Mary Kay Winner

I use to generate winning comment number for my giveaways. That way, I don’t have to pick someone. You are going to die when you see who won this Mary Kay giveaway. Lucky #67, who happens to be…


So stinkin’ funny!

Mary K., email me at to claim you Mary Kay prize.

Thanks for entering the Mary Kay giveaway, Mary K. I’m sure, Mary K., that you’ll love your Mary Kay products.

(This will never get old, by the way…)

Thanks to everyone else NOT named Mary K. who entered the Mary Kay giveaway. Hope you all have a fabulous Christmas week!


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3 Thoughts to “Mary Kay Winner”

  1. Whoo! Mary Kay 🙂 I heart this stuff…I mean, I sell it so I should but still…great product!

    And too funny that a Mary K won it! Classic!

  2. That’s so funny! So suitable to be the winner!

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