LIVE Video Chat Tonight!

We hope you guys will be able to join us tonight for a discussion on marriage, parenting, and everything in between!  As the invitation says, you can go now and reserve your seat for the LIVE video chat or you can show up tonight and grab a seat at the door (so to speak…).

To RSVP please visit:

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10 Thoughts to “LIVE Video Chat Tonight!”

  1. Jones

    Will this be posted online later for people who can’t make it tonight?

  2. I RSVP’d and will hopefully be there! I’ll be more of a lurker than I was with the blogging one, but I’m looking forward to it! I’ll be that AbbyStrand lady :o)

  3. I can’t make it tonight! Are you going to have it on youtube like you did last time?? PLEASE say YES!

  4. I’m not proud of this, but I can’t make it tonight. I have this thing… well, it’s probably best not to speak of it. I mean, it’s not important or anything, not something you’d want to hear about.

    Okay, fine, I’m going to a Backstreet Boys concert.

    I said it.

    It’s just this woman who my mom volunteers with at the USO got free tickets and couldn’t go and…. well, that’s just what is.

    I’m not ashamed.

    But I kinda am.

  5. I wish I could join you for the video chat but it’ll be 2am here in good ole’ England and I’ve got work at 7am, but I’ll definitely be watching it back, have fun y’all!

  6. Sam here in germany, 2 am in the morning is a little late, please put it later von youtube.

  7. I loved your last chat. I’ll tune in later tonight. I have to pick up from Tae Kwon Do and won’t be back until after you start.

  8. Sandy

    well that sucked…i missed most of it! are you going to post the session?

  9. Sorry I missed it 🙁 I really wanted to come!

  10. Angela


    I couldn’t watch it live, but it was fun to watch nontheless.
    It’s so weird hearing you talk in your non-bean voice like I’m used to hearing in Bean’s videos, ’cause I totally have given you another voice for when I’m reading the blogpost in my head. If that makes sense.

    Anywho,in the video you were talking about how Chris proposed and stuff, and it suddenly cut off. Was the rest of your answer on the other two minute video?

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