Flashbacks Make My Ovaries Ache

Bean’s favorite thing when he was between six months and a year old was the infant Tylenol bottle. He chewed on that rubber stopper like a crazy man. He liked it so much, in fact, that we started saving the empty bottles and filling them with rice so that he could chew AND shake them.



He also like prescription bottles. I used to joke that he was going to grow up to be either a pharmacist or a drug dealer


This past weekend, Gracie discovered the joy her brother has known for years.




Having two babies is sometimes overwhelming. It’s twice the needs to meet, twice the attention to give, twice the time commitment, twice the energy. But it also means that we get to experience all the fun and sweetness and excitement of babies twice, too.

Good Lord, do I love those babies.

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13 Thoughts to “Flashbacks Make My Ovaries Ache”

  1. Oh my! In the fun of watching Bean turn from baby to little person, I’d forgotten just how insanely adorable he was…. how fun that Gracie’s following in her big “brudder’s” footsteps (or maybe we should say he’s taking a taste of his medicine…?).

  2. RJ

    My little girl loves them too. I fill them up with water and freeze them. Helps when she is growing teeth.

  3. Nicole (Piper_E)

    I’m melting just looking at Gracie in her PJ’s! Babies in PJ’s is so adorable! Makes me want to cuddle with them all day!

  4. Awwww so cute to seen baby Bean again!!

  5. So sweet. And so true as well 🙂

  6. jenny-bird

    So cute! I love Gracie’s outfit, btw.

  7. Monica

    We are pregnant with our 2nd baby, which will make our babies 20 months apart. Most days we think we are crazy but when I read posts like this…It makes me so excited that I cannot wait! Thank you!!

  8. bec

    Bean was soooo cute. Gracie is too, of course. But those baby pictures of Bean just make him seem so old now!

  9. Lily

    Oh that is so funny – I had totally forgotten about Bean liking the Tylenol bottle. My daughter loves that the little bottle fits in her hand and the rubber top for teething. There aren’t any teething toys like it. I was so embarrassed that I would hide the ‘toy’ bottle when we had company. I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one to do this!

  10. Aww.. too sweet. My little boy is enthralled with my spice jars. Mind you I have an enormous amt of spices. I’m an indian girl and we spice it up!! He’s busted about 2 of my spice jars already so now I have to figure something out. I don’t like him playing with prescription bottles because I’d rather him not associate those bottles as fun play things. That could be dangerous with the amt of prescriptions that we have in our cabinets.

  11. Baby #3? I’m just kidding. I love seeing the two of them same age side by side. They look so different yet so much alike….oh siblings….

  12. Deepa

    I had to find Rohan’s passport this morning, which was issued only 9 months ago, but he looks like such a little chubbster in it! I love looking back at old pictures to see how they have grown – Bean has really come into his own look recently!

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