A Spontaneous Adventure

Last Thursday, Bean and I were out running a few errands.  We left the house around 9:00am and my plan was to be back in time for lunch.  As I was getting ready to get back on the interstate after stopping by the first of my errands, I noticed a sign that said Downtown Disney This Way, and it had an arrow that indicated it was about 10 miles away.

Bean and I were supposed to leave the next morning to spend the weekend at my parent’s house, so I had things that I really needed to get done that day.  But at the last minute, instead of heading north towards my house, I turned south towards Disney.

When Chris was in college and lived in Orlando, we used to go down to Downtown Disney sometimes.  It is an area of Disney that’s free and though there aren’t any rides, there are restaurants and shops and lots to see.  So, Bean and I headed down to Disney and spent the morning walking around and seeing all the sights.  It was so unlike me to be that spontaneous – especially by myself.  I didn’t have sunscreen or the right kind of shoes on.  But it was a beautiful day and I thought, “Why the heck not???”

First, we stopped in Lego Land.  It was pretty awesome actually.  Everything was built out of Legos!  Including this huge Transformer!

And this guy and these dogs…

And this dragon in the lake outside the shop…

Inside was a lot more of the intricate Lego creations.  They had cars and planes and houses and castles and robots and solar systems.  It was pretty incredible, really.

(Sorry these are yellow-ish.  I forgot to change the setting on my camera when I went inside…)

Bean loved it all!  He squealed and pointed and danced as we walked around.  I let him hold my hand and we took our time walking around the store, letting Bean go where ever he wanted to go.  He stopped for a long time in front of this Lego person.  I couldn’t tell if he liked it or not.  He got really quiet and just stood there staring at it for a while.

After Lego Land, I loaded Bean up in his stroller and we cruised down the rest of the boardwalk to see what else we could find.  We stopped after a while in front of a shop whose sign out front was shooting water out of Stitch’s (or is that Lilo?) mouth every few seconds.  Bean thought it was so funny every time.  I let him get a little wet and he clapped and squealed like crazy!  It’s the simple things for that kid…

Bean also really liked this giant hot air balloon that was floating over the lake.  You could actually go up in the balloon and get a birds-eye view of the entire park.  Of course, all Bean cared about was that there was a “boooon!  booooon!”  (That would be “balloon,” for all of you who do not speak Beanish)

By this time, it was almost noon and so Bean and I headed back to our car and drove to McDonald’s and rounded out our day of spontaneous irresponsibility with cheeseburgers.  When we got back in the car, Bean was asleep before I could even pull out of the parking lot.  He slept all the way home and then in his crib for another two hours!

As he is getting older and as I am getting more comfortable staying home with him, I’m finding that I’ve become bolder in what I am comfortable doing without Chris.  It used to feel like I simply could not handle some things by myself.  It was just easier with two sets of hands.  But Bean really isn’t too hard to handle right now.  Most of the time, I don’t even have a diaper bag with me.  Just a few of his things thrown in my purse.  And with my stroller as a huge help and with Bean’s ability to understand and follow simple little instructions, our outings are able to become so much more fun.  I’m learning that I can do pretty much anything Bean and I want to do by myself.  Of course, it’s not as much fun as if Chris was with us, but it’s pretty liberating to know that I am capable of filling mine and Bean’s days all by myself.

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18 Thoughts to “A Spontaneous Adventure”

  1. Kelly H.

    I LOVE Downtown Disney! It’s almost like another “park” in itself. Next time you are down there, check out Wolfgang Pucks (there are two, but I like the express better)they had yummy pizza!

  2. Sarah H.

    Yay! That sounds like so much fun. I’ve never been to Downtown Disney, but I should go sometime. I’m glad you’re more comfortable with outing with just you and Bean, that will make the rest of the summer much more fun!

  3. Krista

    So much fun!! I love it when I get a wild hair and do something like that with my kids. I then for 2 hours get to feel like the fun parent and not the stuffy, mean stay at home mom I really am :o) Enjoy this time with Bean!!

  4. Jen

    I love Downtown Disney. My husband and I went to Disney for our honeymoon and we ended up there walking around a couple times. It is just a fun place to hang out.
    Good for you for getting out there and doing something different!

  5. Nate's Mom

    How fun! We’re planning to stay near Downtown Disney on our next trip to the Mouse’s house. We can’t wait! 🙂

  6. Kat

    I haven’t been to Lego land since I was like 12…I love that place!

  7. That’s SOOOO cool! I am and always will be a huge lego fan. And its great to know that something about Disney is free! haha

    Cabin Fever in Vermont

  8. I just need to tell you how insanely jealous I am that your spontaneity can include Downtown Disney. Mine would be more like the football hall of fame (not on my list) or I don’t know…Target? I love that you’re having fun out and about with Bean 🙂

  9. Bean’s got one fun mama! I’m sure he enjoyed the adventure as much as you did.

  10. I love Downtown Disney! I’m hoping we can make it to Orlando to visit when we’re in Tampa in August. My brother works at the Tower of Terror!

  11. So proud of you!!! I’ve loved watching you ‘grow’ into your role as SAHM. You’ve been so honest with your challenges and the happy moments- it’s really personally given me perspective. I feel you on the spontaneous adventures. So I take Henry to Seaside (a small beach town that’s a lot like Mayberry with cute shops) and let him run ALL around the town at 7am when it’s not as crowded. I sip my iced coffee and he walks (RUNS!) everywhere- and as a result, wears himself out. It’s great when they can ‘soak it all in’ and explore!!! You’re doing a great job at being spur-of-the-moment- I think kids are more ‘go with the flow’ when the parent ditches the schedule sometimes. As much as I love being with my husband on the weekends, I truly treasure my time with Henry alone during 8-5. I actually look forward to it on come Sunday evening! Go figure!!! 🙂

  12. congrats on a first of many major outings! you go girl!!!

  13. How fun! I think I’d be staring at the Lego person, too! Not sure how I feel about it either…

  14. Rebekah

    How fun! You are lucky to live close to such fun things to do. I will have to get a little more creative when my baby girl is old enough to enjoy outings like that. And, to answer your question, its Stitch =)

  15. Tressa

    WAY TO GO KATIE!! You can do whatever you put your mind to! Happy to hear you had a fun “date” with your son 🙂

  16. Oh wow! That sounds like a lot of fun! And I am so glad you are getting better/used to staying at home. I will definitely be looking to you as an example when Levi comes and I am at home with him!

  17. Go Katie!

    Glad to hear you are getting in a groove and getting out! Staying at home sometimes is torturous…even if you think your okay. Pretty soon you start feeling like your on the train to Crazyville.

    Downtown Disney looks like a fun place! Would love to come see it someday. I think Q-Tip would LOVE IT!



  18. memyselfandi

    I LOVE Legoland! There’s something about seeing those gigantic detailed statues made out of tiny blocks,

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