn, the Bollingers are OLD.

    Happy Birthday, Chris!

  9. First – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Second, hahahahahahahaha. Would love to do that. If I was married. 🙂 That is really good material. I could see him googly eyed like the Sloth off of The Goonies. 🙂 haha. Thank you for making me laugh!


  10. Wait, that was kinda mean, wasn’t that? DON’T POST. I hate be mean!! But Still laughing….hahahahaha. Yes. I’m SO going to hell.

  11. Deb

    Happy bday!

    And I had the same thought as Jenn, is that cucumber a trick to staying thin?! LOL Also, when do we get a post about the childhood accident? I had NO clue Chris couldn’t see out of one eye.

  12. Emily

    Happy Birthday to you!!! 🙂

  13. Sweet & nice 😀 Happy Birthday Chris 🙂

  14. My husband likes chick flicks too. I don’t think that embarrasses him. lol His favorite is probably The Holiday.

  15. Sarah Barker

    Happy birthday Chris! (belated)

    My detail about Chris contribution: we were in the same kindergarten class. 🙂

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