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20 Thoughts to “I’m Just Sayin’ €¦”

  1. Bridget

    Personally, I think Conan O’Brien is cute. And smart. And he went to Harvard. So, I don’t think you’re making fun of Beanie. He’s pretty cute, too!

  2. Maria

    Aww, some of the most famous men in the world have crazy hair – Beanie is blessed! My babies were both pretty bald so I’m totally jealous!

    P.S. Every time you post a photo that shows Beanie’s lil bean-toes, my uterus physically aches. There is nothing cuter in the whole world than baby toes!

  3. alright, alright I’m getting it.

  4. I love Conan!
    Your little guy is adorable!! His hair is fantastic 😉

  5. That is AWESOME. I laughed out loud. The resemblance is uncanny . . .

  6. Sarah H.

    You should send that into the show…with a disclaimer that you are NOT trying to claim a love child and get $$. Haha And then you could plug your blog…imagine how many readers cute cute Beanie could draw!!

  7. LOL, I love it! Though, I think Beaenie is much more handsome and maybe a little funnier than Conan.

  8. oh I totally agree with Sarah, you should do it. Too funny.

  9. Conan owns a house in my neighborhood (his wife is from here) and i’ve always secretly wanted to catch a glimpse of him walking his dog or something.

    i’m sire he’d be flattered to be compared to a lil’ guy as cute as Beanie!

  10. Send it to the show and see if they’ll air it! 🙂

  11. Psst, Katie—does Chris know about your tryst with Conan?

  12. Angela

    Beanie is much cuter then Conan.

    But they do really look alike.

  13. Janet

    Ha! That is awesome! You’re so funny!!!

  14. Kathie

    Too cute!! (of both pics!!)

  15. BFF Emily

    I never knew Conan O’Brien delivered milk. Weird.

  16. La.

    He’s so cute, um I mean handsome. My husband reminded me that little boys are HANDSOME not cute. He’s soooooooooooooo much cuter than Conan. Michael? er Bean, Kate, why didn’t you name him Conan?

  17. Zoe

    Uh oh, do you have some explaining to do to Chris? 😛

  18. I agree with many you need to send this one to the show! Conan will get a big laugh from it! Even if they don’t show it on the show.
    The bean is cuter!

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