The Clean Bean

My favorite part of the day with Beanie is bath time.

He loves the water.   He splashes and kicks and coos and talks the whole time.   And he’s the only two month old I know who goes through shampoo as fast as I do.   The kid’s got a lot of hair.   What can I say?

“Hey, Mom,” says the Beanie.   “Let’s style my hair today.”

“Okay, Beanie,” I tell him.

“Chicks dig mohawks,” says Beanie.

“Yeah,” I say.   “But Moms dig snuggles in fluffy towels.”

“Alright,” says Beanie.   “Just don’t tell the chicks…”

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3 Thoughts to “The Clean Bean”

  1. he could not be any more gorgeous. what a cutie!

  2. His expressions are priceless…it’s like he knows exactly what you’re up to and he’s totally in!

  3. I think his expression in the second picture might be his Serious Thinking Face.

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