Attn: Residents of PA

Well, I’m getting ready to tell you the saddest story ever. I would normally advise you to look away from the sadness, but I have to tell you in case anyone out there can help some very dear friends of mine.

My friends, Sarah and Jon, were traveling through Pennsylvania this past Sunday and they got into a car accident. They were fine, but their car was totaled. The absolute worst part of the ordeal was that their family dog, Bailey, jumped out of the car right after the accident and bolted off into the woods because she was scared. Jon and Sarah couldn’t take off after her because they couldn’t leave the scene of the accident and so Bailey Boo ran away.

Jon and Sarah live in Connecticut and so they have done as much as they can to find Bailey from a couple hundred miles away. But needless to say, they are heartbroken and in need of lots of help.

If you are from or know anyone from the area between Milford and Lord’s Valley, Pennsylvania, could you please be on the look out for a black lab mix named Bailey. You can’t miss her. She’s huge. But she’s really shy and so you might have to coax her a bit.   She’s just the sweetest dog in the whole wide world.

If you’ve seen her, found her, heard about her, or know of her, please shoot me an email at You’ll make one family very, very happy.

(Bailey is the big one!)

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20 Thoughts to “Attn: Residents of PA”

  1. casey

    Last year a similar incident happened here. There was an accident near my mothers house and the man lost his 2 dogs (in the middle of nowhere) he called for weeks and was in constant connection with the animal shelter and people who worked the wreck. He drove 4 hours 1 way on the weekends to come look for her (collie). One day I was taking a shot cut to my house and TA DA there she was in the middle of no where on a back road that no one ever travels, survived the coyotes and everything all by herself. he came and got her 2 days later.
    Anyway it does happen. Tell them to hang in there.

    1. Sarah, Bailey's mom

      Thank you, Casey, for your comment. It really does make us feel better. We’re hopeful, and going back to the area tomorrow to look/post flyers/check with vets, animal shelters, etc.

  2. Ann

    ah, that would be absolutely awful. I can’t even imagine how terrible they must feel. If I was anywhere near PA I’d be out helping them look!

    Hope they find her, keep us posted.

  3. Posted it on Facebook and Twitter. This would be my worst nightmare. Good luck to them.

  4. Ohmigosh this made me sick to my stomach. 🙁 I live in Pa, but in the Pittsburgh area. I am scouring my brain for any friends I may have out that way.

    1. Katie

      Thanks for thinking and spreading the word!!

  5. Jenna

    I am a blog stalker who originally grew up in that area… I forwarded this to a friend of mine in Lords Valley. I hope you hear something soon!!

    1. Katie

      Thank you so, so much! I really appreciate your help!

  6. Oh no – as a pet parent my heart breaks for what they are going through!!! I live in FL so I’m not much help, but I’m hoping for the best and sending prayers out for Bailey!!

  7. Kate

    I really hope they find her!

  8. That is one of my WORST FEARS. Whenever I am in the car with my labradoodle in the back seat, I wonder what he would do if we were in an accident. I like to think he would stay with me or my husband to make sure we were ok. But more likely is that nature would kick in and he would run. I can only hope we’d be close enough to my home that my neighbors who know him could find him.

    It scares me every time we go driving. I’m so sorry for Bailey’s family. I hope she gets found soon!

  9. Jess F.

    Oh, I really hope they get her back. Maybe a kind stranger will find her and call the number on her tags or have her microchip scanned at a vet.

  10. I’m a Philly girl, and my in-laws are NE PA, so I’ll forward it on, but I think the closest contact I have is in Honesdale.

  11. Oh no! So sad! Please keep us posted on if they find her!

  12. Oh no! How terrible! Sending a prayer their way as my eyes well up. I can’t imagine how they must feel right now. Poor Bailey!

  13. Kate, thats very sweet of you to post about this for your friends on your blog. I hope that you are able to find her and that she is okay.

  14. Sarah H.

    Oh I got chills when I read this! How WONDERFUL 🙂 God is great!

  15. Sarah H.

    Oh well my I meant to comment on the GOOD NEWS post…not the bas news post….I mean that comment makes me look horrible.

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