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I’ve had a few questions lately about my Sit and Stand double stroller, so I thought I’d do a review of it for those of you on the hunt.

I should state for the record that, generally speaking, I am anti-double strollers. I find them to be bulky and cumbersome. Plus, they make me very self conscious. It’s hard to look cute pushing a double stroller, in my opinion. I think I just look like a mom. It’s like driving a very large mini-van to me.

July 10, 2011 - Tybee Island

Most of the time, if Chris or someone else is with me, I put Gracie in my single stroller or in her Baby Bjorn and Bean just walks and holds someone’s hand. Or, if I’m going grocery shopping or somewhere with a buggy, I put Gracie up front in the seat and Bean in the back big part. But there are certain times when a double stroller is a necessity. Usually, I use it when I’m going to be somewhere all day, like shopping with a girlfriend or at a festival or fair. For day trips, I really need my double stroller.

My parents gave me the Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double Stroller. I think I would have used it much more in the first few months with Gracie if my car seat had fit in this particular stroller, but I had one of the few car seats that didn’t fit. So, I had to wait until Gracie was a little bigger before I could snuggle her down in a few blankets in the back seat and know that she wouldn’t slide right out.  We’ve only used it a handful of times so far, but as both kids get older, I find us using it more and more.

Now that Gracie’s a little older, she can sit in either the front or back seat just fine. And just last weekend, we took the seat off the back so that Bean could sit or stand on the back area. He loved the freedom of getting up and down out of his seat. For now, he doesn’t jump out or anything while he’s riding, but I’m not sure how much longer that will last… Fingers crossed he doesn’t realize he has that much freedom for a while!


I like several things about this stroller. First, I really like how narrow it is. Last weekend, Sarah and I took it shopping with us to the outlets and I rammed it through tiny clothing aisles and up under clothing racks all day without too much hassle. I like that much better than the ones where the seats are side by side because it just seems to be able to fit in more places.


I also like that it has so many options for use. You can use it just about in any position or combination of positions to fit any situation.




Also, for being as large as it is, it is fairly lightweight. I can collapse it, lift it, and store it all on my own and it doesn’t break my back. It isn’t very compact (though I think that’s just the nature of double strollers), but it is pretty easy to get around wherever we need it to be.

Something I’m not crazy about with this stroller is that there isn’t very much storage space for bags and things. There’s one area under the back seat, but you can’t get to that area from the back so it’s hard to get things in and out of there easier because the child’s feet are in the way. And then, if the seat is out and the child is sitting on the bench or standing, the storage space goes away altogether. Another down side is that the straps that hold the kids in aren’t cushioned at all and can be pretty rough on them when they are buckled in. But you can always buy those car seat padding things and use them for a little extra cushion.

All in all, I’d give this stroller a solid B rating. But I think it’s a lower rating just because I really don’t like using a double stroller. I see this particular stroller out all the time (there are HUNDREDS of them at Disney when we go!), so it must be one of the better ones. I think I just prefer an easier to way to get around than my Big Rig. But if you need or want a double stroller, this one is a pretty good way to go.

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9 Thoughts to “Sit and Stand Stroller”

  1. I have the jogger style of this stroller (single not double) and I really really like it. Railyn is just big enough now I don’t have to have her in the car seat in order to use it.

  2. Abbie

    I am so glad you did this review! I’m pregnant with our 2nd child and our first will only be 15 months when number 2 arrives. My friend suggested I get a double stroller but I haven’t found any with good reviews. I’ll definitely be getting this one.

  3. Thank you!! I didn’t realize the sit n stand had a 2nd seat! I will have to re-look at those as the time for Baby 2 to make their debut gets closer. Thank you Katie!

  4. ann

    We rented this when we took our 3 to Disney. Used it for 7 days and LOVED LOVED LOVED it. We had a6y/o, 4y/o and a 15 mos. It actually worked well in a cord to have all three jump on ( though it was HEAVY!) I wish I had bought one when I was moving from 1 to 2 kids 8 years ago! This is the one to get!

  5. I have to admit I have single stroller envy! I have 3 month old twin boys and have never had the luxury of using a single stroller. We actually refer to ours as the Waller Baby Bus because that is exactly what it feels like you are driving a bus! I think this stroller would be perfect when we have baby number 3 (which will not be for a while!). Then the baby and one of the twins can ride in the stroller and the other can walk while holding someone’s hand. Thanks for the review!

  6. Now I feel really silly, I didn’t even know those kind had a regular seat option for the back! May have made a different choice back when I shopped for our double!

  7. Bec

    Thanks for the info on the stroller!

  8. Deepa

    Great review! Thanks! We have the BOB which has a seat in the back for a little one, but the baby in the back has no view… does anyone have this one/use it? If so, how long can you put the second child back there before they get too big for it?

  9. I LOVE my double stroller. It is a phil and ted dash and I love it because it can be a single or a double. There is a back seat that just pops right on if you need it. It is also an all terrain stroller, so it had big rubber wheels and you could probably use it if you are a runner….which I am not. The only thing that isn’t great about it is the price. However, we are out and about a lot and we plan on having more kids, so getting a stroller I loved was worth the price.

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